August 2011 Reports


Parkhall Summer Series

We have had regular updates from Adam Brearley on his exploits in the Summer Series races, and Thursday was the latest round at Parkhall, the closest one to Trentham HQ. Adam has once again not disappointed in terms of performance and in terms of race report, so here it is:

Next to last race of Summer Series was Parkhall on Thursday, and travelled up with our little club star Sarah Johnson. Got there and decided to do a lap warm up to quickly realize that the course had changed. We asked one of the organizers who confirmed that it was Ďaround 400m longer with more hillsí. Great ! So we then decided to have a trot around part of the new course, only to get lost ! Great start getting lost during the warm up ! Anyway we set off and young Ryan from SMAC soon set the pace. I felt strong for the 1st lap and was comfortably sat in 5th position. The course was definitely hillier and far tougher than the previous one, more a less a carbon copy of the XC Course here. As we came through the start / finish line to begin lap 2, I estimated that I was only around 6-10seconds behind the group in 2nd, 3rd & 4th. However this is where it started to go wrong for me. The group in front started to rapidly pull away, so much that I couldnít see anyone through the winding paths. I started to struggle mentally as hadnít planned for this to happen, and now was running pretty much on my own.

Started to pull myself together and remembered that all the work Iíve been doing on my own up Hanchurch recently along with the sessions at club with the guys, was all about getting through moments like this. Got through the couple of steep climbs that were one after the other and headed down towards the woods before starting another gradual climb. Ryan was there encouraging me (much appreciated mate, although you said after I looked strong, I certainly didnít feel it !!), and knew Iíd now broken the back of the course. Ran past Jase again who was smiling at me, with a look that said rather you than me ! Headed down to the finish to support from Mark and Chris. Finished 5th, in 25:40 I think it was. Around 40s slower than last year but with the longer course, it was relatively speaking, quicker. Havenít seen the times, but reckon was about 40s or so off the group in 2nd, 3rd and 4th, which is major progress as this has been over 2 minutes the last couple of races. But also massively disappointed to have lost such time in 1 lap. Know there is plenty to work on, and am determined to keep closing the gap in preparation for the XC Season.

Sarah had a brilliant run, finishing in 6th overall, and 1st lady by far. Great to see such enthusiasm and fantastic talent combined with modesty. As I said earlier, our club star !!!

Well done to both Adam and Sarah on having a good run at Parkhall and good luck in the final race at Cheddleton next week.

Meerbrook 15K

The forecast for Sunday was showers, but fortunately the sun does indeed shine on the righteous and those runners taking part in the Meerbrook 15 got away with it. Results show Mandy Vernon came 2nd Lady and 1st L40 and Stan Winterton won the M65 age group. Alan Lewis won the M70 and Trevor Goodwin the M75 so well done to all of those. One of the other Trentham runners was Roger Grand, who has kindly sent in this report:

Meerbrook was describe to me as a beautiful run to do and it is, its also one of the hardest I've done hill wise. Warmed up with Gary Payne who filled me in on where the inclines were, we stopped and talked to Mark Needle who said he was going to take it easy to the top of gun hill and step it up from there.
On lining up at the beginning introduced myself to the flying Stephan as not had the pleasure of watching him disappear into the distance, on the off my taking it easy and Mark Neeld taking it easy was poles apart, it seemed like ages till the top of gun hill. I started to speed up and look to catching the people in front, my 3 weeks of cramming after colds and chest infections wasn't going to stop me on putting in a good run, Super Steph was running brilliantly up near the front and I kept in mind trying to catch him, every chance I had I gave it my all, every down hill, every flat, the hills on the way back in reminded me I wasn't going to have it all my own way.
I could tell I was closing the gap on Steph but he was running so strong, I tried to keep my focus and had a couple of Sprint battles with a South Cheshire runner which I won (Woop Woop). Kelvin from Staffs Moorlands was in front and keeping up an incredible pace but as we were making head way on people in front I was not catching him, I kept glancing at my watch seeing how far I had to go hoping I'd not left it too late, but I had. Kelvin was about 8-10secs in front
.I finished in 1:01:28 according to my watch and after congratulating Super Steph we figured he finished may be 30secs in front as he was unsure of his time. Really enjoyed the run & well organized, it was good to be out in the Trentham green again.

Well done Roger, sounds like a really good effort there and a really good battle on the hills around Meerbrook. See if we can get 'Super Steph' to get a report on here soon and maybe share his secret with regards to his fast pace running. WELL, as if by magic..........

