November 2017 Races

November Races.

Week 1

Another quiet weekend. Saturday had the National X Country relays where the men's team were a very creditable 135th. And in the parkruns Bryn Holmes was 1st at Hanley and Harry Beasley 7th.

Sunday saw the last of the NSRRA races with the Flying Fox 10. Simon Myatt was 1st which also made him NSRRA mens champion. Scott Minshall was 3rd finisher. Two club records were also set with Doug Alcock 1st M65 in 1:08:07 and, not surprisingly perhaps given her form over recent months, another new F55 record for Jill Phillips of 1:15:27.

Week 2

Where were all the TRC runners this week?? Saturday saw the start of the regional x country races with the men's team in the Birmingham and District League Division 1 and the ladies in the Midlands Women's League Division 2. The next race is on Saturday December 2nd at Parkhall hosted by TRC so marshalls are needed. There is only for one race so you won't be needed for long. If you can spare the time please contact Dan Jordan.

The first men's race  was at Cheltenham with Simon Myatt first home in 34:25. The ladies race was at Coventry with Deb Thomas first home in 29:03 with Mandy Vernon not far behind.

At the parkruns it looks like we only had TRC runners at Hanley where Lee Watson was 1st back in 17:15.



Hanley parkrun 4th Hanley parkrun 11th      
Cannock Chase parkrun 4th        


Other races
English National XC Relays Birmingham & District XC League Div 1      
Flying Fox 10 mile Midlands Womens XC League Div 2      


Time Trial
  All Time Trial results    



Saturday 4th November

English National XC Relays

135       Trentham RC            1:24:03

Ed Wilson                               19:28

Scott Zikmanis                       19:45

Terry Wall                               21:11

Dave Pickstock                      23:37


Cannock Chase parkrun 4th

Gary Payne                            23:14


Hanley parkrun 4th

Bryn Holmes                          18:30    1st

Harry Beasley                        19:48    7th

Ian Heath                                 21:01

David Clarke                           23:51

Dan Jordan                             24:27

Dean Bromley                        24:43

James Fowler                        24:59

Rebekah Yendole                  25:50

Tonia Vernon                         26:36

Millie Holmes                         27:40

Jen Riley                                27:59

Kirsten Owen                         28:02

Beverley Parry                      35:54

Bobbie Hickman                    37:04


Sunday 5th November

Flying Fox 10 mile

Simon Myatt                           54:33         1st

Scott Minshall                        57:40          3rd

Ian Cawley                             1:03:21

Doug Alcock                          1:08:07       1st M65 Club Record

Rob Tabbanor                        1:08:20

Barry Smith                            1:11:37

Andrew Clinton                     1:12:10

Adrian Frost                           1:12:18

Alan Brookes                         1:13:59

Paul Burslem                         1:15:09

Joanne Stanfield                   1:15:14

Jill Phillips                              1:15:27      1st F55 Club Record

John Guest                            1:15:19

Sarah Taylor                          1:19:04

Kerry Dixon                           1:20:22

Stan Winterton                       1:22:47

Gillian Tinsley                        1:23:07

Stephen Burrowes                1:23:21

Julia Rigby                             1:24:24

Alison Jackson-Hedges       1:27:59

Bobbie Hickman                    1:32:48

Sarah Jackson-Hedges         1:36:41

Malcolm Rushton                   1:37:33

Daniel Maddock                     1:41:15

Kerryann Maddock               1:41:15

Ken Bloor                               1:42:58


Saturday 11th November

Birmingham & District XC League Div 1

Race 1 Cheltenham

Simon Myatt                           34:25

Bryn Holmes                          39:00

Scott Zikmanis                       39:53

Ed Wilson                               40:07

Craig Taylor                           40:53

Terry Wall                               44:17

Adrian Frost                           45:21

Paul Burslem                         46:45


Trentham RC     1044


Midlands Womens XC League Div 2

Race 1 Coventry

Deb Thomas                           29:03

Mandy Vernon                       29:46

Kerry Dixon                            32:12

Jill Phillips                              32:29

Julia Rigby                             33:16


To be confirmed


Hanley parkrun 11th

Lee Watson                            17:15    1st

Harry Beasley                        19:10    8th

Tony White                             22:42

David Clarke                           23:45

Lee Jones                               24:04

Paul Gardiner                         25:05

Bobbie Hickman                    25:53

Tasmin Burley                       26:28

Matthew Burley                     26:28

Millie Holmes                         26:50

James Fowler                        27:13

Phil Thomas                           27:13

Graham Sheridan                  27:32

Kerry Dixon                            28:54

Isabella Jordan                      30:54

Dan Jordan                             30:55

Nicola Pilling                          31:53

Beverley Parry                       34:39