April 2017 Races

April Races, click on the race names to go to the specific race results.

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Week 1

The first April parkruns saw about 30 TRC runners taking part. At Hanley, Lee Watson was 1st in a time of 18:05 and at Telford Alan Brookes was 8th in a time of 18:53.

On the Sunday we had 5 runners in the Manchester Marathon where Scott Minshall finished in 2:55:46. And Roger Grand went to Lincoln and competed in the Lincoln 10k where he was 46th in 36:15.

Week 2

This weekend saw wall to wall sunshine and summer like temperatures. TRC runners entered the usual parkruns as well as many other local and distant races and of course the 12 Stage National relays.

Saturday parkruns had 21 runners at Hanley and Congleton. At the 12 Stage National Road Relay Championships TRC were 60th and the first and only Staffordshire club competing. A great result, well done to the team and their supporters.

On the Sunday Bobbie Hickman travelled to Brighton for the marathon, Ed Wilson went to Derby for the 10k and lots of runners stayed local for the Newcastle 10k and the Dougie Mac 5k. Winter training must have paid off as lots of TRC runners got prizes!! At Newcastle 10k Simon Myatt was 2nd in 33:00, Ian Cawley 1st M40, Alan Brookes 1st M60, Stan Winterton 1st M70, and Jo Stanfield was 1st F45. There were lots of 2nd and 3rd place age awards as well. See results. At the Dougie Mac 5k Lee Watson was 1st in 17:33. This event does not identify runners clubs so apologies if we have missed anyone from the results for this event.

A few of our members enter triathlons and on the Sunday  Kerry Taylor raced the West Lancs Spring Triathlon, sprint distance and finished in 1:29:23.

Week 3

A busy week with the Bank Holiday and a lot of races, not just at the weekend.

First event at Chester on Wednesday saw Alan Brookes finish the Spring 5 in 30:50. He was 1st MV60 and set a new Club Record.

On Thursday was the Hanchurch Hilly, the first race in the Spring Treble series at a new course near Hanchurch. We had 20 runners and Jason Burgess was 1st, Vinnie Martin 3rd and Simon Ford 6th with Simon Dunn finishing 1st M50. The ladies did equally well with Debbie Thomas 1st lady and Wendy Swift 2nd lady.

Saturday saw the usual parkruns with TRC runners scattered across the country at Congleton, Hanley, Southport, Kings Lynn and Marple. It also had the excellent Newcastle Way Marathon, a 26.2 mile run on trails, across fields, over 103 stiles and minor roads from Mow Cop to Market Drayton. 18 TRC runners finished with Richard Washington a magnificent 6th in 3:50:50 and Scott Zikmanis returning from injury in 4:25:24. Walter Mosiuks group had 11 runners and they all ran together and supported each other to finish in about 6 hours 27 minutes. Great support from other TRC members along the course as well. And the Myatts competed in the Muro 7.5k race where Simon was 3rd.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for the weekend, Sunday had the NSRRA 5th event at the Air Products 10k. 22 TRC runners finished with Alan Brookes 1st M60, Stan Winterton 1st M70 and Alan Lewis 1st M75!! Julia Rigby was 1st F35. There were PBs for her and Kerry Dixon.

Week 4

The Myatts entered the Lloseta 6.5k race in Majorca and Simon won, as he did last year! On Thursday was race 2 of the Spring Treble at Milford and saw TRC winning again. Jason Burgess was 1st, with Simon Dunn 1st MV55, Deb Thomas was 1st Lady and Wendy Swift 1st F45.

5 different parkruns on the Saturday with the pick of the results going to Kristina Defries, 1st Lady at Hanley.

Sunday had the London and Blackpool events.

