March 2012 Reports

Cheadle Spring 5

There were a number of Trentham Runners out for this early season saunter around the lanes of Cheadle and Upper Tean. One of them was the ever improving Debbie Thomas who is providing real competition to the elite ladies on the local racing scene, and Deb has kindly sent us this report:

The Cheadle Spring 5 is one of my favourite races, I enjoy the undulation and the route is quite scenic. However, Sunday was definitely not a ‘spring’ day and the cold wet weather was not very appealing, but myself, Mandy Vernon and Paul Burslem braved the conditions and headed out along the main road for a warm up jog. Thanks to a huge puddle splash from a passing van we all got our legs and trousers completed saturated, which wasn’t a great start! Then back to the car to remove the warm (wet) clothing and line up for the 10.00am start.

It was good to see the Trentham boys out in force, Stef, Sam, Phil, Paul, all lined up very near to the front. Following a false start (!) we set off down the little road over the speed humps before taking a left and heading out on the main road and up over the hill. I wasn’t feeling 100% with a mild chest infection and tummy-upsetting antibiotics, but I thought I could manage a 5 miler and anyway I was determined to do this one as I enjoy it so much. Over the hill there is a lovely long downhill before a left by the pub and into a steady climb between miles 2-3. I glanced behind me at this point to see if a certain Mr Steve Jones (Biddulph) was anywhere near, as I was his target for the race as he had told me at Bournes breakfast run the day before! And oh no there he was sneaking up on me!
I didn’t want to push too hard on the hill as I knew the run back to the finish was a bit of a drag and if he did get past me now I might be able to fight back in the last mile or so…(hopefully!) I was glad of the hill as it encouraged the circulation to return to my numb tingling hands and once over the top I realised I now felt quite warm despite only being in shorts and vest! Another quick look behind now and Steve has dropped off a little so for now I can relax but keeping working hard. I can’t see any ladies in front either so as long as I don’t hear any approaching I’m pretty clear.

Mile 3-4 is undulating, and had a couple of huge puddles we had to dart through, and mile 4-5 involves a little steep climb, a steady gradual climb towards the finish, and the final 200m or so back up the little road with the speed humps. Seeing the 4 mile marker I make sure I’m using my arms to keep my legs going and I manage to pass a chap in front who was tiring on the long run in. Coming into the finish there is lots of encouragement from the small crowd and I work hard right up to the finish line, where I was then presented with a finishing medal and a spot prize bum-bag thing, which was a bonus!!

My weakling of a Garmin had died on the warm up as it got a couple of spots of rain on it (useless!) and I did feel at a loss without it during the race as I would have liked to have known my splits. Possibly due to the cold weather but probably mostly due to my tummy my time was slightly down on last year by around 40 seconds, so I finished in 5th lady position in 33 mins 15 secs. I was disappointed but then when I found out that Mandy had won the ladies race I cheered up!!

I must say a big well done to all other Trenthamers who ran, it was a challenging run in the cold but still some great results were produced!! Thanks to Richard O’Keeffe and Vinnie Martin as well for cheering us on along (and Richard for the tea and choccie biscuit afterwards!) And one final well done to Mr Jones who came through not so far behind (34.01) and also won a prize for his age category!

Thanks for that excellent report Debs. Results for the Trentham Runners can be found below and the race results can be found HERE!


