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Ian Yates, taking time out from his Half Marathon training, has kindly sent in an update from the Summer Series which is now about halfway through! The latest instalments were taking place at The Roaches and at Wetton and Ian has reports from each race which are reproduced below:

Thursday 24th June saw the 4th Summer Series race at The Roaches. Adam wimped out of todayís race, having exerted himself over 4 miles the day before at the Shugborough Relays. So, it was down to me and Brian Tonks to fly the flag for Trentham on another beautiful evening.
The Roaches has never been my favourite race Ė itís a great place for walking, but only for running if youíre a mountain goat I find. So, my tactic always has to be go off hard on the road section, hang in as much as possible over The Roaches, and try and pick up over the next road section and then maintain that position over the last field section.
I was in 2nd place then after the opening uphill road section, with only fell specialist Simon Harding from Macclesfield in front. By the time Iíd picked my way carefully over the rocks and off The Roaches, I was in 11th place. This was where the race for me began!
Disappointingly, I only picked off one runner over the mile and half road section (a Buxton runner whoíd gone off too fast for the course and heat, and was wobbling all over the place, and I donít think actually finished the race).
I lost one place over the fields section, but gained two more, including one in the final home straight, to finish in a Roaches-best position of 8th in 40.31. Iím always so negative about my chances on this course, so I came away feeling quite satisfied.
Brian finished 82nd in a time of 52.20.

The 5th race was at Wetton on 1st July. I very nearly didnít make this, getting severely lost, and driving down roads just wide about enough for my car. I didnít see another car for the 30 minutes I was aimlessly driving round the area, but there were plenty of sheep milling about on the road Ė I bet theyíd have known the way to Wetton if I had time to stop and ask them. But, I got there 15 minutes before the start Ė just enough time to register and a basic warm up.
Adam had to miss this race too, having injured his calf running back after the time trial on Tuesday. At least this time he had a reasonable excuse!
Iíd been told by many people previously that this was the hardest course in the series (I missed it last year due to injury), but before the start we were told that the trickiest (i.e. steepest) descent (and ascent) had been taken out.
Not knowing what to expect from the course, I again set off at a good pace on the opening road section. After about 3 minutes running we were off the road, and onto a field running parallel to the road. This was relatively smooth Ė the odd brick, and a slight camber, but nothing treacherous. So, what did I do Ė trip over a blade of grass and went flying! Apparently, I did a belly flop onto the ground, and I must apologise to Jason Burgess from Staffs Moorlands, who I put off his running stride for about a minute Ė as he couldnít stop laughing!
After the field section was a hill to take your breath away Ė it puts those in the Meerbrook 15K to shame (although not as long!). It started off on the road, then back onto fields towards a trig point. I guessed we were as high as we were going now, and sure enough, we looped back the way we came. This caused a problem as there were now runners on their way back trying to get through gaps in fences and over styles that runners on their way up were trying to get through. I doní think this had been considered by the race organisers for the new course, and is something that needs looking at for next year. Oh, I donít think the gaps in the fences were quite wide enough for The Tub Munster, so it was a wise decision for him not to run today! Seriously, they are narrow!
We followed the same course most of the way back, but the last mile took a diversion up another lung-busting, leg-sapping hill. It was one of those hills where you have a serious discussion over whether itís actually quicker to walk than try and run. I opted to run, but those in front of me did walk. I gained on them marginally, but they may have saved more energy by walking, and I just couldnít catch them up when we got to the top. After the hill, it was a half mile run road run back to the finish.
I finished 6th, in just over 33 minutes. Last year, the course was won in 40 minutes, so it was fair section they cut out this year. Dave Myatt also turned out for Trentham, putting in a rare appearance, but I havenít seen any results yet, so I canít say where he finished.
I expect Iíll be the sole Trentham representative next week at Shuttlinsloe. For some unfathomable reason, the club has decided to hold the summer barbecue on a Thursday. Why they decided to do this when every Tuesday bar one this summer is free in the race calendar Iíll never know. Oh well, someone enjoy a burger for me please!

Thanks for the updates Ian, and I'm sure that the Barbeque will still be in full swing by the time you get back from Shuttlinsloe. I'll save you a quorn burger!