Scott Minshall was 8th at Blackpool half. Simon Dunn was 1st MV55 in the marathon event where Chris Morgan ran a PB in 3:05:57.At London we had 17 runners. Fastest times were recorded by Simon Myatt, 2:36:27, Tom Halloway, 2:53:00, Craig Taylor, 2:58:24 with Terry Wall agonisingly close to 3 hrs with 3:00:24. But result of the day has to be the Guinness World record for the fastest Nun which went to Dan Jordan in 3:17:12. There were also 2 Club Records, Joanne Stanfield FV45 in 3:33:41 who knocked 12 minutes off the previous record and Jill Phillips who was 31st FV55 in 3:36:21 and beat her previous record by a massive 25 minutes. Stan Winterton was 10th MV70 in 3:53:27 and Alan Lewis 61st MV75 in 4:41:59. And James Fowler ran a sub-4hr PB in 3:55:40 beating his previous PB by 15 minutes. Lots of happy memories as well as money raised for various charities including the TRC charity, the Chelsea Burley Trust. Well done to all the runners and supporters and those who donated to all the charities.

On Tuesday 25 April, 35 runners braved the cold conditions and ran in the monthly time trial which is not a race apparently!! Many thanks to those who helped at the start and finish and provided the results.

Week 5

The better weather towards the end of the month seems to have inspired some better race performances.  At the final race of the Spring Treble Jason Burgess was 1st, Simon Dunn 1st MV55, Kristina Defries was 1st Lady, Deb Thomas 1st FV35 and Wendy Swift 1st FV45. Overall in the series Jason Burges was 1st male, Simon Dunn 1st MV55 and Deb Thomas 1st female, Vicky Norton 1st FV40 and Wendy Swift 1st FV45.

At the Mid Cheshire 5k on the Friday, Alan Brookes was in fine form. He finished in 18:41 which was a PB, 1st MV60, Club Record and NSRRA record!!

Sunday saw the hilly Uttoxeter Half with 21 TRC runners. Simon Myatt was 2nd, Alan Brookes 1st M60, Alan Lewis 1st M75. The ladies were even better with Kristina Defries 1st Lady, Deb Thomas 1st F35, Sarah Taylor 1st F45 and Jill Phillips 1st F55. Overall the men's team were 3rd and the ladies 1st. Sunday also had the Oswestry half marathon where Scott Minshall was 3rd, the Lightning Run (a 12 hour race over a 10k course) where Graham Sheridan completed 8 laps in just over 11 hours and the Lichfield Sprint Triathlon where Greg Julian, Kirsten Owen and Jen Riley competed.


Hanley parkrun 1st Hanley parkrun 8th Hanley parkrun 15th Hanley parkrun 22nd Hanley parkrun 29th
Telford parkrun 1st Congleton parkrun 8th Congleton parkrun 15th Congleton parkrun 22nd Congleton parkrun 29th
    Southport parkrun 15th Bushy parkrun 22nd Chester parkrun 29th
Kings Lynn parkrun 15th Cannock Chase parkrun 22nd  
    Marple parkrun 15th Wolverhampton parkrun 22nd  


Other races
Manchester Marathon Penkridge 10k Chester Spring 5 Lloseta 6.5k  
Lincoln 10k National 12 Stage Road Relay Championships Hanchurch Hilly Milford Murder Barlaston Up & Downs
  Brighton Marathon Newcastle Way Blackpool Half Mid Cheshire 5k
  Derby 10k Air Products 10k Blackpool Marathon Uttoxeter Half Marathon
  Newcastle 10k Muro 7.5k London Marathon Oswestry Half Marathon
  Dougie Mac 5k     Lightning Run
  West Lancs Spring Triathlon     Lichfield BRAT Sprint Triathlon