Hello Everyone! This is my first race report, and just past my first month racing for Trentham. Before I begin I would like to thank all members who have welcomed me to the club, everyone I have spoken to has been very warm and friendly and I am pleased to have joined such a great running club.
Roger, reading your report made me laugh, I am far from super. I still have got a lot to learn, and you were only a few seconds behind me, though it is quite nice to be called super, I suppose I am bit! Thanks.
For the last couple of races I have entered, I have looked at past results of local runners and tried to pick someone who I think is a bit better than me, and then when it comes to the race, try to stay behind them, dig in and follow them for as long as possible, as I find it a lot easier running behind someone rather than when you are running on your own, as I am terrible at setting and keeping a pace. For Meerbrook I decided I would try to run behind Kelvin Amos from Staffs Moorlands, I tried running behind him in Berryhill 10k but couldn't manage it then, so it would be a motivator and a good sign of improvement if I could do it this time.

I am certain every race I have entered so far, my first half has been a lot quicker than my second. I still haven't learnt my lesson and Meerbrook was no exception - half way up Gun Hill I decided to take overtake Kelvin. I was soon joined and overtaken my Mark Neeld who runs for Stone Master Marathoners. I managed to stay with him till around the 7km mark with a group of I think five or six other runners. The pace was good and I felt quite strong up until this point, but all of a sudden I started to fade and got dropped from the group - I didn't find going up the hills too bad, it was coming down them that I found a lot more difficult, the change in pace is really tiring and strenuous, I could feel the impact a lot more on my joints.

After the 7 km mark and for the rest of the race I was running on my own, I don't really remember that much as it was quite uneventful, a few people have said that the race is very scenic but I was in too much agony to notice. When I reached the bottom of the other side of gun hill, I had a look around and saw a few runners approaching, I heard some shouts of encouragement from sammy, which really spurred me on - I knew it couldn't be that far to the finish, so I really buried myself as I didn't want to get overtaken with such a short distance to go.

Finally crossed the line in 1.00.42, and by far the most painful finish so far, saying that, I am looking forward to the next race

Well done Super Steph. Great report and a great race too. I'm sure that race craft and pace judgement will come with training and experience so keep it up and good luck with the next one. Full results for the race which can be searched by club, name and category can be found HERE!

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Staffs Knot

Well, after a week of showers and unsettled weather it was no different for the recent Staffs Knot race down on Cannock Chase there. A few Trenthonians went along to dodge the tree roots, and amongst them a resurgent Carl Platt. Let's read about how Carl got on:

Well Wednesday night I drove up to Cannock to run the Staffs knot 5 miler. I got there had a quick chat with Lee and Chris then off for a warm up.
As we went to the start line I knew I was in as good as shape as when I ran the Stafford half due to how good my tempo runs had been going.
The plan was to go off at 5:45 pace and get as high up as possible.
So were off: 1st mile bang on 5:45, mile 2 and there is a group about 10 seconds in front of me. I needed to speed up to hang on the back as there was a strong wind. I got to the back of the group and even though I had speeded up it felt easier. Went through mile 2 at 5:39. I was feeling good. I spotted that I was just behind Mark Flint and Mark Neeld so my aim was to try and catch them. I went through mile 3 at 5:30 pace then I knew I was in for a last tough two miles. But I said to myself: donít care how much it hurts just keep with Mark. I also realized I was 3rd or 4th place in group A road runners. I was running up the hill at mile 4 and had a 100 thoughts going through my head but they were all positive, Mile 4 6:16 pace. Right, last mile and Mark Neeld was about 14 seconds In front of me. Mile 5:59 pace. I finished in 28:59. 12th overall and 3rd in group A

The most pleasing thing is I was only 26 seconds off 5th place this was one of my best runs for Trentham and I am confident if I carry on training consistently I can close the gap.
Trentham had a great day with Sarah breaking the course record in 29:45, Mandy came 2nd Lady with 31:04, Rose won her category with 37:38 so Trentham ladies won the team prize (TOP RUNNING). Chris won his group and Gary and Paul Clinton also had a great run. A massive well done to all Trentham runners.
Driving home I was on cloud nine, But I was still going over in my head where I could have saved a few seconds (Runners: we're never happy are we?)

So as reported above, Sarah had a magnificent time of things by breaking the course record and walking away with the silverware and Mandy Made it a 1-2  and claimed LV40 prize only a handful of seconds behind. Carl himself was first Trenthamer home as reported above and Rose winning the LV50.

Results for The Knot can be found HERE, no sorry, HERE!

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Cheddleton Summer Series

Thanks to Adam Brearley we have been getting regular updates from the Staffs Moorlands Summer Series races, and it has been a case of so far so good for Adam with a fantastic 5th place finish in a strong field last time around. To find out how he got on at Cheddleton - the final round - then read on:

Last race of the Summer Series last Thursday at Cheddleton. Heard the week before that the course had changed, so got there nice and early to have a  look at what was to come. Did a lap of the course with Dean from Mow Cop Runners for a warm up, to find it had changed completely. From being quite Hilly last year, it was now more or less flat with just a steep climb towards the finish, 2 laps. Not so good for me however as prefer the hillier courses and now had long stretches of Railway track and Canal to contend with.

