October 2017 Races

October Races.

Week 1

This weekend seems to have been relatively quiet at the parkruns and races.

Saturday held the National 6 stage Road Relays event where the TRC team was 75th overall.

Sunday had the Chester marathon with 9 TRC runners. Jill Phillips came home as 3rd F55 and set yet another new club record time of 3:25:31 and Richard Washington finished in under 3 hours. At the West Coast Half marathon Scott Minshall was 1st and Simon Dunn 1st M55.

Week 2

A busier weekend for TRC runners with runners in 5 parkruns, a 50 mile race as well as the usual 10k's half and full marathons.

Saturday saw the parkruns as well as Nicola Jennings competing in the Lakes in a Day 50 which she completed in just over 19 hours.

On Sunday our runners went to Farndon, Manchester, Birmingham and 37 stayed local for the Werrington 10k which TRC organised. Simon Myatt was 1st finisher in 34:16, Scott Zikmanis was 1st M40 in 38:18, and Jill Phillips was 1st F55 in 46:22 which is a new Club Record for this distance.

Well done to all the runners and especially to those people who organised and helped at the Werrington 10k. Races will not happen if people do not give up their time to help organise and run these events. Perhaps a new years resolution might be to thank every race marshall that you run past.




Hanley parkrun 7th Hanley parkrun 14th      
South Manchester parkrun 7th Cannock Chase parkrun 14th      
  Highbury Fields parkrun 14th      
  Congleton parkrun 14th      
  Walsall Arboretum parkrun 14th      


Other races
National Road Relays Lakes in a Day 50      
Chester Marathon Farndon 10k      
West Coast Half Marathon Manchester Half Marathon      
  Simplyhealth Birmingham International Marathon      
  Simplyhealth Birmingham International Half Marathon      
  Werrington 10k      


Time Trial
  All Time Trial results    



Saturday 7th October

National Road Relays

75         Trentham           2:05:41

Simon Myatt                 18:52

Eyob Asmelash           18:50

Simon Ford                   21:04

Craig Taylor                  23:02

Thomas Halloway        21:33

Richard Tungate           22:20


South Manchester parkrun 7th

Phillip Pinson                22:19


Hanley parkrun 7th

David Clarke                 24:29

Gary Payne                   24:38

Warren Thomas            25:21

Paul Gardiner               25:29

Lee Jones                     25:33

Rebekah Yendole        25:57

Graham Sheridan         26:20

Emily Braverman         26:22

Matthew Hughes          29:00

Bobbie Hickman          29:11

Phil Thomas                 29:12

Paul Cotterill                 29:16

Millie Holmes               29:17

Ellie Bloomer               29:35

Simon Lovatt                30:28

Guy Forrest-Hay          30:38

James Williams            31:59

Sarah Latham                35:10


Sunday 8th October

Chester Marathon

Richard Washington    2:59:00

Barry Smith                  3:18:19

Jill Phillips                    3:25:31 3rd F55   Club record

Shaun Weston              3:52:56

Lee Jones                     3:53:00

Graham Sheridan        3:52:58

Richard Longley          3:56:49

Warren Thomas           4:10:20

Aaron Whiston             4:26:48


West Coast Half Marathon

Scott Minshall              1:17:54 1st

Simon Dunn                 1:30:37 1st M55

Terry Wall                     1:40:36 

Saturday 6th October

Lakes in a Day 50

Nicola Jennings           19:02:09


Saturday 14th October

Cannock Chase parkrun 14th

Andrew Clinton            21:39


Highbury Fields parkrun 14th

Paul Gardiner                24:14

Dean Bromley               24:19


Congleton parkrun 14th

Martin Hull                     20:03    9th


Walsall Arboretum parkrun 14th

James Fowler               24:54


Hanley parkrun 14th

Harry Beasley               20:43

Dan Jordan                    20:59

Mark Mayer                   24:20

Shaun Weston              26:47

Kerry Dixon                  26:57

Graham Sheridan        27:06

Millie Holmes               27:387

Minnie McKenzie         28:15

Guy Forrest-Hay          28:25

Clare Clarke                 30:46

Kaye Morrissey           49:46


Sunday 15th October

Farndon 10k

Scott Minshall               34:25    5th


Manchester Half Marathon

Simon Bryan                1:30:10

Timothy Jones             1:33:46

Dave Rushton              1:40:57

Phillip Pinson               1:49:19

Sophie Barker              1:53:55


Simplyhealth Birmingham International Marathon

Adam Grew                  3:06:36

Warren Thomas           3:58:44


Simplyhealth Birmingham International Half Marathon

Dan Cawley                  1:25:14

Greg Julian                   1:49:37


Werrington 10k

Simon Myatt                  34:16    1st

Scott Zikmanis              38:18    1st M40

Ian Cawley                    38:22    8th

Jonathon Jackson        39:17

Ian Heath                       40:56

Terry Wall                      41:34

Mark Mayer                   42:01

Paul Burslem                43:34

Barry Smith                   44:03

James Hobson              44:53

Kerry Dixon                   45:54

Michael Oakley             46:18

Jill Phillips                     46:22   1st F55 ** Record Breaker!!

Sarah Taylor                  47:20

John Guest                    47:27

Chris Mosiuk                 47:59

Paul Cotterill                  48:10

Dean Bromley               48:23

Anthony White              48:32

Lee Jones                      49:31

Laura Hughes               51:03

Stan Winterton              51:18

Gillian Tinsley               51:28

Alison Jackson-Hedges 52:54

Ken Bloor                      53:05

Jen Riley                       55:46

Michelle Powner           57:39

Gemma Brookes          57:35

Sarah Jackson-Hedges  58:27

Malcolm Rushton          59:33

Catherine Lantsbery    1:00:57

Nicola Pilling                  1:01:11

Jacquie MacPhail          1:07:24

Sarah Latham                1:08:53

Lisa Foxhall                   1:09:40

Kayleigh Rowding        1:09:47

Beverley Parry             1:12:48