Club Championships

Club Championships are held each year for women and men in both cross country and road running, with the first 3 in each competition winning a prize that is awarded at the annual presentation evening.

Road/Off Road Club Championships 2018

In the Club Road Championships there are 16 races to choose from with the best 8 counting towards the championship, and you need to compete in at least 4 races to be eligible for an award. As in previous years, points will be allocated by comparing individual performances against their age related standards.

In addition to the road championship, there is also an Off-Road Championship which is different from the cross country. There are 12 races for this, of which the best 6 will count with 3 needing to be completed in order to be eligible for an award. There will be a male and female competition with points awarded based on finishing position.

NEW Races included in the 2018 Road and Off-Road Championships can be found by clicking HERE.

In the Road Championships there are 3 Divisions for 2017 and they can be found HERE. If you are not listed its probably because you haven't run in the championship before. This will be updated for 2018 soon.

The Divisions are based on the World Masters Athletics (WMA) age related performances. Basically its your race time in seconds compared to the best world performance for the same age, sex and distance. The WMA calculator can be found HERE, just click on the Male or Female, enter your age, distance and time and it will give you your performance statistics.

In our Championships, Division 1 is WMA grade higher than 70%, Division 2 is WMA grade 60% to 70% and Division 3 is WMA grade less than 60%.

If you are not listed and you want to take part  just let Jill know and enter any of the races. Your performance can be calculated from your first race time and you can then be put in the relevant Division.

Many thanks to Jill Phillips who organises the championship races, sorts out the results and produces the tables. Please contact her if you have any queries.

2017 Standings


          Road                            Off Road                         X- Country

Previous Year's Results

Year Category
2016 Road Off Road X-Country
2015 Road Off Road X-Country
2014 Road Off Road  
2013 Road Off Road  
2012 Road Off Road  
2011 Road Off Road
2010 Road Off Road  
2009 Road Off Road