Set off with 2 laps around the cricket pitch, before dropping down through the woods onto a disused railway track. Was around 7th at this point, my aim being to match 5th of the previous 2 races, but to judge my pace a bit better than Parkhall. Settled into a good stride and picked a couple of guys off before settling into a group of 3, Gareth Briggs from SMAC and another guy who I hadnít seen before. Felt strong as we came to the end of lap 1, although was conscious that on a couple of slight downhills, the 2 guys in front were pulling away from me, work to be done on this aspect of my running. Began to push on lap 2, the guy with no name decided to make a move, pulling away from Gareth.Even though there was a decent way to go, felt good to go with him.

Halfway down the Canal I caught and passed him, having been around 3-6 seconds behind up until this point. Had in my mind if I could stay in front by the time we came off the canal before the downhill, I would be in good shape. Hit the railway track again, heading towards the steep climb back up through the woods. Again, thought that if I could maintain my position, was confident in my ability to really see what he was made of on the main hill. Really got stuck in up through the woods, coming out onto the large field, where we had to do ĺ lap to the finish. Having been only a split second in front on the railway track, reckon had stretched this to 5 seconds now. A Marshall shouted at me to keep going as it was close. Then heard quite a bit of cheering to realize the guy was now sprinting to overtake me. Took all the energy I had left to sprint as well, but was no way was going to let this position go without a fight.

Managed to beat my mate by 2 seconds, to finish 3rd, and was around 30 odd seconds behind 2nd. Really happy with the run and also my progress over the last couple of months, and enjoying training now more than ever with the good group of guys that we now have pushing each other

Fantastic Effort Adam and well done on a great series for the ones you have done improving in almost every race. Silverware can surely not be too far away.

Results for the Summer series and Final Standings can be found HERE!


Winsford 10K

Whilst most Trentham Runners, me included, were up at Leek either running or supporting at the weekend a couple of other members ventured slightly further afield with a couple of other races. Over in Derbyshire Deb Thomas ran in the Belper Rugby Rover (more on that later) but further north in the middle of the Manchester, Stoke, Liverpool triangle was a brand new race sure to attract runners from these 3 cities. It was the first running of the Winsford 10K and one inquisitive runner that took part was Christine Holmes. Christine has been training very hard lately and was hoping to reap some kind of reward. Read on to see how she fared:

Well here goes. My first race report from my first win...woohoo.  Yep you all read right. I actually won a race!!! Shocking I know!!!  Anyway, it was the first ever Winsford 10k multi terrain race. I set at 7.30 this morning. Bright and early..........wanted to leave plenty of time, just on the off chance I got lost, which I didn't. In fact I arrived with 2hrs to spare. Ooh what to do when you go on your own!!! Go find the loos. First port of call, then off to find the check in tent. The headquarters were at the knights grange sports complex. A really nice like barn building converted into a sports complex with a golf course and lots of park land surrounding it. Just to the side and a bit down the hill was a like old gravelly track/athletics like stadium which is where the finish and start were. There was a little face painting tent and music, burger van, Snugbury's ice cream van all situated in the centre.

So anyway, I go check in, hit the toilet a few more times and have a little wander. By about 8.45 I realise Iíve been wandering around for about 45min so I decide to go sit in the car for bit. That didnít work, lasted about 10 mins. Can't just sit doing nothing. So I decide to go for a little 2mile warm up on the grass. Man,  that seemed like hard work. Go to loo again, change trainers then head down to the start. At about 9.45 2 guys jump up on a stage and get everyone involved in a little warm up and stretch. Lasts about 5-10min, jumping round doing star jumps, knee raises, leg kicks, punches etc etc. So 9.55 we're all warmed up ready to go when some guy comes on the tannoy system and tells us  the race has been delayed by 15 minutes due to a technical malfunction or something along those lines. Quick dash back to the loo, figured I couldíve held it during the race, but hey if donít need to!!!!

The start was really strange: Usually in a race you get everyone barging to the front wanting to get a good start, there wasn't any of that here. It was like no one wanted to go to the front!!!! I think I ended up being like right up there and usually I try to avoid that because it always makes my go out too fast. It was weird. The race itself is a bit of a blur...we go out the arena past the golf course. Up a bit of an incline; hit a wooded area which is a bit muddy. Out and along the canal at some point, this is the bit that seemed to go on forever and ever. We hit a wooden bridge, go along a gravely path for a bit. Hit the salt mines then back along the park, round a bit of the golf course down a little hilly thing and into the finish. There was a little section of road but not a lot. I would probably describe it as undulating with at least a mile flat along the canal....I think. If anyone does it next year you can correct me on that!!!

