Decided last year that as part of my fabulous London Marathon build up training (as it is always intended to be!), I would run Wilmslow 1/2 this year. Heard it was meant to be a super quick PB course and last year, the aim was for another sub 90 mins. Well ... as things go, neither the marathon build up NOR Wilmslow ended up being in the least bit 'super'!
Got to the course nice an early despite the HORRENDOUS traffic - my life HOW many people?! Saw loads of green vests but most turned out to be MacMillan Cancer Support runners. I did however spot one chap in a Trentham vest whilst I was standing in the huge queue for the loo. From the last report, I guess this was Adam Grew but couldn't chase after him for fear of joining the back of the loo-queue once again!

The loo-queue was doomed - after eventually getting in and out I ran to my car ditched my jacket and belted up to the back of 3000 runners standing on the start line with 2 minutes to spare - 2 minutes which ended up by me forcing my way as far to the front as possible. I found a nice little spot where people Ďlookedí about the same speed as me Ė although as everyone knows this is a very difficult judgement to make! As the starter said 30 seconds to go and virtually everyone around me donned their IPod earphones, I then realised my judgement had been wrong!

Anyway the first mile kept me steady as I tried weaving in and out of loads of other runners but then it started to feel ok. I didnít look at my watch until half way as I'm notoriously bad at pacing and only knew I needed to be near to 41 mins. I was actually over 43 mins so Ďbooí I knew it had gone pear shaped. The rest of the race then became quite tough going due to my total lack of Ďfabulous London marathon build up trainingí !!
Garmin output subsequently showed after 10k my body obviously thought I was running a marathon and went into conservation mode adding 30 seconds a mile on! A very demoralising 1:33:40 later and I was Ďpoopedí to say the least.

Newcastle girls did FABULOUSLY and had 3 ladies in under 90 mins and in the top 15 or so I think. It was the national half marathon champs but unfortunately a technicality that everyone in the club should be aware of, meant they didnít take home gold. If youíre in TRENTHAM RUNNING CLUB people Ė WEAR YOUR VEST!!! I cannot emphasise that enough.
So anyway London has been deferred this year and .... Wilmslow ... I will be back!