December 2017 Races

December Races.

Week 1

Our runners have decided to venture a bit further afield this week with runners at Telford and Southport as well as Cannock and Hanley. Harry Beasley was 4th at Southport whilst Lee Watson was 1st at Hanley in 18:10.

Both mens and ladies teams were involved in the x country events with the ladies travelling to Stratford and the men competing at Parkhall hosted by TRC. First lady home was Deb Thomas closely followed by Mandy Vernon. In the mens event Simon Myatt was first TRC finisher. Many thanks go to all the marshals and helpers at Parkhall, these events will not happen without their help!!

On the Sunday was the Dales Dash where Wendy Swift was 2nd lady finisher.

Week 2

The weather this weekend was not nice!! Races cancelled and dangerous conditions underfoot. Well done to Nicola Jennings for apparently being our only runner appearing in the results.

Week 3

A washout because of the weather again.

Week 4

Quite a few runners did the usual parkruns at Hanley, Telford, Cannock Chase and Congleton with Lee Watson coming 1st at Hanley in 16:58.

There was also a parkrun at Hanley on Christmas where 16 of our runners took part.

 Week 5

the final parkrun of the year with TRC runners at Hanley, Cannock Chase and Congleton. Lee Watson continued his great runs by coming home first at Hanley in 17:22

Hanley parkrun 4th   Hanley parkrun 23rd Hanley parkrun 25th Hanley parkrun 30th
Cannock Chase parkrun 4th Cannock Chase parkrun 23rd   Cannock Chase parkrun 30th
Southport parkrun 4th   Congleton parkrun 23rd   Congleton parkrun 30th
Telford parkrun 4th   Telford parkrun 23rd    


Other races
MCAA XC Stratford Hardmoors 26.2 Roseberry Topping Trail Marathon      
BDICCL Parkhall        
Dales Dash        


Time Trial
  All Time Trial results    



Saturday 2nd December

Cannock Chase parkrun 4th

Jonty Brown                 22:10


Southport parkrun 4th

Harry Beasley              19:22    4th


Hanley parkrun 4th

Lee Watson                   18:10    1st

Michael Oakley             22:12

Tony White                    22:40

Gary Payne                   23:27

David Clarke                 23:37

Dean Bromley              24:46

Paul Gardiner               25:04

Davin Thorley               25:12

Laura Hughes               25:43

Clare Clarke                  26:06

Ken Bloor                      26:26

Guy Forrest-Hay           28:26

Nicola Pilling                 28:58

Graham Sheridan         30:07

Kirsten Owen               30:07

Phil Thomas                  30:51

Bobbie Hickman           30:51

Jen Riley                       30:59

Kerry Dixon                  31:06


Telford parkrun 4th

James Fowler               24:51

Kayleigh Rowding        32:59




Deb Thomas                  29:56

Mandy Vernon              30:00

Kerry Dixon                   33:30

Julia Rigby                     33:32



Park Hall

Simon Myatt                  36:02

Jason Burgess              38:14

Eyob Asmelsh              38:25

Luke Boulton                39:15

Simon Ford                   41:48

Bryn Holmes                42:14

Scott Zikmanis              42:38

Craig Taylor                   43:02

Adam Grew                   43:08

Terry Wall                      46:40

Mark Mayer                   47:01

Paul Burslem                47:30

Tim Jones                     48:44

Adrian Frost                  49:05

Warren Thomas            51:04


 Sunday 3rd December

Dales Dash

Bryn Holmes                 41:04

Wendy Swift                  44:07    2nd Lady

Rob Tabbanor               44:47

James Hobson              47:22

Lee Jones                     47:51

Timothy Jones             48:19

Paul Burslem                49:07

David Myatt                   50:49

Warren Thomas            51:39

Tonia Vernon                59:52

Ken Bloor                      1:00:25

Nicola Jennings           1:09:01

Beverley Parry             1:22:01


Sunday 10th December

Hardmoors 26.2 Roseberry Topping Trail Marathon

Nicola Jennings 7:37:00


Saturday 23rd December

Cannock Chase parkrun 23rd

Jonty Brown                           33:30

Florence Brown                      33:46


Congleton parkrun 23rd

Martin Hull                               19:43

David Myatt                            23:08


Hanley parkrun 23rd

Lee Watson                            16:58    1st

Dan Jordan                             18:14

Bryn Holmes                          18:45

Tony White                             23:15

Rebekah Yendole                  24:32

Paul Gardiner                         25:21

David Clarke                           25:22

Lee Jones                               25:29

Warren Thomas                     26:02

Gary Payne                            26:14

Nicola Jennings                     27:09

Dave Elborn                           27:32

Graham Sheridan                   28:23

Shaun Weston                        28:23

Glynn Probert                         28:24

Jen Riley                                 28:24

Bobbie Hickman                    28:53

Kerry Dixon                            29:18

Julie Holmes                          29:20

Millie Holmes                         29:40

Phil Thomas                           30:59

Minnie McKenzie                   31:09

Ken Bloor                               35:03

Dean Bromley                       53:25


Telford parkrun 23rd

James Fowler                        26:48


Monday 25th December

Hanley parkrun 25th

Doug Alcock                           21:25

Lee Jones                               21:33

Jill Phillips                              23:24

Dan Jordan                             23:30

Dean Bromley                        24:57

Ken Bloor                               25:18

Brian Tonks                            26:39

Jen Riley                                27:58

Graham Sheridan                  28:01

Mark Mayer                             28:02

Millie Holmes                         29:03

Paul Phillips                           31:53

Bobbie Hickman                    32:40

Helen Nicholls                        32:41

Kirsten Owen                         33:15

Phil Thomas                           37:14


Saturday 30th December

Cannock Chase parkrun 30th

Jonty Brown                           23:29

Minnie McKenzie                   30:29


Congleton parkrun 30th

Ed Wilson                               18:50    9th

Martin Hull                              19:06


Hanley parkrun 30th

Lee Watson                            17:22    1st

Bryn Holmes                          20:00

Ian Heath                                21:21

Michael Oakley                      22:17

Chris Mosiuk                          22:21

Dan Jordan                             24:42

Laura Hughes                        25:04

Matt Burley                            25:07

Davin Thorley                        25:19

Rebekah Yendole                  25:22

Clare Clarke                           25:45

Graham Sheridan                  26:15

Glynn Probert                        26:16

Dean Bromley                       26:55

Jen Riley                                27:56

James Fowler                        28:01

Millie Holmes                         29:26

Tasmin Burley                       31:00

Julie Holmes                          31:10

Bobbie Hickman                    31:45

Ken Bloor                               32:54

Jacquie MacPhail                   36:42