Newcastle 4 X 1m Relays

newcastle relays



The Newcastle 4 x 1 mile relays took place on Saturday at the Lyme Valley. This may have been the last chance to race there for a while as I believe the N. Staffs XC race will no longer take place there and will instead be in Winsford, Mid Cheshire. (Work that one out). A healthy Trentham contingent travelled the short distance to Newcastle to compete for honours, and among them was a certain Adela Salt who has sent in this latest report:

Runners at the Newcastle 4 x 1mile relays on Saturday afternoon were greeted by warm, sunny but breezy conditions, but that didn't stop some excellent performances from Team Trentham. The club entered 3 teams - senior male and female, and a mixed team which meant that Paul Gibbings, Carl Platt, Jo Donnelly and Del Salt ended up running 2 legs each on the flat multi-terrain course.

The senior men's team - consisting of Ian Yates, Carl Platt, Paul Gibbings, and Rob Tabbanor (who looks remarkably like Yatesy!) - got off to an excellent start, with Ian bringing them home in 3rd place after the first leg. Carl and Paul maintained this position, both running close to a 5 minute mile (!), with the final leg seeing "Rob" storming through to give the team 3rd overall.

The senior ladies team - made up of Jo Donnelly, Debbie Thomas, Sarah Johnson and Del Salt - saw them win the title for the second year in succession, with Jo Donnelly running the fastest lap for the team on first leg in a magnificent 5.25, and giving the team an excellent early lead. It was great to see Debs running well (6.17), who handed over to Sarah, with Del bringing up the rear on 4th leg to give the team the victory. Well done ladies!

The mixed team also had a fantastic race, with Paul Gibbings getting them off to a flying start in 1st place, Del managed to hold on to the position on the second leg but couldn't quite run as fast as Paul (in fact, she was nowhere near!!), before handing over to Carl. Carl had a fab run, and ended up in a sprint finish with a 7 year old. Thankfully, Carl managed to hold onto the lead for the team and handed over to Jo who once again had a fantastic run and brought the mixed team home victorious. Well done guys and gals!

All in all, another successful day for Team Trentham so well done to all of you! It was also nice to have the real Rob Tabbanor there giving us a shout (he couldn't actually run due to a calf strain), plus Adam Brearly who also has a calf injury and is under strict instructions from Debs NOT to run. A certain Mrs Dickens and family were also in attendance, and although we didn't really have chance to have a proper chat, it was great to see Jayne after such a long time and as ever, she offered plenty of encouragement.

For those of you that have missed the relays recently, don't forget that next Thursday we have the club relays (teams decided on the night - starts at 6.30pm), followed by plenty of grub at the club BBQ - hope to see most of you there

Thanks for the summary Del, another Great effort by Team Trentham. No reports from Shifnal yet where I believe there was quite a low turnout but I know there were a few Trenthamers there including Jill, Chris M, Walter M to name but a few so get your reporting pens out guys and give us some journalistic freestyling!

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Berryhill 10k

berryhill 10k



The Berryhill 10k took place on Tuesday 06th and a strong Trentham contingent including Ian Yates, Rose Wilson, Sarah Johnson, Steve Locker, Paul Gibbings, Adam Brearley, Malcolm Rushton, Stan Winterton, Don Brookes, Terry Parton & Ken Bloor was there to make life difficult for the other teams (and the local dog walkers). One other person who raced (and raced well) was Del Salt who has kindly sent in this report:

The Berryhill 10k is a lovely summer's evening race - cheap, simple, well organised, and the view of the City from the top of the hill on each lap is pretty impressive. There's the clue - HILL. Add to this the fact that the course is multi-terrain with the off road bits being somewhat sandy, Berryhill can also be a tough race. To top it all, the course was changed this year due to building work, which meant 4 laps and 4 times up the HILL.

Tonight was a little breezy but it was still dry (unlike a couple of years ago when it absolutely tipped it down!), and Team Trentham turned out in force to take on the challenge.

