February 2017 Races

February Races, click on the race names to go to the specific race results.

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Week 1

On the Sunday was the first race of the NSRRA series which saw 49 TRC runners at the Alsager 5. First male TRC runner home was Simon Myatt in 26:22 and first lady was Kristina Defries in 29:42. Alan Brookes was 1st MV60 in 31:35.

 At the same time Dale Colclough tackled a rather longer race! He was burning 2000 calories doing Round 1 of the Kong Mini Mountain Marathon. There were white out conditions which made navigation round Glaramara and Allen crags pretty tricky but all was good. 4hrs/ 23K / 1200meters climb and he finished 32nd out of 164 entries, brilliant!!!

Week 2

The Saturday had the usual parkruns with a couple of flyaway runs at Telford and Exeter. But the afternoon had the final round of the Birmingham X Country League races at Coventry. 21 TRC men ran and Simon Myatt was a fantastic 2nd. The overall results meant that the TRC men's Team A were 3rd overall and gained promotion to Division 1. A fantastic Team effort, well done to all involved. Simon Myatt was 3rd overall in the series with Luke Boulton 11th. Not to be outdone 6 of the TRC Ladies raced at Warwick University in Race 4 of the Midlands County X Country League.

On the Sunday was the first running of the Walton Wobble 10k where 5 of our runners competed in a very cold, sleety and windy race over a hilly course over Cannock Chase.

Week 3

3 different parkrun runs this week including James Williams running at Torbay. At Hanley we had Lee Watson in second place in 17:48 and Mark Gorton 6th.

There were 4 races on Sunday with Scott Minshall a brilliant 2nd at the Stoke 10 miler in 59:34. At the tough Rugeley 10 miler Kristina Defries was 1st Lady and 8th overall and Alan Brookes was 1st V60 in 1:10:18, Simon Myatt was 5th at the Wrexham Bakery half marathon in 1:11:13.

Week 4

We had more parkrunners this week with Tonia Vernon running at Hereford and a few more at the Congleton and Hanley parkruns. At Hanley, Lee Watson was 1st with Bryn Holmes 4th.

This was the weekend of the National X Country Championships at Nottingham. There were 9 Senior Men and 7 Senior Women competing, with Simon Myatt first TRC man home in 113th place and Deb Thomas first TRC woman home in 158th place. The mens team were 81st and the women 45th.

On the Sunday Simon Myatt also ran at the Knypersley Pool 5 where he finished 2nd in 28:41  and Tasmin Burley ran in the fun run. We also had Mark Gorton running at the Oulton Park Half marathon and Andy Vickerman ran the Stockport Trail half marathon.

Cannock Chase parkrun 4th Telford parkrun 11th Torbay Velopark parkrun 18th Hereford parkrun 25th  
Hanley parkrun 4th Hanley parkrun 11th Hanley parkrun 18th Hanley parkrun 25th  
  Exeter Riverside parkrun 11th Congleton parkrun 18th Congleton parkrun 25th  


Other races  
Alsager 5 Walton wobble 10k Potteries 10 miler Knype Pool 5
Kong Mini Mountain Marathon Borrowdale   Rugeley 10 Mile Knype Pool Fun Run
    Wrexham Bakery Half Marathon Oulton Park Half Marathon
    Great North West Half Marathon Stockport Trail Half Marathon