Time Trial
  All Time Trial results Time Trial 25th April  


Saturday 1st April

Hanley parkrun 1st

Lee Watson                      18:05       1st

Tim Nicklin                       21:28

Leigh Matthews                21:45

Dan Jordan                       22:06

Warren Thomas                22:13

Gary Payne                       22:27

Chris Mosiuk                    22:30

Rebekah Yendole             23:32

Jill Phillips                        24:11

Andy Vickerman               24:31

Vikki Ridgway                   24:44

Mark Mayer                       24:44

Paul Gardiner                   25:39

James Fowler                   26:01

James Williams                26:25

Guy Forrest-Hay               26:43

Millie Holmes                    26:45

Dave Elborn                      26:46

Kirsten Owen                    27:03

Shaun Weston                  27:03

Jen Riley                           27:19

Graham Sheridan             27:20

Phil Thomas                     27:40

Ellis Nevitt                        28:07

Julie Holmes                     29:02

Bobbie Hickman               29:03

Charlotte Callear              33:26

Karl Latham                      33:52

Kaye Morrissey                49:12


Telford parkrun 1st

Alan Brookes                   18:53       8th       



Sunday 2nd April

Manchester Marathon

Scott Minshall                 2:55:46

Chris Morgan                  3:07:10

Paul Burslem                  3:11:45

Chris Mosiuk                   3:43:04

Phil Pinson                      3:57:11

Lincoln 10k

Roger Grand                     36:15


Saturday 8th April

Penkridge 10k

Guy Forrest-Hay               1:04:05

Helen Nicholls                  1:04:22


National 12 Stage Road Relay Championships

60         Trentham

Richard Longley               34:41

Luke Boulton                    17:17

Craig Taylor                      33:25

Ian Wilson                        18:07

Terry Wall                         34:01

Keayrn Hopley                  18:18

Dan Jordan                       34:43

Thomas Halloway             19:00

Paul Burslem                    36:54

Scott Zikmanis                  21:09

Dave Pickstock                 34:51

Ed Wilson                         19:21

 Full Relay results HERE

Congleton parkrun 8th

Sam Weston                      20:29


Hanley parkrun 8th

Mark Gorton                     19:55

Bryn Holmes                     20:40

Leigh Matthews                20:41

Dan Jordan                       21:51

James Fowler                   23:05

Rebekah Yendole             23:46

Kerry Dixon                      24:22

James Williams                25:04

Davin Thorley                   25:23

David Clarke                     25:43

Paul Gardiner                   26:42

Joel Harrison                    27:06

Phil Thomas                     28:15

Shaun Weston                  28:18

Graham Sheridan             28:20

Karl Latham                      29:23

Jen Riley                           29:24

Charlotte Callear               32:32

Julie Holmes                     36:40

Kaye Morrissey                 44:22


Sunday 9th April

Brighton Marathon

Bobbie Hickman              4:39:53


Derby 10k

Ed Wilson                         37:45


Newcastle 10k

Simon Myatt                     33:00      2nd

Ian Cawley                        38:26     1st M40

Simon Dunn                      39:43     2nd M45

Alan Brookes                    39:51     1st M60

Dave Pickstock                 40:10

Rich Washington              41:16     3rd M45

Shaun Weston                  42:50

Andrew Clinton                43:11

Mark Mayer                       43:29

Lee Jones                         43:37

Joanne Stanfield              43:36      1st F45

Paul Burslem                    43:48

Warren Thomas                45:03

Sarah Taylor                     45:11      3rd F45

Adrian Frost                     45:37

Julia Rigby                       46:48      3rd F35

Stan Winterton                 47:04      1st M70

Gary Payne                       48:21

Jill Phillips                        48:51      3rd F55

Michael Oakley                 49:06

Tony White                       49:43

Gillian Tinsley                  49:48

Brian Tonks                      50:39

Ken Bloor                         52:08

Lucy Corbett                    52:32

Alison Jackson-Hedges   53:55