Amongst the chaps, Ian Yates ran superbly to finish 3rd overall, whilst further back Adam - running his first ever 10k - and Paul Gibbings were having a tussle with each other to see who could claim 2nd Trentham runner spot. An amazing run by Adam saw him pip Paul to the post, in a fantastic time of 37.17 - easily a 36 minute 10k on the flatter road races, and giving him 12th overall. NOTE: Paul was taken out by a dog on the course, and will happily show you the scar to prove it - this quite clearly was detrimental to his performance and maybe gave Adam the advantage! There were also some excellent performances from Stan Winterton and Don Brookes, both of which won their age group category, whilst Ken Bloor and a chap whose name escapes me also did really well.

In the ladies race, young Sarah Johnson had another good race but couldn't quite catch the eventual winner (Michelle Buckle of Newcastle), but stormed through to take 2nd place. Del finished 4th lady and won L35 prize, whilst Rose Wilson won her age group prize. It was also nice to see Vicki Ison out running for Trentham again - obviously getting herself ready for the cross country season in a couple of months! Great to see you back Vicki.

So following the success at the Newcastle relays at the weekend, tonight was another successful event for Team Trentham. Just for the record, the 4 laps weren't actually that bad although the hill didn't get any easier - and you'd have thought with all the people running up it, they might have flattened it a bit. Pity Tubmunster wasn't running - that may have done the trick!

Err, thanks for the report Del, can't think who she means by the Tubmunster. Ha ha!

I'm sure she means webmaster!!!!
Well unlike some races the results are out straight away, and HERE they are!
3 ladies in the top 5 can't be bad!


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cheadle 4



The Cheadle 4 road race took place on Sunday with a great turnout from Trentham and we managed to scoop some prizes too. Ian Yates was first home for Trentham and also took 3rd place prize. In the Ladies Jo Donnelly was also 3rd having a great run. Stan Winterton celebrated moving up a category by winning the MV 65+ age group. Full results can be found here!

One team member, a certain Mr Ken Pearson, has sent in the latest instalment of his battle at the top of group F, and also his battle with a dreaded hamstring injury:

I only got half way round the St Michaels 10k before the curse of the hamstring struck me again. No quite as bad as in the same race last year but I decided not to try and complete the course this time.

A few days rest, stretching, some light running and choosing not to do the Berryhill 10 was about the best recovery I could manage. I had a weekend away in Ireland to rest but pushing an old motorbike to start it didnít help. Still the run on the Tuesday went well with no aches and cooking 50 burgers on a Thursday is a well known hamstring cure.

So I was a bit apprehensive before the Cheadle race, lots of stretching beforehand and a proper warm up for a change. There werenít that many runners but Trentham had quite a few and thanks to Walter for the team photo.

After receiving a proper telling off from Chris Bradbury about running too fast and getting injured I decided that this would be more of a training run rather than a race. My medical advice said avoid running fast and hills, which is probably a good description of the Cheadle 4. Before the race I had a chat to the other F runners about the injury, who had turned up and who was on holiday. Itís a friendly group until the racing starts!

Race plan was not to start at the front, not to race the other F group runners and just have a reasonable run to test the leg. I started slowly and reckoned there were 4 or 5 F group runners in front but I resisted the desire to chase them. Nothing interesting for the first mile which I did in 7:30, a bit faster than I expected but no twinges and a quarter of the race completed without a problem. The next mile is uphill so I tried not to push and was surprised to stay in touch with 2 of the F group runners in front.  Second mile completed in 9:00, again no twinges and half way through. The next bit is sort of flat so because there were no twinges I thought about upping the pace and trying to gain a couple of places but really 5th or 6th would be ok as there are quite a few races left and getting round uninjured was the aim. I was worried about the steep downhill part and slowed deliberately and shortened my stride. Don Brookes who was in front pulled away and by then I had sort of settled for my position. I covered the 3rd mile in 8:00 and still no twinges so the desire to up the pace and catch Don won. I caught him with probably half a mile to go (sorry Don) and I thought there was another F runner just ahead so I tried to catch him. Iím not sure if the twinges were real or just my brain telling me to be happy with just getting round so I just slowed and cruised the last quarter of a mile to the finish although in the photos I look like Iím working hard. There is something about race photos, how is it that they always make you look, old, tired, wider than normal and running badly?