Time and position


Stephan Walley

28.37 – 8th


Sam Newton

30.08 – 13th


Phil Mainwaring

30.27 – 18th


Mandy Vernon

30.34 – 20th

1st lady

Paul Burslem

31.11 – 21st


Deb Thomas

33.15 – 35th

5th lady

Stan Winterton

34.11 – 45th

1st MV65

Dave Myatt

34.40 – 49th


Alan Lewis

38.07 – 71st

1st MV70

Ken Bloor

38.16 – 73rd



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Cloud 9

Whilst some were in Cheadle for the Spring 5, others were across the border in Cheshire for the Cloud 9 Race and one of those people was Greg Julian who was racing with John Guest. Greg has been kind enough to offer up this report:

This my first race report for the Web Site although I have been running with the club for a couple of years now. My writing skills are not as good as my woodworking so please bear with me:

Last night I had my usual pre-race ritual, a Chinese meal, a bit of chocolate, sharing some mini eggs with my 10 year old daughter Sophie. I couldn’t do the usual pin my number to my vest, using my T-square to get it straight as the numbers were to be collected in the morning at race registration. I did however have all my kit laid out ready as I normally do, like most of you do from reading you reports.

John Guest arrived as arranged at 9.00am to pick me up and we set off to Congleton in the rain and sleet.  Not a great start we both thought.   We arrived 40 minutes later and parked up.  After registering for the run I was given my number 251.  Then came the big decision what to wear, Ronhill tracksters or shorts.  It didn’t take long to decide as it was still raining and it was icy cold,   so tracksters it was.

 John and I went off for a warm up quite early so as to get a good position at the start.  We were about a hundred in, a nice starting point for me.  Everybody was ready to go and before I knew it the claxton sounded and we were on our way.  The first mile was up a track, I could see John pulling away in front of me.  I was trying to settle down to get a good pace amongst the runners surrounding me on the muddy track.  Whilst waiting for the race to start I did have a look at the map.  My memory isn’t too good so trying to remember what was coming up next went right out the window.   At about 2.5 miles the climb up the Cloud started.  My legs felt great and I just seemed to be over taking runners all the time.  “This is good” I thought but worrying at the same time as I didn’t want to have no energy at the end.  Nevertheless I thought I would carry on and worry about the end when it comes to it.

 As I was running through the Forrest, about half way up the Cloud, I got a glimpse of John in front and thought “no it can’t be him”,  it was and I overtook him.  This was to be the first of about 4 times.  I felt absolutely fantastic at this stage my legs were going great, there were plenty of rocks to dodge on the last part of the uphill to the top of the cloud and this makes it all the more interesting to me.  It was snowing at the top which seemed to be the highlight for the female runner in front of me (maybe never seen snow before I thought).  There were some people cheering us on, I thought it was very good of them to be up there in the wind and snow, thanks whoever you were. 

 Over the top of the Cloud it was a very steep downhill through a forest with lots of tree roots sticking up.  It was John’s turn to overtake me for the first time, he seemed to come flying past.  I am a bit of a wimp on the downhill, I didn’t want to fall over. There were at least 2 in front of me that did.   At the end of the forest the course broke left, a small assault course type construction which took you over a fence, (took me back to my RAF days) into about a two mile loop around some fields and farm tracks.  This was another uphill stage where I caught John once again, with him overtaking me on the next downhill.  This went on for the next 4 miles or so, running neck and neck and overtaking each other on road, muddy farm tracks and boggy fields.

At the 8 mile stage I could see Bryan Dale taking photos like he said he would be doing when I spoke to him at the registration. (By the way Lee you still owe him an umbrella, his words not mine.)  John was about 20mtrs in front of me.  “Come on get him” Bryan said.   I tried for the last mile and at the 400mtr marker it was a slight downhill to the finish and my sprint was just not enough.  We both ran in with seconds between us, John in front.

All in all I had a fantastic run, the weather was a bit off putting at first but once into the race I didn’t seem to notice it. I finished the race covered in mud and I had that after run ecstatic feeling. I still feel great whilst writing about it now.  Thanks for the lift John and thanks for a good race.

Well, if that's Greg's first report then what treats do we have in store for the future? It makes for excellent reading and a fantastic result for Greg too. Well done Greg and thanks for the report. The results for The Cloud 9 race are here and incidentally Malcolm Rushton and Simon Dunn were also taking part for Trentham!