I knew I was leading the ladies pretty much from the off. I think I overtook 2 ladies at the start then hit a group of about 4 guys. Passed them pretty comfortably the tucked in behind some young lad from Cheshire harriers. I stayed behind him for the rest of the run.  Lost him a bit at the water station and I just couldn't catch him. Think I was 5th finisher overall and first lady. Not a bad run ey!!!

Cooled down, stretched, had an ice cream (I had to, it was sooo flaming hot), stayed for the presentation, then came back home with a nice little trophy and a bit of sunburn!!!

Well, what can you say about that. A MASSIVE congratulations to Chris who has surely recorded her first of many wins. Well Done indeed!
Results for the Winsford race can be found HERE!

Belper Rugby Rover

And here is the report from Deb Thomas from the previously mentioned Belper Rugby Rover. Let's read how she got on:

Iím not going to go into too much detail about this race, as itís the fourth year in a row Iíve ran it and I donít want to bore people with the same old information! In a nutshell the Belper Rugby Rover 30k takes in a total ascent of 2319ft and is multi-terrain with about 30 stiles/kissing gates throughout the course and lots of hills.

I ran this year with Amin (Stoke AC) who has been looking for company on long runs for his marathon training. I mentioned this race to him and he was keen to run somewhere new so we travelled up together at 7.30am. The sun was beaming, and knowing I donít run well in the heat I carried a pouch of gels and sweets and Amin kindly carried a water bottle belt. 9.30am was the start and as usual there was bottle neck along the small bridge and steps which lead down to the meadows.

At just over a mile we jump over a stile into a field unexpectedly full of cows, who decide to jog along with us for a little part! A runner behind shouts ďthey canít run with us, they donít have race numbers onĒ!!, and another shouts that he ďhopes they donít sh*t on him!!Ē so everyone was laughing!! Over another stile and onto the steep grassy ascent. We managed to get ĺ of the way up before deciding to walk the last few steps to save our legs for the slow climb up into the woods. Picking up the pace we continue along through the woods before enjoying some good roadway.

First water station was 8km and I stop to take on two cups of lovely cold water. Ups and downs before Mile 5 which is pleasant, mostly downhill before Mile 6 which is a long, steep rocky climb. Again we manage most of the way before having to walk a few steps to relieve burning legs and lungs. We follow the trail for a while and the rest of the course takes us through meadows (some grassy, some dry mud), the backís of peopleís gardens (rights of way!) and into more woods where there are further climbs. I stop to drink at water stations at 11km, 17km and 22km as well as tip some over my head to cool down! The second part of the course has plenty of climbs but not to the scale of the first half, though by this point youíre tiring so even the down hills are hard work! At 4 miles to go weíre both feeling the effects of the course and keep reassuring each other that ďthereís not far to go nowĒ, ď just keep runningĒ.

The final 3 miles are mostly flat, though this does not give relief as we increase the pace with tired, dehydrated legs. We pass a runner who comments that we ďmust be road runnersĒ as we overtake him and keep the lead. Back into the meadows we tackled at the beginning, back up the steps (with wobbly legs), a little climb up to the main road and into the finish on the field at the rugby club. Amin managed to edge in front of me here and also win a sprint finish with another chap, which is more than I could manage!! Both collapse onto the grass after the finish line, and sit in the shade. Once recovered, we go back to the finish tent to enjoy the fresh orange segments and small chunks of oatie cakes available to all.

After a quick change into the race t-shirts we find the results up on the wall and my final time is 2 hours 37 mins and 42 seconds, with Amin 4 seconds in front. Iím 63rd overall and 6th lady. Very pleased with the run; 8 minutes quicker than previous two years and just 4 mins off my PB on the course!! A very well organised, friendly and hard run, and definitely one for next yearÖ


Well done Debs, a great effort once again and another one who is massively improving at the moment. Results for the Rover are HERE !

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Leek Half Marathon

There was a good turnout for Trentham in the recent Leek Half which was also part of the British Masters championships and a field of over 350 set of up to the Roaches and back in hot conditions. There were some notable performances from the Green Army, including Paul Gibbings 2nd M45, Mandy Vernon, 4th Lady but with a time exactly the same time as Michelle Buckle who finished 3rd and I'm told it was decided by a dive for the line after 13.1 miles of racing. Great stuff. Alan Lewis took the M70 prize whilst Trevor Goodwin took the M75 prize and the Men also took the team trophy The age group wins are all the more notable due to the number of 'Masters' taking part so well done to all who picked up a prize.
One of those was Paul Gibbings and he has sent is this report:

I really wasn't certain that I wanted to do this race. I haven't been feeling 100% over the last few weeks so my first half marathon in 2 years on one of the toughest courses around didn't hold a lot of appeal. The reason I entered was it was the British masters championship and with it being right on my doorstep it seemed daft not to enter.