Nice to have a chat with the others in the group after and found that in the end I was only about a minute behind the Group winner which I was quite pleased with but I had no real idea of my position. I was pleased to get round without injury and to drop a few points wasnít a big deal. I even had a warming down run and a few stretches after.

I have to admit to being surprised when the results came out and I was actually 3rd in the group in the race! That was a great result all things considered.

I guess Iíve learned in the last two weeks that I ought to run at a pace where I just do enough to score well but not go for PBs and that anything faster that 45 minutes for a 10k will pull the hamstring again. I really ought to do some training at that pace. Perhaps a faster pace from the showers to the bar might help.

So far I have found the racing to be less enjoyable than before but that was to be expected as the pottering round watching the scenery has gone and been replaced by the search for points. On the plus side its great to socialise with the Trentham runners at the races.

Thanks for the report Ken, and it's great to know that you are managing to keep on top of the hamstring problem.

       Trentham runners @ Cheadle                   Ken & Chris chat about the race


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The JCB Lakeside 5 took place Thursday evening on the roads around the Rocester Factory. As part of the club Championship Races there were always going to be a few members there. Two of them have kindly sent us a report. First is from wordsmith Danny Bowman:

On Wednesday I toddled off Rocester to run what was being billed as the Lakeside 5 mile fun run. Never known the main race be referred to as a fun run before Ė odd. Iíve run this race once before, two years ago. I drove up to enter on the night last year but it was full, which annoyed me. The last time I ran this however, I really enjoyed it, and I also met Christopher Biggins! I didnít see him but he assured me through the hole in the toilet wall that he was Christopher Biggins so that's good enough for me.
So after disappointing times at Chester, Potters and St Michaels I wasnít holding out for a particularly quick time. My PB which I got at Alsager this year stood at 36:02 going into this race. I thought maybe I could sneak under 36 mins but it wasnít likely. Iíve been aiming to get under 35 minutes for about 18 months or so now but Iíd decided that was never going to happen, so sub 36 it was!
Drove up in the car with 4 Ryvitas and a bottle of water. Yes Iím that poor. In fact, Iím on such a pre-wedding budget that my dad actually gave me the money to run this race because he took pity on me. I pulled onto the field and breathed in that lovely wet grass smell you get when youíre near wet grass, and saw Ad, Deb, Del and co. Jo waved to me and I joined up with the rest of the group. Walking around before the race I was impressed at how many Trenthamites had shown up. I found my mate Jim, who gave me my number, and went back to the car to put my keys in the glovebox. (Rats, now everybody will know thatís where I keep my keys. Such a good hiding place too) tookoff my jacket and started prancing around warming up. Saw Ken P walking toward the start so I walked with him, he was wearing some snazzy new running shorts with a pocket to keep your keys in. This made me realise how much of a gypo I am because I was wearing a £7 Casio watch, odd socks, both cheap and full of holes, and some ancient shorts which I think belonged to my dad, that are covered in paint and donít have a drawstring. Iíd fastened my car key into the pocket.
The two of us are lucky to still be alive today actually because whilst walking across the field, I heard a faint rumbling noise, like when the T-Rex attacks in Jurassic park. I looked to the side, and, good lord, Iím shaking just typing this. It all happened in slow motion, you know? I turned and saw Ken, but what sent shivers down my spine was what was behind him. A crowd of about 200 children stampeding toward him. The look in their eyes told me that they wanted to trample Ken to death. Nooooooo! I screamed, not beautiful, sweet Ken! I started running in slow motion (which must have looked odd to onlookers) and leaped headfirst into the air. I saw Ken mouth ďPlease save me DanĒ before I rugby tackled him and carried him roughly 15 feet out of the way. The impact had initially saved Kenís life, but the impact of the rugby tackle had knocked him unconscious, as well as breaking my left arm. I dragged Kenís lifeless body behind a boulder, pulled out my pistol and started taking out the evil children. Wave after wave of feral young swarmed on my position. I fended off every last one of them. They wanted to kill and possibly eat Ken. Not on my watch I thought as I decapitated one of them with a lightning bolt uppercut. I now only had 1 foe remaining. He started running at me, making a guttural scream not unlike that of an old tractor starting up. I pulled the trigger on my .45 Magnum andÖ ďclickĒ I was out of bullets. Slow motion kicked in again for dramatic effect as the diminutive demon leaped through the air, his razor sharp fangs aimed at my throat. I closed my eyes and waited for the darkness to consume me.