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Silverstone Half MarathonSilverstone Half Marathon

 A few Trentham runners had already pre-entered the Silverstone Half which is the official warm up half marathon for London. One of them was Chris Mosiuk who has kindly sent in this report:

Silverstone - home of British Motorsport and also the home of my first sub 90 half marathon. I have good memories of that race, so I thought I’d go back this year. Since last season finished at Flying Fox I’ve done very little training. I had a few weeks off after a ‘compleat’ season, and then came Christmas, New Year and new baby. Since the turn of the year I don’t think I’ve ran more than 25 miles, preferring to spend my time with Maisie or helping Ryan, Mark and Phil coach the juniors. The race was always going to be tough.

Initially running alone, Dad managed to get hold of a race number a couple of days before from a guy choosing not to run. He’s been running regularly so I decided before leaving that I would run round the track with him. We left for Northampton at 8.15 with a full car, and after dropping the ladies off at my auntie’s we drove the last 15 miles to arrive just before 11. After making our way through the crowds and the baggage store we lined up ready to go at 11.55. The wheelchair race set off at 12.00 with David Weir making an appearance. 12.05 came and we set off.

Making our way through the first few miles comfortably, the heat began to rise. Around the 4 mile mark dad appeared to be breathing heavily but determined to get past it we carried on at about 7.45 pace. Around 6 miles we ran the perimeter of the rather fetching new International Pits and some guy nearly sends my Dad to the floor. After apologising countless times I think dad was ready to tell him where to go, just to shut him up! Shortly after Dad was still struggling with breathing and not really enjoying the race. I suggested we slow down, but we carried on with Dad admitting he wouldn’t get going again should we reduce the pace.

At 9 miles we had to stop so Dad could catch his breath. I was feeling ok, quite pleasing as it was the furthest I’d ran for 4 months. We started running again; the heat from the track was now at least 20 degrees, really hot for March. Average pace had reduced to well over 8 minute miles, but we carried on. Stopping a couple more times before the finish for Dad to adjust his breathing, I felt pretty comfortable other than aching legs and maybe a slight pain in the knees - from running slower than usual if anything. One or two competitors were struggling on the day, with a few lying by the side of the track and the odd ambulance racing up Hangar Straight.  I crossed the line with Dad under his new name ‘Frank Murphy’ in just under 1.53. I quite enjoyed the steady run and it’s certainly made me want to get back into racing. That’s running, not F1. I was quite stiff the morning after, but nothing a 4 mile recovery run and 90 minutes of football couldn’t sort out.

We caught up with James Fowler after the race, who ran a respectable 1.58 and seemed to have enjoyed himself. We then called into the Adidas shop to buy some reduced price current model running shoes. I decided to go for some rather fetching “Dave Pickstock Backside Kickers Adizero Boston 3’ (it says that on the box) in bright yellow. You can see the glow at the club whether I’m there or not.

I feel like I can get back into some sort of shape in time for Stafford half even though its now less than 2 weeks away, and I’m aiming to run as close to 1.35 as I can get. The ultimate aim for this year is to run Potters Arf 4 minutes quicker than last year to finish in 1.25, so long as it rains again! A tough challenge, but why not? Better get some training in, if Maisie lets me!

Thanks for the report Chris and well done to you and your Dad. Good luck also with the training for Stafford and Potters Half. Like me, I know you love your halves :-)

Some pics and the results for the 2012 Silverstone Half Marathon can be found HERE!


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Stafford 20

There were quite a few Trentham runners out for the Stafford 20 and a few of you marshalling too so well done for that if you did. Only one report in so far and a very welcome one as not had a report from Paul Burslem for quite some time. Paul has been in good form recently having finished the cross country season strongly, so read on to find out how he got on:

This was the 1st North Staffs of the season for me,Had a quiet running year  so far,this was to be my 2nd road race of the year,

I booked a service day from work  to do this as I was using it to practice for the Worcester  Marathon which is a week before London.  It was good to see so many faces who I hadn’t seen for a while.