I decided to go for a steady start so watched the leaders disappear and settled in a group with Roger and Stephan in about 15th to 20th place. Even by the 3 mile mark people were starting to suffer over the tough course and we were starting to pass people and I was still feeling comfortable. The first water station came, and I grabbed a cup but managed to drop it, so made do with a sponge wiped my head and sent my glasses flying, so had to stop and pick them up, luckily there was no damage, but I'd lost about 30m on the group. Rather than panic and work hard to catch up I just gradually worked my way back and by the 5 mile mark was feeling good again as the group started to break up on the climb up to the roaches.

The next water station was at the 6 mile marker and this one went slightly better I still got more water up my nose than in my mouth but I'd opened up a slight gap on the chasers but there was a big gap in front so I just tried to relax and settle into a steady pace. I could hear heavy breathing not to far behind so took a quick glimpse behind and saw there was a group of about 10 runners all together which did panic me a bit. Soon after we took a sharp left turn and the road drops down very sharply. I thought this was my chance to increase the gap so just relaxed and tried to get down as quick as possible, it seemed to work and next time I looked back the gap was bigger and I could only see 2 runners. Soon after Ken Rushton cycled past and told me I was in 7th place, which was a pleasant surprise as I didn't realise I was that high up. By now though I was starting to tire, and between 10 and 11 miles a runner came past, only one so I latched onto him hoping he would pull me through to the finish. A few more looks back confirmed Stephan was close behind and I was expecting him to catch me, but I had enough energy to hold onto 8th place, but there was no sprint finish to this race I was just delighted to finish.

I was followed by a stream of successful Trentham runners, and for me the highlight of the day was that the men won the team race with myself Stephan, Roger & Rob.

As I mentioned earlier the race also included the BMAF championships and team Trentham picked up a fistful of medals with gold for Alan Lewis, silvers for Mandy & myself and bronze for Rob and Stan. I think I remembered everyone. Overall a day when I felt very proud to be a member of Trentham

Thanks for that Paul and congratulations on the silver medal, hope you manage to keep up the fantastic effort and are now feeling 100% again. Next report is from the self titled 'Grandad' section in the form of Alan Lewis who is running extremely well at the moment to the level where he is currently the 2nd fastest V70 in the country this year over the Half Marathon distance. Here is Alan's report:

Good entry at Meerbrook of us oldies and of course excellent preparation for the Leek Half. I was really pleased with my run, everything went to plan. Steady start in preparation for the big climb over Gun Hill. Got up the hill well and not worried about people passing me. Hill reps done more or less weekly since back end of last year obviously helping as I found on reaching the summit. Am now ready to go rather than requiring a recovery phase so a quick change of gear and ,I'm flying (well relatively at any rate) Went past most of those who'd passed me on the ascent plus a few more but had David Pickstock hanging on as he's determined to beat me at some stage and probably will but not yet.

Together at the bottom of the descent (7.5K) and at this point conned him into thinking I was knackered by telling him that this was where old age comes into play on the climb back. Said he would wait for me but told him not to (wrong mindset David, go for it don't take any notice of old cons like me) Anyway he managed to gain 40 yards or so on the first part of the climb but was with him again by 8.5K and thereafter gradually pulled away finishing a couple of minutes in front of him. Tells me he'll have me at Leek but we'll see. Anyway was pleased with the way I managed the return climb and was again able to go well on the 2K descent to the finish to finish in 75-25. A new record time for over 70 apparently which pleased me no end. Extra bonus that some of those who are normally with me such as Ed Smith are well behind so another pointer to having had a good run.

What about the others. Stan is not quite A1 at present and was three minutes slower than his record breaking 68 mins last year. Nevertheless despite this he's round in 71 and of course o'65 prizewinner. Gerry Calvert also turned out and at the age of 74 got round in 82 minutes, which as I've said before is brilliant considering his reduced training. Last but not least Trevor Goodwin (75) and still going strong round in a respectable 88mins.

Next up Leek Half for which Stan and I have been preparing this year in the hope of picking up BMAF medals. Main platform is our Saturday morning run and we were really pleased when last Sat we were accompanied by Deb, her friend Amin and the whippet like Adam Brearley. They all enjoyed the run and we hope they spread the word and we see others in future. Stan and I were really impressed with the way Adam ran up the hills and if he can get his downhill technique right he's a real prospect. Deb and Amin didn't have any of Elizabeth's delicious cake as they had some "daft" scheme by which they ran back home via Wetley Rocks and Werrington. Mind you I think Stan put some in a box for them to enjoy later.

Anyway, on to the notoriously tough Leek and it's hosting of the BMAF champs. What a morning for Trentham with, I think, a haul of 6 medals. Congrats on all these great performances and indeed all Trentham runners who competed. I'm sure, and hope, that someone will report on those medals won by the "youngsters" so I'll just do us oldies.

