March 2017 Races

March Races, click on the race names to go to the specific race results.

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Week 1

The weather this weekend was awful resulting in the cancellation of the Hanley parkrun and atrocious conditions for training and racing on the Sunday.

On Saturday a few decided to go to Cannock Chase as Hanley was cancelled and at Congleton Ed Wilson was 8th in 19:34.

On the Sunday, despite the risk of frostbite and being washed away we had runners competing at the short and long ends of the distances, from 5 miles at Cheadle, to 40 miles on the Millenium Way from Newport to Burton on Trent. Vinnie Jones was 2nd at Cheadle in 28:00 and  Scott Minshall had a great race at the Paris Half Marathon finishing in 1:20:18. Sam Newton was feeling fine on Cloud 9 and 3 ladies ran the Ashbourne 10. But hero of the day was Graham Sheridan who competed in the Millenium Way race. 40 miles on paths, across fields and along canal towpaths in the rain and sleet. He finished in 9:18:52 and survived.

Perhaps a mention also for our "normal" runners who went out for training runs on the Sunday and also survived the wind, rain and mud. Well done everyone.

Week 2

Much better weather this weekend and a few runners ventured farther afield for their runs. We had runners at Silverstone, Bath, Ironbridge, Knighton and 5 runners at the Inter Counties X Country championships.

On the Saturday Lee Watson was 1st at Hanley parkrun in 17:48. There were 5 TRC runners at the Intercounties x country with Simon Myatt first TRC runner home in the Mens Senior race, Kristine Defries first TRC runner in the Womens Senior race and Olivia Ball first TRC runner in the U13 girls race.

On the Sunday we had 2 runners at the picturesque but hilly Ironbridge Half, 2 at Silverstone and 19 at the Knighton 20 where Simon Myatt was 6th, Deb Thomas 1st F35, Jill Phillips 1st F55, Stan Winterton 1st M70 and Alan Lewis 1st M75. There were also Club Records for Jill Phillips in F55 and for Jo Stanfield in F45. We also had PBs for James Fowler at Knighton and Scott Minshall at the Silverstone Half.

Doug Alcock had a brilliant run at the Hague Half Marathon, he was 1st MV65 and set a new Club Record of 1:28:27.

Week 3

The usual parkruns this weekend but no performances of note, maybe runners are aiming at Stafford Half.

Sunday's weather was a bit windy for good half marathon times, especially on the run along Beaconside. However Simon Myatt put in a great performance finishing 5th overall and Debbie Thomas also had a great run and was 2nd female. In the age categories Alan Brookes was 1st MV60, Bryn Holmes 2nd MV45 and there was another PB for James Fowler.

Week 4

A lot of activity this weekend, and at a very high level.

Saturday had a few further afield parkruns at Torbay, Canon Hill and Telford. Best results were Mark Gorton who was 4th at Hanley in 19:19 and Alan Brookes who was 5th at Telford with a MV60 course record of 19:00.

There was also the international X-Country at Port Talbot where Simon Myatt ran for the winning England team.

At Sutton Park we had the Midlands Counties Road Relays where 31 TRC runners took part. The ladies ran 6 stages and the men 12. TRC ladies were 22nd, the men's A team were also 22nd and the B team were 43rd. The A team did brilliantly and qualified for the National Road Relays which are also at Sutton Park on 8 April. Its the biggest team event in the country so why not go and watch!!

We also had the first 2017 Time Trial around the 3k course at Wedgwood. 53 runners from all the groups plus helpers, a real team effort.Huge thanks to Jill Phillips for the numbers and paperwork, Walter Mosiuk, Tel Wall, Scott Bang Tidy Zikmanis and Dale Colclough for timekeeping and coming along on bikes to help keep the course safe...and thank you very much to all run leaders for encouraging your groups to give it a go. Next TT will be Tuesday 25 April...

Hanley 4th Cancelled Hanley parkrun 11th Hanley parkrun 18th Hanley parkrun 25th
Heaton 4th   Delamere parkrun 18th Torbay Velopark parkrun 25th
Cannock Chase  4th     Cannon Hill parkrun 25th
Wolverhampton 4th     Telford parkrun 25th
Congleton 4th Congleton parkrun 11th Congleton parkrun 18th  


Other races
Ashbourne 10 Ironbridge Half Stafford Half Midland Counties Road Relays
Womenís 6 Stage
Cheadle Spring 5 Knighton 20   Midland Counties Road Relays
Men's 12 Stage Team A
Cloud 9 Bath Half   Midland Counties Road Relays
Men's 12 Stage Team B
Paris Half Marathon Silverstone Half   Cheshire 10k
Millennium Way Hague Half Marathon   Conistion 14 Mile
Trafford 10k      


Inter Counties Championships Menís Senior Result Womenís Senior Result U13 Girls Result
SIAB & Home Countries XC International      