One of the main subjects i seemed to hear was what to wear as we have been used to been wrapped up all winter and all of a sudden it was Summer !!

When the race started I just went nice and steady while we were going round the complex. Then we hit the road,soon we were going up Bingley bank for the first time and i got a bit of stick/sarcasm for going  past loads of runners ,always been quite good on steady climbs,Going down Weston bank a managed to not lose any places, surprised because i am crap down bank,

Spent the rest of the first lap with Simon Dunne and Steve Fenney of Stone, As the second lap started they both went past me but I went past them on Bingley bank and yes there were more comments !!. Going along the Hopton road there was a fair breeze into our faces and it was nice to reach the down hill section going down  to the Beaconside. Going along here you could feel the sun on your face and  I was getting very warm  and when the third lap started a few people came past me and I just  had to do the last lap without losing too much time. As I went up Bingley bank for the third time I managed to go past no one !!!    Think the only thing keeping me going was the fact that I was lapping people who had another full lap to do,

I did 2.15 in the end, possibly did the first 10 miles too quick for the conditions [1.06]

Still good training for the Marathon  as I had done 3  twelve hour shifts at work on Thursday to Saturday   and still managed 2.15,    Thank goodness I have two days off before my Marathon.

Well done Paul, a great run to finish in 2:15 and hopefully another sub 3hr marathon is on the cards at Worcester. Good luck with that one. The results for the Stafford 20 are HERE and if you have a report you'd like to send in too then email here!



Stafford Half Marathon

There were a WHOPPING 30 Trentham Runners taking part in the Stafford Half Marathon at the weekend and we have already had a few reports from some of them. Mandy Vernon was the star of the show coming 1st Lady and Laura Thompson came 4th Lady. Stephan Walley also had a magnificent race coming 8th and Roger Grand also coming home in 21st place. Stan Winterton won the MV65 prize and Tracy Lovatt was 3rd L40. There were a number of PB's out there so I hope we get loads of positive race reports.  First one is from Mr Trentham himself, Daniel Maddock so read on:

It was an unusually sunny day, with just a hint of a breeze. The spring sunshine, still low in the sky, was beating down on Stafford. The car park was already filling up, and there was a steady stream of runners making their way, past the Gatehouse Theatre and the line of Portaloos, towards the Market Square. Aside from the mighty Green Army, the usual rag-tag bunches of local runner types were beginning to arrive. The Stone Master Marathoners, Stafford Harriers, Potters Trotters, Newcastle AC, the odd Whitchurch Whippet and Shropshire Shuffler… to name but a few… huddled together into excited little groups, waiting for the race to start. The day had arrived. It was time for the 2012 Stafford Half Marathon.

This was my 1st Stafford Half. Since the first race in April 1984, the Stafford Half Marathon has grown from strength to strength, is an established focal point of the community, and one of the town’s premier sporting events. It had a lot to live up to. I had familiarised myself with the route, and was looking forward to the run, but I had decided not race. I didn’t want to be in pain on this occasion. I was there to enjoy the atmosphere, and soak up some to the good cheer I knew would be forthcoming from one of my favourite towns.

It wasn’t long before the tannoy was commandeered by ‘the worlds most charismatic man’ who, in a dead-pan tone, advised us to take up positions in Stafford St, ready for the tribute to the late and much missed Clare Skelton, and the starting gun. I stood chatting to my running bud, Kayz, and my boss from work, Kate. As we waited, the odd one or two blokes had a piss up the wall of the shopping centre, I spotted some old drinking buddies a few people in front, and then we were off! I was immediately surprised how many people were out in the town to cheer us on, and it took me about 4 minutes to pass the start line. Having previously convinced myself I didn’t care about my time, I started my watch… 

13 miles is a long way for me, but I knew what to expect. I stuck with Kayz, taking care not to get separated in the crowd. She is a strong runner who puts me to shame on the flat. We train at club together and I knew needed her support. The route initially weaved through the town, at which point Kate, blinded by the low sun, ran into a lamp post. The noise was incredible, and the field at that point seemed to lurch… but she stayed upright, and to her eternal credit, carried on. We headed out onto the ring road, past the miserable looking drivers sat stationary in their cars, and onto the A34.