Another excellent run for me particularly in view of the very warm weather (not my favourite but I seem to be coping well this season). A good steady start and after the first two climbs on the flat bit to Meerbrook caught up with a 70+ year old with whom I would do battle for the Gold medal (proved to be a guy named John Thomas from Corby (Northants) who currently holds the fastest half time for an over 70 this year beating my Stafford time by 5secs. Anyway the battle was on.
Went as hard as I could over the next couple of miles, the only monotonous bit of the course for me as it includes the long straight drag up to the Three Horseshoes. No idea whether I'd dropped him as determined not to look back and of course knew we had the huge climb up to the Roaches and did not wish to show any sign of weakness on this, for me psychologically and physically the most difficult part of the course. No sign of him on the first climb and began to hope. But then six miles or so and he was with me and past me. However managed to hold on and squeezed in front again. Got a useful lift from Chris Skellern (Stafford) who is normally well ahead of me these days but had obviously had a very steady start. Anyway hung on for half a mile or so.
At last reached the turn and beginning of the descent back to Meerbrook. First part very steep but suits me (my speciality, if I have one) so flew down there passing several slower runners. No sign of adversary when I risked a quick peek so beginning to look hopeful. Through Meerbrook and a couple of welcome cups of water over my head and a sponge or two. Need to hold it together now and not blow up on the last mile or two. Couple of front end group D runners in front and tempting to go for  them quickly but resisted and gradually hauled them in. Even caught Mick Beardmore( Cheadle) who is obviously having a poor run as he's normally round about Stan. Into last mile but the prospect of the final horrible climb to finish. Thought everything was OK but just before turning the corner suddenly felt really knackered and almost hyperventilating. Had obviously given everything and was now paying for it. Managed to keep going with difficulty but after first bit of climb knew I had to walk a bit to recover so did so. Forced to look back but no sign of foe.
Last bit had to be a mixture of walking and jogging. Nothing left!. Thanks for encouragement Ryan but your 200metres whatever might as well have been 200miles. Anyway made it but have not felt so tired for ages. Thought that I had probably got the BMAF over 70 Gold however soon helped me recover. Adversary was only 40 secs behind so I think he was catching me but over the moon that I'd done it. What a morning. Time of 1-47-42 only 3mins slower than 2007 so not slowed too much.

Stan had a good run considering not A1 and was rewarded with a bronze. However the two runners in front were both Internationals so Stan beat all the others Stan's time was just over 1-40 and these two were not much over 1-30 so both crack runners.

Also congrats to Trevor Goodwin on his over 75 gold. He was the only competitor (i.e. the oldest runner in the race) but that doesn't detract from a gutsy performance in tackling this tough course and going round in 2h 5min. Well done Trevor, a well deserved medal.

Next up for me and Stan is Lake Vernwy in three weeks. A completely different kettle of fish when we are both hoping to get good times on this flat Half marathon course

Well done Alan and once again a marvellous performance from you guys. I know there's a lot of people at the club who are thrilled to have such fantastic athletes representing the club.

Trentham performances can be seen below whilst full results are HERE!

Pos Name Pos/Cat Time
8 Paul Gibbings 002/M45 1:22:24
10 Stephan Walley 003/SM 1:23:01
21 Roger Grand 005/M35 1:27:25
33 Mandy Vernon 004/F40 1:29:29
39 Rob Tabbanor 003/M50 1:31:15
70 Chris Mosiuk 016/SM 1:36:03
99 Stan Winterton 003/M65 1:40:31
104 Daniel Peel 016/M35 1:42:08
124 Ken Bloor 009/M50 1:44:08
133 Lee Jones 019/M40 1:44:46
151 Alan Lewis 001/M70 1:47:42
155 David Pickstock 033/SM 1:48:24
159 Dan Bowman 034/SM 1:48:33
202 Rose Wilson 005/F50 1:54:39
206 Ken Pearson 011/M55 1:55:17
230 Jill Phillips 007/F50 1:57:48
276 Trevor Goodwin 001/M75 2:04:52
347 Malcolm Rushton 020/M60 2:26:37

A couple of pics from the top of the roaches with Paul and Alan in action

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Dave Clarke 5K

A huge thank you to everyone who ran, marshalled & supported the race on Thursday as you all helped make the 1st Dave Clarke 5K race a huge success. Well over 100 runners turned out, a lot from Trentham, and Dave's family were taken aback by the support shown. It just goes to show the high regard in which Dave was held within the club and in the wider running world.

There were Trentham victories all over the place with Jade Halkett winning the junior race overall and obviously 1st female and Harry Julian coming second in the race and finishing 1st male Junior results can be found HERE!
. In the Main 5K race it was Will Neill from Staffs Moorlands who took the win with Stephan Walley finishing 3rd for Trentham just behind Ray Plant of NSRRA and ahead of Adam Brearley who came 4th. In the Ladies Race it was Mandy Vernon again who took the honours ahead of Deb Thomas in 2nd. For the Veterans there were wins for Rob Tabbanor, Rose Wilson and John Bicknell. The Team prizes were also both won by Trentham with Stephan, Adam, Rob & Paul Clinton sharing the men's prize and Mandy, Deb & Eva Berrill sharing the Ladies Prize.