Birmingham League XC

Race 4 - Coventry

Midlands Counties XC League

Race 4 - Warwick University

National Cross Country Senior Men National Cross Country Senior Women


Saturday 4th February

Cannock Chase parkrun 4th

Andrew Clinton              21:40


Hanley parkrun 4th

Ian Heath                        20:32

Mark Gorton                   20:33

Davin Thorley                 24:56

Warren Thomas              25:24

Lee Jones                       25:24

Adrian Frost                   25:41

Kerry Dixon                    26:24

Matt Burley                    26:26

James Fowler                 27:01

James Williams              28:23

Dave Elborn                   30:48

Kaye Morrissey              1:10:36


Sunday 5th February

Alsager 5

Simon Myatt                   26:22   18th

Luke Boulton                 27:31

Scott Minshall                28:26

Ian Cawley                      29:24

Scott Zikmanis               29:39

Kristina Defries              29:42   82nd

Craig Taylor                   29:58

Christopher Morgan      30:23

Rich Washington           31:08

Alan Brookes                 31:35  1st MV60

Terry Wall                      31:53

Paul Burslem                 32:26

Chris Mosiuk                 33:08

Joanne Stanfield           34:06

Lee Jones                      34:38

Kerry Dixon                    34:40 

Dave Rushton                35:16

Matt Burley                    35:35

Adrian Frost                   35:39

Kerry Widdowson          36:04

Dan Ison                         36:20

John Guest                    36:30

Julia Rigby                    36:44

Phil Pinson                    36:58

Rose Wilson                  37:22 Club Record

Dan Bowman                 37:37

Ragnhild Marstad          38:06

Gillian Tinsley                38:15

James Fowler                 38:30

Jill Phillips                     38:35

Tony White                    38:39

Nicola Jennings            40:33

Tonia Vernon                 40:40

Bobbie Hickman            40:50

Alan Lewis                     41:37

Jodie Clarke                  43:08

Malcolm Rushton          43:03

Dave Elborn                   43:43

Ken Bloor                      43:39

Chris Tipper                   45:12

Paul Gardiner                45:29

Camille Smyth               45:28

Julie Holmes                 45:53

Steve Farmer                 46:28

Megan Hickman            49:11

Sam Tidy                       49:24

Sarah Latham                49:34

Kayleigh Rowding         50:14

Jacquie MacPhail          52:10

Marie Elborn                  52:23

Race Pictures at http://www.mickhall-photos.com/

Result at https://results.sporthive.com/events/6233982697560322048



Kong Mini Mountain Marathon Borrowdale

Dale Colclough              3:57:34    8th

Saturday 11th February

Hanley parkrun 11th

Mark GORTON               20:56

Steven BRAYFORD        21:58

Chris MOSIUK                22:02

Bryn HOLMES                22:27

Davin THORLEY             24:00

Tony WHITE                   24:18

Harry BEASLEY              24:34

Lucy CORBETT              25:02

Mark MAYER                  25:14

Graham SHERIDAN        26:15

Millie HOLMES               26:57

Jen RILEY                       27:30

Dave ELBORN                28:04

Phil THOMAS                 29:08

Julie HOLMES                29:18

Bobbie HICKMAN           31:15

Nicola JENNINGS           31:15

Charlotte CALLEAR       32:03



Telford parkrun 11th

James FOWLER             25:12

Kayleigh ROWDING       30:59



Exeter Riverside parkrun 11th

James WILLIAMS          25:22


Birmingham League XC

Race 4 - Coventry

Simon Myatt                   37:17    2nd

Luke Boulton                 39:11

Vinnie Martin                 39:18

Carl Platt                        40:22

Tom Halloway                41:56

Scott Zikmanis               42:33

Bryn Holmes                  42:49

James Burrows              42:49

Craig Taylor                   43:26

Simon Ford                    43:35

Ed Wilson                      43:49

Roger Grand                  44:05

Adam Grew                    44:11

Dave Pickstock              44:49

Terry Wall                      46:12

Paul Burslem                 47:27

Lee Jones                      48:19

Dale Colclough              49:18

Adrian Frost                   49:56

Matt Plant                       51:19

Gary Payne                     60:21


Team Race Results

3          Trentham RC A

3          Trentham RC B


Team Series Results

3          Trentham RC A

4          Trentham RC B

Promoted to Div 1


Individual Series Results

3          Simon Myatt

11         Luke Boulton

15         Jason Burgess

21         Carl Platt

35         Martin Hull

52         Tom Halloway

65         Bryn Holmes

68         Chris Morgan

71         Scott Zikmanis

72         Ed Wilson