Through Forebridge and Rising Brook, there was a curious little excursion through a modern housing estate. Residents were out in abundance, some looking baffled, but most offering support. “Keep on Going” they cheered… It always seems odd at the beginning of a race, but it was great all the same, and off to the first of two notable hills: Radford Bank. All the tales of woe and despair had been for naught. Seven Hills has taught us well, and we cruised to the top, over the brow and down towards Milford. I waved at my former Boss, T, who was cheering the pack along, and grabbed a bottle of water. So far, so good. Off we headed into the countryside. 

It is about a mile to the obelisk at Tixall, and it is a lovely stretch of road. A typical country lane, my only experience of it prior to this run had been at speed, in my car, attempting to circumnavigate rush-hour Stafford. It’s a lovely area. We once again settled into out 9:30 min/mile pace and took in the scenery. About half way down, we noticed the thin line of bobbing heads about a mile off. From afar, we had witnessed the second hill. Before we knew it we were there, and began to see the first casualties of the heat. Out here there was no shade, and no respite form the freakishly and unseasonably hot sun. However, we know that once this hill was done, it was (mostly) downhill and flat. From the top you can see the town. Stafford is essentially built on a swamp, and the town looked so cool and inviting. Bring it on. 

At the prtaloos, me & Kayz split. Down I swept, past St Thomas’s Priory, and back into residential Stafford. Once again, the locals were out in force. On sign informed us that the ‘Free Beer’ had sold out. Cruel. Loads of support was forthcoming, even from ‘Old Plod’ (who normally remain severely and ominously quiet) and I thanked them accordingly. We popped out onto the Weston Road and fed up onto Beaconside. The soul destroyer… long, flat, featureless… I don’t run well on the flat for some reason, and my pace dropped. I was staring to get the jellylike feeling in my quads… Not now, not with 3 miles to go! I tried to ignore the chiselled military types looking on, with their v-shaped torso’s and crew-cut hair. I am a mortal, and have a desk job. I’m entitled to feel, and look like, death. 

Dropping down onto the disused railway came as somewhat of a relief. The trees offered some shade, and whilst unsupervised 4-year-old kids cheered me on (?), I calculated how I was from the town by the bridges I was passing under. A34, Check… Over the Doxey marsh I ambled – It was hardly running by this point – through the lovely Victoria Park, and back into town. I was nearly there. I could smell it! I know Stafford well, and it was cruel to make us pass within spitting distance of the finish and send us round the back of county buildings, but a half marathon is what it is. By the time I reached the Vine Hotel, I was pegging it, all out. Some random chavs screamed support… thank you chavs… most people were a blur. I missed my wife and child. There was one thing in sight, the end, and I was knackered. Over I went, and proceeded to stagger about like a zombie for a little while whilst I gathered my senses. I was hot and tired, but very, very happy. 

I had not trained very well for this event. I am a bit fat, and had not covered the distance this year to date, but I had done it, and the miracle and wonder? I got a new PB. I’ll never be known as ‘Lightening Dan’ but taking 6 mins off my previous PB, which was set on an entirely flat course, was very satisfying indeed. There were many PB’s and fantastic performances on this day. Kayz, Jim ‘The Green Blur’ Fowler, Trina, Ruthy, Nicola, Parko, Boss ‘The Lamp Post’ Kate, Greggles, Jacquie, Ken, Pete, Tidy, The Bowman’s, Walter & Chris, Taxi Lee, Pitstock, John from the Fuzz, Ben, Mandy, Laura, Steph, Sam, Dan, Debs, thingy and what'shis(her)name, hairy chap from work and many, many more, all excelled. I am in complete awe of your achievement. Massively well done to you all.