James Fowler                   55:00

Tonia Vernon                    55:25   

Alan Lewis                        55:32

Malcolm Rushton             56:54

Dave Elborn                      56:50

Kayleigh Rowding           1:09:26

Full race results HERE

Dougie Mac 5k

Lee Watson                      17:33      1st

Joel Harrison                    23:03

Ryan Procter                    23:51

Kirsten Owen                   25:13

Paul Gardiner                   25:23

Chris Tipper                     35:26

Full DM5 Results HERE

West Lancs Spring Triathlon

Kerry Taylor                     1:29:23

Full triathlon results HERE


Wednesday 12th April

Chester Spring 5

Alan Brookes                    30:50     1st MV60 Club Record


Thursday 13th April

Hanchurch Hilly

Jason Burgess                  31:03    1st

Vinnie Martin                     31:49    3rd

Simon Ford                       33:59    6th

Simon Dunn                      35:56    1st M50

Richard Longley               36:10

Dave Pickstock                 36:27

Deb Thomas                      36:56    1st Lady

Wendy Swift                      38:07    2nd Lady

Steven Brayford                38:31

Mark Mayer                       39:09

Chris Morgan                    39:11

Vicky Norton                     40:18

Lee Jones                          41:13

Paul Clinton                      42:06

Kerry Dixon                       42:11

Julia Rigby                        42:13

Gary Payne                        45:39

Lucy Corbett                     46:05

Jen Riley                            51:08

Catherine Lantsbery         57:03


Saturday 15th April

Southport parkrun 15th

Harry Beasley                    23:38


Congleton parkrun 15th

Martin Hull                        20:23

James Fowler                   24:57

Kayleigh Rowding            36:13


Kings Lynn parkrun 15th

Ed Wilson                         18:31    6th


Hanley parkrun 15th

Mark Gorton                      20:04

Davin Thorley                    23:33

Rebekah Yendole              25:15

Paul Gardiner                    25:29

David Clarke                     25:45

Jill Phillips                        26:32

Kerry Dixon                       26:33

Graham Sheridan             26:55

Paul Orry                           27:23

Guy Forrest-Hay               28:17

Jen Riley                           29:16

Kaye Morrissey                1:02:32

Tricia Cotterill                  1:02:36

Emily Smith                     1:02:37

Phil Thomas                    1:02:39


Marple parkrun 15th

Ellis Nevitt                        30:27


Muro 7.5k

Simon Myatt                     24:30    3rd

David Myatt                      36:26

Newcastle Way

Richard Washington        3:50:50 6th

Scott Zikmanis                 4:25:24

Lee Jones                         4:30:30

Warren Thomas                4:30:31

Matt Burley                       5:19:24

Nicola Jennings               5:51:54

Steven Farmer                  5:53:21

Fiona Ratic                       6:24:28

Walter Mosiuk                  6:24:29

Helen Nicholls                  6:27:07

Bobbie Hickman               6:27:08

Chris Hardman                 6:27:09

Michael Oakley                 6:27:11

Tonia Vernon                    6:27:11

Ragnhild Marstad             6:27:12

Jodie Clarke                      6:27:12

Pete O’Reilly                     6:27:14

Dan Maddock                    6:28:34


Sunday 16th April

Air Products 10k

Scott Minshall                  35:44

Roger Grand                     36:44

Dave Pickstock                 38:39

Alan Brookes                    38:51    1st M60

Leigh Matthews                39:45

Paul Burslem                    40:21

Terry Wall                         41:13

Chris Mosiuk                    41:35

Andrew Clinton                42:16

Sarah Taylor                     43:31

Kerry Dixon                      43:44     PB

Lee Jones                         44:08

Julia Rigby                       44:50    1st F35  PB

Stan Winterton                 44:52    1st M70

Tim Charles                      45:27

Jill Phillips                       46:42

Ken Bloor                         47:09

Gillian Tinsley                  47:43

Anthony White                 48:22

Gary Payne                       49:09

Alan Lewis                        51:53    1st M75

Camille Smyth                  55:29


Tuesday 18th April

