February 2018 Races

February Races.

Week 1

Quite a few of our runners ventured beyond Staffordshire again and went to various parkruns from Conwy to Weymouth and Shrewsbury as well as the usual Hanley and Congleton runs. Lee Watson was 1st again at Hanley in 18:47.

Sunday had the first of the NSRRA races at Alsager. The mens winner was Jack Martin from Stockport Harriers in 24:19 and first lady home was Lauren Howarth from Leigh Harriers in 26:55. 30 of our runners finished, Scott Minshall was first TRC male home in 28:00 and Wendy Swift first female in 32:57. Both Doug Alcock and Jill Phillips set new Club Records of 32:48 and 36:45 respectively. How many more records will this pair set in 2018?

Week 2

A few of our runners ventured as far as Daventry and Cannock for the parkruns but most ran at Hanley where Harry Beasley was our first runner home in 19:46.  At the regional x country we had both mens and ladies teams competing, despite great efforts by the mens team they were unable to score enough points to stay in division 1. Next year they aim to go back up as division 2 champions. Great work by Craig Taylor as mens team captain so give him your support next x country season. The ladies saw Mandy Vernon first home in 25:19.

On the sunday there was a lone TRC runner competing. Mark Mayer ran the Leicestershire half Marathon in 1:28:50.


Hanley parkrun 3rd Hanley parkrun 10th    
Congleton parkrun 3rd Cannock chase parkrun 10th    
Shrewsbury parkrun 3rd Daventry parkrun 10th  
Weymouth parkrun 3rd        
Conwy parkrun 3rd        


Other races
Alsager 5 BDICCL Div 1      
  Midlands Womens League XC Div 2      
  Leicestershire Half Marathon      


Time Trial
  All Time Trial results    



Saturday 3rd February

Congleton parkrun 3rd

Scott Zikmanis             32:58


Hanley parkrun 3rd

Lee Watson                   18:47    1st

Shaun Weston              21:30

Gary Payne                   23:24

Lee Jones                     23:25

Graham Sheridan         24:54

Clare Clarke                 25:17

Emily Braverman          26:05

Laura Hughes               26:46

Tonia Vernon                29:25

Nicola Pilling                 31:05


Shrewsbury parkrun 3rd

James Fowler              27:22

Kayleigh Rowding       34:09


Weymouth parkrun 3rd

David Myatt                  22:32


Conwy parkrun 3rd

Mark Birchall                30:28


Sunday 4th February

Alsager 5

Scott Minshall               28:00

Scott Zikmanis              29:50

Dan Jordan                    30:07

Jonathan Jackson        30:43

Terry Wall                      31:56

Dan Cawley                   31:56

Doug Alcock                 32:48 Club Record

Wendy Swift                 32:57

Sam Newton                 33:12

Lee Jones                     33:16

Joel Harrison                33:41

Adrian Frost                  33:59

Timothy Jones             34:22

Paul Burslem                35:46

Sarah Taylor                 36:31

Kerry Widdowson         36:34

Jill Phillips                    36:45 Club Record

Mick Oakley                  36:51

Juliett Richardson        36:55

Tony White                    36:58

James Fowler               37:18

Stan Winterton             39:03

Chris Tipper                  40:25

Tonia Vernon                41:16

Gillian Tinsley               41:24

Bobbie Hickman           42:30

Malcolm Rushton         44:18

Dave Elborn                  44:59

Marie Elborn                 48:55

Jacquie MacPhail         52:17


Saturday 10th February

Cannock chase parkrun 10th

Jonty Brown                  22:11

Florence Brown            31:32


Hanley parkrun 10th

Harry Beasley              19:46    9th

Mark Gorton                  22:56

Leigh Matthews            23:07

David Myatt                   23:17

Gary Payne                   24:08

Mark Mayer                   24:30

Chris Mosiuk                 24:30

Paul Gardiner                25:49

Graham Sheridan         26:40

Shaun Weston              26:41

Davin Thorley               26:57

Guy Forrest-Hay           27:16

Tonia Vernon                28:19

Nicola Pilling                 28:29

Kerry Dixon                   28:44

Bobbie Hickman           29:01

James Fowler               31:06

Phil Thomas                  31:06

Sam Tidy                       32:58

Charlotte Callear          34:28

Beverley Parry              35:04

Rachel Hughes             35:32


Daventry parkrun 10th

Emily Braverman         26:03

Colin Moody                 26:34



Race 4 - Wolverhampton

Vinnie Martin                31:06

Lee Watson                   32:00

Jason Burgess             32:19

Simon Ford                   33:35

Stephan Walley            34:58

Scott Zikmanis             35:16

Ed Wilson                      37:24

Terry Wall                      37:55

Doug Alcock                  39:19

Adrian Frost                  39:58

Paul Burslem                40:01

Warren Thomas            40:25

Chris Hardman              43:44


Midlands Womens League XC Div 2

Race 4 Wolverhampton

Mandy Vernon               25:19

Jill Phillips                     28:55

Julia Rigby                    29:50

Kerry Dixon                   30:15


Sunday 11th February

Leicestershire Half Marathon

Mark Mayer                   1:28:50