I expect there'll be a few race reports but first one to land on the mat is from our top placed runner Stephan Walley:

A couple of weeks ago I took part in two of the Manchester 5k sizzlers, so in this race I had a good idea of what kind of pace I needed to set off at. Straight from the off,   I was in third position, which I thought was a bit too close to the front, but my plan was to try and stay within the leading group, with it being such a short race.

When I got round the perimeter of the rugby pitch and over the ditch, I was trailing slightly behind, but at this point I didn't feel like the leading two runners were pushing on too much, so I upped my tempo and tucked in behind Ray Plant.

As we passed through the second gate, me and Ray had a bit of difficulty opening it, and by this time the eventual winner (don't know his name but I think he runs for staffs moorlands) had created a good lead on us. I felt relatively ok along the canal, and this section seemed to be over quite quickly. When we approached the off road part where there was a bit of an incline, I overtook Ray as he seemed to be slowing down, but this was a mistake and he wasn't behind for long and overtook me at the top.

After the incline, Ray quickly sped off into the distance and I was just too tired and my legs to heavy to try and catch him up. When I got onto the open fields and half way round the first rugby pitch, I took a quick peak behind and couldn't believe there was know one there. I still wanted to get a good time, so I tried to push on as much as I could till the finish line.

I am unsure of my final time, as I wasn't wearing my watch, but it was pleasing to come in third place. Thanks to all the organisers - the race was well marshalled, and the shouts of encouragement were much appreciated.

Well done Stephan, a well earned 3rd place finish and HERE are those results to confirm your time. Well, after the report from Mr 3rd place we can only follow that with a report from Mr 4th place, Adam Brearley who was in a terrific battle at the end. Here is Adam's report:

I'll keep this race report brief, but was the first 5K I have done since joining the club 18months ago. Was hoping for a decent time and position but didnít really know what standard of runners were there, and really wasnít sure what pace to go off. Anyway had an excellent battle with Pete Martin and Mark Neeld, just managing to hold them off to finish in 4th place. Felt that could have maintained that pace for another 3miles comfortably , which have been doing in my races just lately, but hadnít really done enough over this short distance before to go off quick enough. Stephan had brilliant run, finishing 3rd and maintaining his excellent progress, and all of the other Trentham runners had fantastic runs.

Above all else however, feel it is important to pay tribute to the organizing committee, headed up by Ryan who did a brilliant job in pulling everything together. Iím sure I can speak for everyone when I say there was a great atmosphere and the whole night was a credit to Trentham. I know that Chris and his family were thrilled with the support on the night, and maybe one day Chris will join the club himself :-)

Thanks for that Adam and well done on your efforts, I'm sure Chris would feel most welcome at the club if he did decide to join us. Just checked through the results and 32 Trentham runners took part, which is magnificent considering that a lot of us were either marshalling or helping out in some other way. Deb Thomas has finally succumbed to the relentless pressure and has sent in this race report:

I wasnít really in the mood for a race on Thursday night to be honest, after a hard run at Belper the weekend before and then a long training session on the Tuesday I was feeling bushed. Even after a 3 mile warm up I still wasnít motivated. However, once back at the Start I started to pick up from the buzzing atmosphere as everyone was eager to get going.

Lined up at the Start, and feeling a tad tearful after the speech from Ken (and spotting Daveís wife welling up at the start), we then set off around the first rugby pitch. I didnít want to go bombing off as I knew there was a long climb back up towards the finish and so I tucked in near to Kev Finney, Yorkshire Dave and Carl Platt (who was just jogging around (apparently!!)) Safely jumped over the ditch and then made some progress across the top fields before hitting a very welcome downhill to the canal.

I overtook two ladies, not knowing where I was position wise, but also not caring too much as long as I could hold them off. Kev and Carl had made good progress and were a good way away now (Carlís jog is bloody faster than my race pace, ha ha!!). Managed to quickly unlock the gate before the canal, nipped past Yorkshire Dave, worked as hard as I could on the flat and chased after my mate Steve Jones in front, and it took me till the turn into the fields before I got him!! Becky had told me I was in second lady position.

Working hard now to make sure Steve didnít catch me, I pump my arms and can hear the cheers from the finishing line. Also aware that I may be being chased by other ladies I keep pushing and the soft ground is taking its toll on my legs but Iím getting closer to the finish, and get over the line in 20 mins 30 seconds.
Felt a bit sick afterwards and was extremely thankful for the caramel Rocky bar in the goody bag; polished that off immediately!! Loved the mug too. Brilliant race, very much enjoyed and happy to be second lady and part of the winning ladies team!! Look forward to next yearís, well done to ALL involved, pulled it off spectacularly!!