Lloseta 6.5k

Simon Myatt                      21:19    1st

David Myatt                       33:25


Thursday 20th April

Milford Murder

Jason Burgess                  33:15    1st

Luke Boulton                    33:48

Simon Dunn                      37:36    1st M55

Deb Thomas                      38:46    1st Lady

Dave Pickstock                 38:50

Wendy Swift                     40:30    1st F45

Steven Brayford               40:49

Mark Mayer                       41:09

Vicky Norton                     42:33

Lee Jones                         42:40

Paul Clinton                      44:16

Kerry Dixon                       44:16

Julia Rigby                        44:55

Gary Payne                        46:53

Greg Julian                       47:33

Brian Tonks                      48:40

Lucy Corbett                     49:48

Jen Riley                           52:44

Catherine Lantsbery         62:00

Emily Smith                      66:03



Saturday 22nd April

Bushy parkrun 22nd

Bryn Holmes                     28:02

Millie Holmes                    28:03

Julie Holmes                     31:24


Cannock Chase parkrun 22nd

Davin Thorley                    22:58

Paul Gardiner                    24:17


Wolverhampton parkrun 22nd

Alan Brookes                    18:53


Congleton parkrun 22nd

Martin Hull                        19:29

Sam Newton                      20:08


Hanley parkrun 22nd

Kristina Defries                 18:50    1st Lady

Leigh Matthews                 20:19

Shaun Weston                  20:43

Andrew Clinton                20:47

Warren Thomas                23:07

Tony White                       23:37

Joel Harrison                    23:39

David Clarke                     25:10

Gary Payne                       25:31

James Williams                26:42

Ragnhild Marstad            28:04

Jen Riley                           28:13

Kerry Dixon                       28:17

Graham Sheridan              28:39

Dave Elborn                      29:18

Phil Thomas                     29:27

Sophie Latham                 32:19



Sunday 23rd April

Blackpool Half Marathon

Scott Minshall                 1:20:02 8th


Blackpool Marathon

Simon Dunn                     3:00:46 1st M55

Chris Morgan                   3:05:57  PB

Matt Plant                         4:10:19


London Marathon

Simon Myatt                     2:36:27

Tom Halloway                   2:53:00

Craig Taylor                      2:58:24

Terry Wall                         3:00:24

Ian Cawley                        3:08:03

Daniel Jordan                   3:17:12

Mark Gorton                     3:17:38

Bryn Holmes                     3:18:12

Joanne Stanfield              3:33:41    F45 Club Record

Jill Phillips                        3:36:21    F55 Club Record

Scott Zikmanis                 3:41:01

Kerry Widdowson            3:44:46

Stan Winterton                 3:53:27

James Fowler                   3:55:40    PB

Dan Bowman                    4:10:14

Alan Lewis                        4:41:59

Chris Tipper                      4:52:03


Tuesday 25th April

Time Trial

Simon Ford                       9.57
Chris Mosiuk                    10.33
Simon Bryant                    10.44
Pat Buckingham               11.07
Warren Thomas                11.09
Steven Brayford                11.12
Deborah Thomas              11.15
Dave Rushton                   11.29
Andy Clinton                    11.36
Wendy Swift                     11.37
Graham Sheridan              11.41
Kevin Finney                     11.47
David Wheatley                 11.52
Vicky Norton                     11.58
Richard Cowan                 11.59
Andrew Greensmith          12.06
Ragnhild Marie                  12.11
Mick Oakley                      12.16
Tim Charles                      13.03
Michaela Hill                     13.06
Stephen Burrowes            13.14
Paul Vincent Gardiner      13.21
Alastair Wilkins                13.37
Ken Pearson                     14.10
Michelle Powner               14.30
Ali Jackson-Hedges         14.45
Taryn Talbott                    14.49
Victoria Walker                 14.53
Kerryann Maddock           15.23
Karl Latham                      15.36

Sophie Latham                 16.25
Kayleigh Rowding            16.53
Jacquie Macphail             17.09
Beverley Parry                  17.23
Elizabeth Platt                   23.23