I heard the jaws opening, and the whoosh of air as the mouth started to clamp down. I started to screamÖ no, wait, I wasnít screaming. Nor did I feel any pain. What gives? I thought. I opened my eyes to see the demon child, the child who I was sure would kill me in a shower of blood and Trentham vest pieces, not chewing the remnants of my bodyparts, but instead lying on the floor, minus his face. I turned around in shock to see Ken with a face hanging out of his mouth. He spat it out and said ďYou saved my beef buddy, I owed you oneĒ I couldnít believe it! Ken had eaten somebodyís face to save my life! ďI threw him over my shoulders and staggered toward the start line to hopefully achieve my PB.
In reality what happened was we wandered into the path of the fun run by accident and nearly got trampled by a couple of skinny whippersnappers.
A posh lady spoke for a bit for some reason then...
Boooooom! went the starting cannon and off we went, starting off up the steep-ish hill at the start of the race. I never really warm up much but I did on this occasion have a bit of a jog up the hill before hand, and to be honest, I felt gooooooooood. I saw Del in front of me and decided to latch onto her for as long as possible. I caught Del momentarily on the steady incline, and was rather pleased with myself, until I noticed my hair was on fire, a result of the flames coming off the back of Delís trainers as she disappeared back into the distance. As she passed me she turned and shouted ďNot in your lifetime bucko!Ē at me. (Didnít really happen obviously, Delís a friendly sausage)
I noticed that I was neck and neck with this bloke from Stafford harriers whom Iíd never beaten before, plus, to add to the grudge, he ruined my Bryan Dale photo at the Stafford half earlier this year by doing the Iím a little teapot pose right next to me. Grrrr! Curse you Stafford Harrier! I screamed, and upped the speed. My first mile was 6:50, my second was 7:20, so it was touch and go as to whether I would get my sub 36 minute PB. Second lap was easier I felt, I glided around quite nicely, and decided to push on some more. I could just about still see Del in the distance at 4 miles, which I was flabber-bamboozled by, but then I remembered sheís training for a big Ďun (oo-er) so was understandably taking it slowly.
I came into the finishing straight (oo-er) and increased the speed once more. I saw all the other runners coming in my direction (oo-er) and said hello to them and stuff. By this point wasnít aware of the time I was likely to get so I just ran and hoped. A couple of guys overtook me and I was content to have a nice steady finish, but then I saw adam and he shouted ďCome on Dan, Hold him offĒ (oo-er) regarding the guy behind me. I then got a sudden splurge (oo-er) of energy, and took on the two men in front of me (oo-er) passed them, and crossed the line, dripping wet (oo-er) my stiff (oo-er) legs screaming in pain, for a new PB of 34:35!
Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! My first ever sub 35! Whoopeeee! I knocked a good minute and a half off my Alsager PB. Also for the first time ever I beat Stafford harrier man and the lady with the cast.
It was lovely to see everybody, I had a really nice night. I didnít really save Kenís life though, Iím a lover not a fighter. I probably wasnít in the top 10 hardest in my year at school. There were rumours that Mean Dean Steele (the hardest) was so hard that he once went back in time and killed a drug dealer before he was born.
Donít think Iím racing again until after the wedding. Might do Meerbrook 15k though if my budget allows (probably wonít)
Iím also planning on doing the Birmingham half in October so if anyone else fancies doing it, I can fit a couple of peeps in my car.
Oh also, regarding the JCB race again, I think I positioned quite well in the Club champs, could I be on for my first 50 pointer? Probably not but fingers crossed : )

Ha-ha, very Good Dan, and somewhere in there was a report of actual events. Sounds like Dan had a great race. Wonder if Ken Pearson could match it? Let's Find out:

After the Cheadle 4, which I ran in a relatively easy pace, a third place in the Group F was an excellent result. The hamstring had no reaction to the race so at the Tuesday night training session I decided to run all the way with the group and get the mileage in but try and run at the pace of the faster runners. Fortunately we had a new runner join us so I had an excuse to run around the back of the group. We did about 8 miles and the leg was OK again. Maybe its time to up the pace a bit and test the leg at JCB?