Time Trial
28 March All Time Trial results    

Saturday 4th March

Heaton parkrun 4th

Sam Tidy                           30:19


Cannock Chase parkrun 4th

Graham Sheridan              25:11

Paul Gardiner                    26:16

Phil Thomas                      27:49


Wolverhampton parkrun 4th

Andrew Clinton                 20:29


Congleton parkrun 4th

Ed Wilson                         19:24    8th

Mark Mayer                       22:15



Sunday 5th March

Ashbourne 10

Bobbie Hickman              1:26:53

Nicola Jennings              1:34:32

Helen Nicholls                 1:35:04



Cheadle Spring 5

Vinnie Martin                    28:00    2nd

Roger Grand                     30:40

Alan Brookes                    33:16

Douglas Alcock                34:06

Sarah Taylor                     37:34

Tim Charles                      38:57

Stan Winterton                 39:15

Davin Thorley                   39:22

Gillian Tinsley                  39:23

David Myatt                       40:02

Brian Tonks                      40:19

Alan Lewis                        44:24

Phil Thomas                     45:29


Cloud 9

Sam Newton                    1:19:49



Paris Half Marathon

Scott Minshall                 1:20:18


Millennium Way

Graham Sheridan            9:18:52


Trafford 10k

Simon Myatt                     32:09

Luke Boulton                    34:10

Carl Platt                           35:03

Dave Pickstock                 38:45


Saturday 11th March

Congleton parkrun 11th

Sam Newton                     20:49


Hanley parkrun 11th

Lee Watson                      17:48    1st

Mark Gorton                     19:46

Ian Heath                          20:56

Timothy Nicklin                22:09

Gary Payne                       22:31

Dan Jordan                       24:52

Kerry Dixon                      25:29

Lucy Corbett                     25:34

Tonia Vernon                    25:48

Vikki Ridgway                   25:55

Mark Mayer                       25:55

Dave Elborn                      26.25

Jon Bowman                    26:28

Paul Gardiner                   26:32

David Clarke                     26:33

Davin Thorley                   26:36

Graham Sheridan             26:53

Ellie Bloomer                    29:04

Karl Latham                      31:03

Michaela Hill                     32:23


Inter Counties Championships

Menís Senior Result

Simon Myatt                     41:52


Womenís Senior Result

Kristina Defries                 34:15

Deb Thomas                     36:01


U13 Girls Result

Olivia Ball                         14:51




Sunday 12th March

Ironbridge Half

Nicola Jennings             1:54:51

Helen Nicholls                2:21:11


Knighton 20

Simon Myatt                    2:05:01  6th

Tom Halloway                 2:09:16

Ian Cawley                       2:13:38

Chris Morgan                  2:17:43

Rich Washington            2:18:32

Deb Thomas                   2:20:11  1st F35

Paul Burslem                  2:25:35

Dan Jordan                     2:31:01

Matt Plant                       2:33:43

Chris Mosiuk                  2:38:09

Joanne Stanfield            2:38:47       F45 Club Record

Jill Phillips                     2:46:01  1st F55 Club Record

Kerry Widdowson          2:47:52

Stan Winterton               2:51:05  1st M70

Gillian Tinsley                2:58:46

Chris Hardman               3:01:09

James Fowler                 3:02:48   PB

Alan Lewis                      3:29:17  1st M75

Bobbie Hickman             3:29:31


Full results HERE


Bath Half

Ed Wilson                       1:24:31

Silverstone Half

Scott Minshall                1:17:45   PB

Mark Gorton                   1:27:11

Hague Half Marathon

Doug Alcock                     1:28:27     1st MV65 Club Record


Saturday 18th March

Congleton parkrun 18th

Sam Newton                      20:36


Hanley parkrun 18th

Tony White                        24:53

Rebekah Yendole              25:20

Kerry Dixon                       25:54

Paul Gardiner                    26:04

Shaun Weston                  26:29

Graham Sheridan             26:30

David Clarke                     26:31

Vikki Ridgway                   26:42

Mark Mayer                       26:42

James Williams                 27:33

Isabella Jordan                 27:59

Daniel Jordan                   27:59

Sam Tidy                          30:17

Timothy Nicklin                31:19

Paul Orry                          31:52

Kaye Morrissey                 46:22


Delamere parkrun 18th

Phil Thomas                     29:25

James Fowler                   29:25


Sunday 19th March

Stafford Half

Simon Myatt                    1:13:47 5th

Tom Halloway                 1:21:37

Bryn Holmes                   1:22:44  2nd MV45

Ian Cawley                      1:23:09

Craig Taylor                    1:23:12

Adam Grew                     1:24:48

Deb Thomas                   1:26:46 2nd Female

Dave Pickstock               1:26:57

Mark Gorton                   1:28:02

Ian Heath                        1:28:59

Alan Brookes                  1:30:55 1st MV60

Matt Plant                       1:32:06

Dan Jordan                     1:33:06

Simon Bryan                   1:33:06

Terry Wall                       1:34:53

Lee Jones                       1:35:56

Steve Brayford                1:37:24

Shaun Weston                1:40:56

Graham Sheridan           1:40:59

Kerry Dixon                    1:41:10

Greg Julian                     1:41:41            