Thursday 27th April

Barlaston Up & Downs

Jason Burgess                  28:59    1st

Simon Ford                       31:51

Kristina Defries                 33:13    1st Lady

Simon Dunn                      33:36    1st M55

Deb Thomas                      34:09    1st F35

Steven Brayford                36:02

Wendy Swift                      36:22    1st F45

Mark Mayer                       36:51

Vicky Norton                     37:41

Paul Clinton                      38:52

Kerry Dixon                       40:06

Julia Rigby                        40:13

Ragnhild Marstad             40:25

Tonia Vernon                    44:44

Alison Jackson-Hedges   48:06

Gary Payne                       49:42

Full Spring Treble results HERE


Friday 28th April

Mid Cheshire 5k

Luke Boulton                    16:24

Carl Platt                           17:00

Roger Grand                     17:05

Alan Brookes                    18:41 PB, 1st MV60, Club Record, NSRRA Record!!!

Dave Pickstock                 19:36

Full results HERE


Saturday 29th April

Congleton parkrun 29th

Martin Hull                        18:58    7th


Chester parkrun 29th

James Fowler                    24:49

Kayleigh Rowding             33:52


Hanley parkrun 29th

Bryn Holmes                     19:53

Mark Gorton                      20:04

Leigh Matthews                 20:06

Andrew Clinton                 20:40

Warren Thomas                 21:59

Lee Jones                          22:13

Joel Harrison                     22:27

Dan Jordan                       23:09

Tony White                        23:19

Andy Vickerman                23:39

Ragnhild Marstad             23:42

Gary Payne                       24:18

Paul Gardiner                    24:23

David Clarke                     24:58

Tonia Vernon                    25:23

Kerry Dixon                       25:24

Dave Elborn                      27:36

Ellie Bloomer                    27:55

Graham Sheridan             28:31

Kirsten Owen                    28:31

Lauren Gallagher              28:32

Bobbie Hickman               29:33

Phil Thomas                      29:36

Julie Holmes                     29:45

Jen Riley                           29:46

Millie Holmes                    30:52

Nicola Jennings               39:46

Tricia Cotterill                  41:50



Sunday 30th April

Uttoxeter Half Marathon

Simon Myatt                     1:14:07 2nd

Ian Cawley                        1:25:13

Kristina Defries                 1:26:41 1st Lady

Terry Wall                         1:30:33

Deb Thomas                     1:31:37 1st F35

Paul Burslem                    1:31:39

Alan Brookes                    1:34:18 1st M60

Chris Morgan                    1:35:46

Lee Jones                         1:37:46

Sarah Taylor                     1:39:21 1st F45

Jill Phillips                        1:44:16 1st F55

Adrian Frost                     1:46:48

Julia Rigby                       1:50:08

Gillian Tinsley                  1:50:12

Matt Burley                       1:55:55

Ken Bloor                         1:56:37

Alan Lewis                        2:04:04 1st M75

Bobbie Hickman               2:06:20

Malcolm Rushton             2:19:50

Jacquie MacPhail             2:37:05

Bev Parry                          2:41:16


Mens Team Result

Trentham RC     3rd

Simon Myatt

Ian Cawley

Terry Wall

Paul Burslem


Ladies Team Result

Trentham RC     1ST  

Kristina Defries

Deborah Thomas

Sarah Taylor

Jill Phillips


Oswestry Half Marathon

Scott Minshull                  1:19:37 3rd


Lightning Run

Graham Sheridan             8 Laps  11:10:10

Lichfield BRAT Sprint Triathlon

                                          Swim  Cycle  Run   Overall

Greg Julian                       08:55, 38:22, 23:30. 1:13:40

Kirsten Owen                    13:01, 45:35, 25:31. 1:27:59

Jen Riley                           11:18, 44:38, 29:54. 1:28:22