79         Craig Taylor

87         Dave Pickstock

128       Paul Burslem

155       Adrian Frost

166       Lee Jones

169       Matt Plant

212       Vinnie Martin

224       James Burrows

226       Simon Ford

232       Roger Grand

233       Adam Grew

236       Richard Washington

244       Terry Wall

265       Dale Colclough

268       Paul Clinton

297       Gary Payne

328       Richard Longley

330       Leigh Matthews


     Full results HERE      


Midlands Counties XC League

Race 4 - Warwick University

Deb Thomas                   24:27

Kerry Dixon                    26:49

Julia Rigby                     27:46

Ragnhild Marstad          27:47

Jill Phillips                     30:09

Jodie Clarke                   32:35


Series Team Results

13         Trentham RC


 Sunday 12th February

Walton Wobble 10k

Guy Forrest-Hay            59:59

Helen Nicholls               1:02:37

Emily Smith                   1:02:46

Sam Tidy                        1:06:52

Jacquie MacPhail          1:08:32

Saturday 18th February

Torbay Velopark parkrun 18th

James Williams              25:29


Congleton parkrun 18th

Sam Newton                   21:42

Gary Payne                     27:17


Hanley parkrun 18th

Lee Watson                    17:48      2nd

Mark Gorton                   19:32      6th

Lee Jones                       19:59

Dave Rushton                21:23

Shaun Weston               22:47

Tony White                     23:40

Brian Tonks                   24:22

Bobbie Hickman            26:21

Guy Forrest-Hay            26:57

Matt Plant                       27:01

James Fowler                27:22

Jen Riley                        27:22

Kirsten Owen                 27:23

Phil Thomas                   27:27

Graham Sheridan          27:43

Dave Elborn                   28:04

Tonia Vernon                 28:58

Timothy Nicklin              31:32

Nicola Jennings             33:22

Charlotte Callear            33:57

Kayleigh Rowding         35:34


Sunday 19th February

Potteries 10 miler

Scott Minshall                59:34      2nd

Kevin Breward               1:15:20

Tony White                     1:20:56

Michael Oakley              1:22:27

Dave Piper                      1:36:31


Rugeley 10 Mile

Ian Cawley                       1:03:47

Kristina Defries               1:04:35

Alan Brookes                  1:10:18   1st V60

Andrew Clinton               1:13:15

Jill Phillips                       1:23:42

Kerryann Maddock         1:50:52

Full results HERE


Wrexham Bakery Half Marathon

Simon Myatt                   1:11:13    5th

Chris Morgan                 1:28:22

Chris Mosiuk                  1:35:15


Great North West Half Marathon

Simon Dunn                  1:24:50


Saturday 25th February

Congleton parkrun 25th

Alan Brookes                 19:31

Sam Newton                   20:49

James Fowler                 29:35

Kayleigh Rowding          33:48


Hanley parkrun 25th

Lee Watson                    18:39     1st

Bryn Holmes                  19:18     4th

Shaun Weston               21:33

Chris Mosiuk                 21:58

Phil Pinson                    23:13

Gary Payne                    23:34

Mark Mayer                    23:58

Lee Jones                       23:59

Davin Thorley                24:22

Rebekah Yendole           25:04

James Williams              25:28

Lauren Gallagher           26:04

Paul Gardiner                 26:44

Phil Thomas                   27:04

Kirsten Owen                 27:45

Graham Sheridan           27:48

Dave Elborn                   29:39

Millie Holmes                 30:48

Karl Latham                    33:02

Christine Phoenix          33:08

Sophie Latham              34:44

Bobbie Hickman            34:50

Jen Riley                        43:29


Hereford parkrun 25th

Tonia Vernon                 28:04


National Cross Country Results 2017

Senior Men

Simon Myatt                     43:30

Thomas Halloway            50:02

Dave Pickstock                52:52

Dan Jordan                      56:48

Paul Burslem                   56:51

Adrian Frost                  1:01:31

Richard Longley           1:04:42

John Guest                   1:05:36

David Myatt                   1:16:44


Senior Women

Deb Thomas                   35:20

Julia Rigby                     40:24

Kerry Dixon                    40:26

Ragnhild Marstad          40:31

Rose Wilson                   43:41

Jill Phillips                     45:32

Jodie Clarke                   49:44


Full X Country results HERE


Sunday 26th February

Knype Pool 5

Simon Myatt                     28:41     2nd

Jacquie MacPhail           1:05:28


1 mile Fun Run

Tasmin Burley                8:10


Oulton Park Half Marathon

Mark Gorton                   1:28:01


Stockport Trail Half Marathon

Andrew Vickerman         1:44:42