I hadnít run the JCB event for probably 5 years or so. I knew it was a hilly 2 lap course but I couldnít remember how steep the hills were or what the course was. As usual at the races I arrived early and had a wander round, not many about so I had a look at the course map. The contours looked a bit steep especially the drop downhill after a mile or so. 2 laps plus an out and back loop at the end but the map had no mile markers shown.

 Quite a few Trentham runners arrived to chat with and we had the usual discussions about race pace and hills as well as the benefits of zipped pockets in shorts! Dan and I nearly get trampled by lots of small people as we stray onto the course for the fun run just as the competitors come through. I warmed up and stretched and had a look up the first hill with Dan, not quite as steep as I remembered. I have a chat with Darren who is leading the points table in F group. Heís done all the races so far and has most points but my average is better. The top 5 or so F runners all seem to have won a few, come second in a few and finished third in a few races. The end of the season is going to be very interesting!

 Just before the start Rose asks Ken Rushton to knobble me with his umbrella so she can get an advantage in the club road race championship, what a friendly bunch!!

 Off we go and I start behind a trio of F runners, half way down the field, just to make sure I donít go off too quickly. The start is wide enough for all the runners and I donít notice any slow runners getting in the way. I felt good at the start and overtake a few runners up the first hill. Running fast downhill was not going to be a good idea so the race plan was to do a steady pace down the hill and maybe a bit of effort up the hills and put a bit more effort compared to Cheadle. After half a mile Iím not far behind Darren, which was a bit of a surprise as he usually starts quickly. The hill doesnít seem as steep as I remember and all goes well to the first mile, which I completed in 7:57, which was about right. Down the steep hill and I take it a bit easy and run round past the car park and complete the 2nd mile in 5:57, that just cant be right? Nice flat run by the front of the factory and round to the hill again with Rose and Darren some way in front. The hills arenít too bad and I put in a bit of an effort and slowly bridge the gap to Rose and Darren up the steep hill.
Up the next hill, the gap shrinks and I catch Rose at the top. I grab a drink but the cup is virtually empty. Oh well, off down the hill at a steady pace as Rose and Darren pull out a big gap again. 2 miles to go and no twinges so I decide to up the pace a bit and have a go at reeling in the runners in front. Darren has a habit of upping the pace whenever I catch him so Iím not sure that I can pass even if I catch him. I pass Rose at the bridge and grab another cup of water, which again is virtually empty. Iím 15 or so yards behind Darren as we pass the 4-mile mark but not closing the gap. I feel like I should have go over the last mile but I donít want to make the injury worse so I donít make a decision and just stay 15 yds behind him. We get to the turning point at the end and the gap hasnít closed but I decide that I will overtake him at some point.  I have to decide when to go as he always seems to have something in reserve. 150 yards to go and I go past and up the pace hoping he wonít give chase, fortunately he doesnít and I finish quite a few yards in front in about 37:37.
No twinges, a good run and a good finish but Iím not sure what my group position is. The push up the hills, slow downhill and a steady pace has paid off. I even warm down again and manage to get out of the car park before the rush. The leg is OK and Iím now looking forward to the longer races, as the slower pace will help the injury recover. Apologies for shooting off early after the race but I donít have much time Thursday evenings due to pub commitments!!

 A few questions though, how is it possible that my mile splits are 7:57, 5:57, 9:32, 8:35 and 5:35 and why are the drinks cups virtually empty? Answers on a postcard toÖ..

 As usual I want to know the results and whether Bryan Dalesí photos show me with my mouth closed! The usual email arrives and I won the group, fantastic but I must try harder with the photos though!

Thanks you guys for the race reports and the results for the JCB 5 can be seen HERE!


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Cheadle 4

Summer Series Update



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