Dan Bowman                  1:42:02

James Fowler                 1:44:55   PB

Jason Leadbeater          1:45:06

Walter Mosiuk                1:45:19

Warren Thomas               1:46:04

Stephen Burrowes          1:46:19

Julia Rigby                      1:46:41

Fiona Ratic                      1:46:57

Gary Payne                      1:48:37

Davin Thorley                  1:48:48

Ragnhild Marstad            1:48:48

Dave Wheatley                 1:48:58

Timothy Nicklin               1:51:27

Samantha Hall                 1:52:54

Bobbie Hickman              1:57:18

Alison Jackson-Hedges  1:59:54

Robyn Davies                   2:00:49

Chris Tipper                     2:02:25

John Davies                     2:03:27

Sarah Jackson-Hedges   2:10:42

Adam Yates                      2:12:34

Julie Holmes                    2:12:44

Dave Elborn                     2:19:36

Kerryann Maddock          2:21:02

Mark Birchall                   2:19:17

Jacquie MacPhail            2:24:44

Marie Elborn                    2:30:55

Beverley Parry                 2:37:26


Full Stafford Half results HERE

Saturday 25th March

Torbay Velopark parkrun 25th

James Williams                 25:53


Cannon Hill parkrun 25th

James Fowler                    29:11

Kayleigh Rowding            32:35


Hanley parkrun 25th

Mark Gorton                      19:19    4th

Shaun Weston                   21:26

Bryn Holmes                      22:50

Harry Beasley                    22:59

Warren Thomas                 23:35

Paul Gardiner                    26:05

Graham Sheridan              27:20

Paul Orry                           27:21

Kirsten Owen                    27:23

Millie Holmes                    27:49

Steven Farmer                   28:20

Phil Thomas                      28:28

Dave Elborn                      28:56

Julie Holmes                     30:46

Tim Nicklin                        31:08


Telford parkrun 25th

Alan Brookes                    19:00    5th


SIAB & Home Countries XC International

Simon Myatt                     34:43


 Midland Counties Road Relays

Womenís 6 Stage

22         Trentham RC

Deb Thomas                      34:07

Wendy Swift                      20:59

Kerry Dixon                       39:15

Ragnhild Marstad             23:07

Julia Rigby                        22:11

Vicky Norton                     25:39


Menís 12 Stage

22         Trentham RC A

Luke Boulton                    31:59

Jason Burgess                  30:35

Roger Grand                     31:55

Craig Taylor                      33:18

Carl Platt                           17:29

Keayrn Hopley                  18:06

Vinnie Martin                    17:17

Bryn Holmes                     18:24

Ian Heath                           18:53

Christopher Morgan         18:54

Ed Wilson                         19:16

Dave Pickstock                 19:22


43 Trentham RC B

Lee Jones                         36:47

Richard Chadwick            38:17

Dan Jordan                       34:55

Mark Mayer                       37:45

Paul Burslem                    20:18

Richard Longley               19:41

Andrew Clinton                 21:23

Dale Colclough                 22:11

Adrian Frost                      21:37

Terry Wall                         19:14

Chris Mosiuk                    20:01

Richard Washington        19:28


Cheshire 10k

Sarah Latham                  1:06:57

Rachel Price                    1:09:56


Conistion 14 Mile

Dan Maddock                    2:23:55

Kerryann Maddock           2:50:54


Tuesday 28th March

Time Trial

Darren Perry                      9.44
Kristina Defries                10.08
Ian Cawley                        10.10
Richard Washington        10.22
Chris Mosiuk                    10.32
Simon Bryan                     10.36
Alan Brookes                    10.56
Ian Heath                          11.09
Deborah Thomas             11.15
Steven Brayford               11.19
Wendy Swift                     11.34
Tim Nicklin                       11.36
Lee Jones                         11.40
Graham Sheridan              11.41
Dan Bowman                    11.54
David Wheatley                11.57
Sarah Taylor                     12.02
Glynn Probert                   12.04
Julia Rigby                       12.06
James Fowler                  12.20
Davin Thorley                   12.22
Ragnhild Marie                 12.25
Greg Julian                      12.32
John Dowie                     12.33
Mick Oakley                     12.42
Stephen Burrowes           13.02
Sam Mulhall                     13.13
Chris Hardman                 13.20
Jill Phillips                       13.30
Ken Pearson                     13.32
Chris Tipper                     13.41
Tracy Hollins                    13.42
Tim Charles                      13.50
Laura Hughes                   13.53
Jen Riley                          13.42
Paul Vincent Gardiner     13.50
Bobbie Hickman              13.59
Kirsten Owen                   14.08
Christopher Morgan        14.22
Matthew Plant                  14.22
Ali Jackson-Hedges         14.27
Paula Elson                      14.36
Rob Wheeler                     14.50
Michelle Powner               14.56
Gemma Brookes               15.22
Julie Holmes                     15.36
Taryn Talbot                     15.50
Nicki Roden                      16.50
Jacquie Macphail             17.10
Beverley Parry                  17.16
Kayleigh Rowding            17.45
Indu Sekhar                      18.50
Rebecca Tonry                 19.15