The 2012 Stafford Half Marathon was a well organised, friendly event, with a memorable and varied course, a posh medal and a fine technical T-Shirt to take away. I enjoyed it immensely, and will be back next year… Thanks to Marko for the Bicycle support, and to Ryan for the superb organisational skills. Hat tip to Crazy Walt for pushing me on at club. I owe you

Thanks for the report Dan and well done. Next report comes from John Guest who always seems to be improving and was also out tackling the 13.2 miles:

To summarise: Good, but not good enough, are the words I'd use to rate my performance at the Stafford Half Marathon 2012. Good because I improved on my last years time on this course by over 8 minutes; not so good because I had a significant chance to place first in NSRRA 'D' group, but lost out in the last few metres of the race. (That's the summary over, only read on if you have 5 minutes to spare).

I'd really been looking forward to this race, especially after fading towards the end of the Stafford 20 a fortnight ago, so a bit unsure whether my legs had recovered from that race, I paced myself for a fairly conservative sub 1:40 with a buffer built in, so setup my garmin's virtual partner for 7:28 / mile.

I always find it difficult to start a race at the right pace, usually I'm too fast and today was no exception, so aiming for 7:28 I hit 6:52 & 6:55 for the first two miles, although I was running with Trentham's Stan Winterton at that point. I was just considering whether to try and stay with Stan for the whole race, when Dave Pickstock came through from behind and I heard Stan and Dave comparing their respective colds and Stan saying that he wouldn't be "racing". But colds or not, they seemed to be going well at that point and I made a conscious decision to leave them to it, slow down and keep within my intended race pace.

I eased back and relaxed into a good comfortable pace slightly ahead of my schedule through to around 9 miles, where I was passed by a fellow 'D' runner. I really didn't have a clue whether there were any other 'D' runners in front and I hadn't seen Steve Locker who topped the group at Stafford 20, but this forced a change of plan.

It was Graham Cope from Uttoxeter who passed me and he didn't just amble past, obviously not wanting to give me a chance of hanging on to him, clever racing tactic that. So a forced change of strategy for me, I abandoned my set race pace and dug in to catch up with Graham. I managed to slot in behind him as he eased off after his overtaking burst and we stayed close together through mile ten, eleven & twelve. I started to think about the finish, I didn't feel I had the strength to push on away from him, as I was already outside my comfort zone, so elected to hang on.

As we were running alongside the river through the park, stride for stride, I started to ask myself questions - was he a strong finisher, did he have much of a sprint and of greater importance, could I beat him? After a fairly long discussion with my self conscious we decided that we could - we were to hang onto him and hopefully out sprint him to glory nearer to the finish. We, (Graham and I), reached the '200 metres to go' sign, still together, then at around 150 metres Graham answered all three of my earlier questions with a YES, YES and a NO! I reluctantly had to accept second position, (grrrrr!!), as he roared onto the finish. I suppose I ought to say "thanks Graham" for pulling me through to a come-back PB of 1:34:34 (chip time), rather than a probable 1:36-37ish - but I aim to get you next time!

Well done to other Trenthamers, great performance from Mandy Vernon winning the lady's race and the improving Laura Thompson (surely a PB) who wasn't far behind, as well as to Stephan Walley with a fantastic eighth place finish!! Despite Stan Winterton having had a cold he "raced" on to 1:31:31 to win the O65 award and PBs for Dan Jordan, Greg Julian, Jon Bowman & Dan Maddock of the ones I know of, but I'm sure there were more. I counted 30 Trentham runners in the results, so another good turnout and well done to all.

Well done John, that sounds like an awesome race. I'm sure we will have some more reports from Stafford through shortly but in the meantime here are the race results.