Brilliant report Deb, thanks a lot for sending that in and well done on your 2nd place finish as you fight your way back to the top once again.

And Here's a bit of feedback from a couple of runners:

I took part in the Dave Clarke 5K on Thursday Ė thank you to everybody involved, it was a great race, well organised and the marshals were excellent all the way round and very motivating!!

The race was a good one and I am sure over the years it will attract a big crowd. Well done to all and although I never meet Mr Clarke I am sure he would have been proud of what happened last night

Nice to get such positive feedback. It's easy to email with a complaint, but it's nice to see people take the time to get in touch with such kind words, so once again well done to all those that were there making it such an enjoyable experience for those running.

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Ellesmere 10K


Sunday was the Ellesmere 10K, a run a lot of people in the area were targeting for a fast time and there were a few Trentham runners who made the trip to Shropshire (bit close to Wales for my liking) and lined up with over 400 others to tackle the course. One of those was our flying sensation Carl Platt who has kindly sent us this report despite his lack of computer skills (haha):

Well I've been training now for 12 weeks solid since coming back and  I am must say I am feeling the fittest I ever have. I have entered the Birmingham half marathon in October and have got a 9 week training plan, This means Ellesmere is my last road race, but I have got Sutton Park and One Cross country race to look forward to before Birmingham.
Training as been going very well and I wanted to see where I am In my running.  So me, Steph and Barry all set off for Shropshire. We got to Ellesmere with about an hour to spare, we walked round then went for a warm up. You could see straight away the field was going to be strong when I walked past Mark Dalkins and Chris Davies.

We went to the start I had a plan I wanted to get under 36 Min's I knew If I went off at 5:45 pace and ran even pace It would get me under 36 Min's. The Horn went off and we were all off. Steph come flying past me and was up with the front runners (This guy has got talent, he has only been running 3 months). I stayed back and went through at 5:40 pace then I was running with Mark Neeld from Stone 2nd mile 5:40 pace, 3rd mile 5;31 pace then we come round the corner and I could see Steph we went through mile 4 5:31 pace. Mile 5 and 6 were really tough we were going on the canal and the wind was right in our face. Mile 5 5:41, Mile 6 6:07 Then I was behind Henry Valentine from South Cheshire Harriers he ran 16:30 at the Manchester 5k he was about 40 seconds in front of me at Manchester, but I came across the Line only 6 secs behind him in a time of 35:32 a PB by 1minute and 12 seconds.

I was about 20 seconds behind Mark Neeld. Steph came over the line in 37 minutes something but struggled with his Knee. Barry ran 41 minutes something which is a brilliant effort seeing that he had been out for about 8 months.  Chris got a PB ran 39:15 well done Mate. I am well pleased with my time and now looking forward to 9 weeks hard training and running the Birmingham half marathon. I must also say what a great night Thursday night was the Dave Clarke 5, A very well organised race with over 100 runners. What a  fantastic effort to all involved.

Thanks Carl and massive well done mate, and well done to Chris also on finding a new PB. The results are HERE and can be filtered by club so easy to find the Trentham Runners. Good luck with the preparation for Birmingham Carl and it's looking really good for both the Men's and Ladies cross country teams right now.

Carl also mentioned that Stephan was a little disappointed with his race on Sunday due to his knee trouble, but a huge credit to Stephan for still taking the time to send us this report:

From the high of Dave Clarke 5k to the low of Ellsemere 10k! , well not really that dramatic, but a bit of a disappointing race for me today, this is how it went -

Started of quite fast, though I didn't feel that it was as quick as the off pace on Thursday night, however when I reached the 5k marker I was feeling pretty depleted, and my confidence fell knowing that I was only at the half way point. I eased up and managed to get behind a well paced runner, donít know who he was but his pace was uncomfortable but manageable, and I felt like I was getting back into the momentum, but here's my excuse! -

I have been having a bit of a niggle on the side of my knee. I think it may be a bit of tendonitis and it's never been painful up until last week. With around 4k to go I started to get these sharp shooting pains on the side of my knee and my pace just fell dramatically. I tried to follow and stay behind every runner who overtook me, but I just couldn't increase the pace and for the last few km just had to limp along :(

Well done to Chris and Carl who both got PBs, I managed one as well but I was hoping for something a bit quicker. At the end of the race when I opened my race goody bag, I soon felt better as the race t shirt is top quality, and the best one I have received so far.   Its worth doing this race just to get the T-shirt

Well Steph, sometimes we have to take a step back to take a step forward and I'm sure things will come good for the next one. Well done on getting a new PB and thanks again for the report :-)

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