Sutton Park Relays

Most of you will know the results by now with both the Men's teams and Ladies teams qualifying for the upcoming National Relays, with the ladies team in particular doing exceptionally well finishing 5th overall. The team results can be seen below with a report from Daniel Jordan below that:

Trentham Running Club Men's Team. 26th. 4:37:30

Carl Platt (33) 30:32 Sam Newton (31) 17:38 Martin Hull (26) 17:31 Stephan Walley (24) 31:15 P Mainwaring (24) 17:42 Paul Burslem (23) 18:22 A Vickerman (23) 33:08 Adam Brearley (21) 17:21 Daniel Jordan (23) 19:49 Ian Yates (23) 31:56 Dale Colclough (24) 20:52 Greg Julian (26) 21:24

Trentham Running Club Ladies. 5th. 1:53:24

S Hollishead (12) 18:20 Mandy Vernon (4) 17:45 C Holmes (4) 18:54 Laura Thompson (3) 18:17 Deborah Thomas (4) 18:56 Becky Austin (5) 21:12

I missed this event last year and really wanted to go to be part of the team as I enjoyed the cross country so much.  We met at the club at 10am and drove down to Sutton Coldfield, only getting lost a few times!  On arrival Dale went and sorted out the paperwork, Carl warmed up for the first leg, and I tried to sober up from the night before.  The format of the relays is 1 x long leg (approx 5.5. miles) then 3 x short leg (3 miles) and then repeat another 3 times to give 12 legs in total.  The girls had a 6-stage with all doing the shorter leg of 3 miles. 

Platty went off at 12, and then the girls set off (Sharleen was first runner) at 12:20.  Although I didn’t get to run until approx 3pm it was not at all boring, there was always one of our runners coming in and going out and they all needed a good shout of encouragement.  So we watched and cheered and worked out the positions as best we could as they went along.  The organisation and timing by the marshalls and race director was amazing and we could soon see where both teams were heading; the girls had a brilliant run and came in 5th so getting into the National Finals two weeks later and before my run we were up to 21st, and if we could get in the top 25 we would also qualify.  Someone told me that the men’s team hadn’t qualified for about 10 years. 

Eventually it was time for me to warm up and then I lined up in the pen waiting for Adam to come in, and then I was off, and what a hard course it was!  It climbed for about a mile, but very straight and dull, then towards the top quite exposed and windy before the downhill, past a pond, round a few corners, then the last little climb to the finish.  Adam had just taken someone as he’d come into the finish, but his teammate made short work of me and headed off, ending up approx 1 minute quicker than me.  Another runner in my group came flying past me, but I saw his time later was 14 minutes!  So I dropped two places which wasn’t great, but the thing is you can be running against a group’s best or worst runner, you just have to concentrate on your own time.  My time was 19:49 which was good for me.  I put on a good sprint up the hill to the finish as my teammates were cheering me on and handed over to Ian Yates.  The last three runners got us home, but we didn’t know our position at that point.

Well, I’d tried to get as many runners out as I could for a Saturday night wind-down at Fat Cats in Hanley and in the end it was the quartet of me, Dave Pickstock, Lee Jones and Dan Bowman.  Before we went out Paul Burslem had posted the results and we were 26th, having lost out to 25th by 2 SECONDS – 2 seconds over 4.5 hours of running!  I was gutted, but then we realised there were 2 ‘B’ teams above us, so we ended up in 24th and qualifying for the Nationals.  So we went celebrating!!

Dale put on Facebook about the team, but there were quite a few who couldn’t make it.  Got to club on Tuesday night and Platty said we were struggling to make a team and we may not be able to go.  I was running with Callum (just for the warm-up obviously) and we were gutted because we really wanted to do it, so we got asking as we ran and got a few more, then Dave and I sat in the bar texting and messaging everyone until we got a team together.  So we are off to the Nationals, which should be another great day out.  Come on Team Trentham

Well done to all involved and also to Dale and Richard for organising the teams.

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