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Westbridge 5

Although the weather was not very kind throughout the weekend most of the runners managed to get round the 5 mile course on Sunday Morning before the heavens opened fully, and there was a good turn out from Trentham with several members scooping prizes for themselves on the day! Results for Trentham Runners are below whilst full results can be found here.



Paul Burslem 29:57 M40
17 Ryan Procter 30:10 M35
21 Jon Williamson 30:33 Sen
30 Sarah Johnson 31:10 2nd F Sen
32 Sam Newton 31:23 Sen
36 Guy Martin 31:39 Sen
37 Jo Donnelly 31:42 3rd F Sen
44 Stan Winterton 32:06 1st M60
64 Brian Tonks 33:57 M50
81 Alan Lewis 34:56 1st M65
129 Don Brookes 38:28 M65
136 Gerry Calvert 39:10 M65
154 Trevor Goodwin 41:10 M65
170 Malcolm Rushton 43:13 M55


Thanks to Jo Donnelly for sending in this report from Westbridge.


Hi all. Just a few words about Westbridge 5 yesterday.

Must admit, I didnít go into the race in the most positive frame of mind. In fact, was positively grumpy prior to race.

1. Had to get up at 7am for a 9.30 start.

2. Was like the middle of winter i.e. wet windy and cold.

3. Not raced for 3/4 weeks.

4. Recent sunshine/good weather had led to many a barbecue/beer/wine/cakes/crisps etc

5. Above point  4 resulted in minimal training. 

Anyway, made it to the start line whilst mumbling under breath and snuck in near the front with the Trentham gents .  Got off to a pretty clear start which was lucky, as I gather from folks further down the field that it was a bit tight around some of the first turns.  

Once settled into my pace, all seemed to be going surprisingly ok. Was 3rd female and the usually Trentham suspects (Ryan, Paul, John and Sarah) were at the normal distances ahead of me Ė I also spied Guy in front which gave me a target to head for (me and Guy are usually pretty close together at finish).

The course was (in a fashion) very flat and went around a field, along the canal, through some tracks, along a stretch of road and then back along tracks and canal to finish.

I managed to catch Guy after about 1.5 miles but the beer/pies/lack of training started to kick in at about 3 miles and a number of people started to pass me, including Guy (thanks for the encouragement) and another female.  As we entered the last mile I gave myself a good talking to (I was feeling a bit sorry for myself), and the new determined me, picked up the pace, stormed back into 3rd place and even sprinted to the finish. Didnít quite beat Guy ĖIíll get you next time!!! but I did another PB, 31.43. Itís mad isnít it? A few months ago I was over the moon with 33.30mins for 5 miles, but yesterday I was a bit disappointed with my time as really I should have been closer to 31mins.

Anyway, it was good to be back racing again and I feel re motivated with a number of races in the coming weeks.

As the results show, it was another good day for Trentham. Every other name seemed to be Trentham in the presentation. Well done to all.  Thanks as well to all the officials/marshals who must have got soaked, as the rain didnít let up the whole morning. See you at Tunstall Park. 

Thanks again for that Jo and well done on a fantastic run once again!



Garburn Trail race

Whilst many of you were running along the nice flat Trent and Mersey Canal
in the Westbridge 5 another Trentham member Stephen Burrowes
was up in the lakes running in an altogether different terrain!


This report comes in from Stephen:

After glorious weather for the Wincle Trout Fell Race last weekend, a challenging and enjoyable race and no trout to take home, it was all change this Saturday for the Garburn Trail in the Lake District.
What should have been a 24k trail race was cut to 17k, leaving out the Garburn Pass itself. Some people might have said was a good thing given the gradient but I was looking forward to the challenge in a masochistic way and I usually pick up places after getting to the top and heading back to Staveley. Apparently there was snow on the top of Helvellyn and health and safety concerns meant that the organisers were also insisting on full foul weather gear being carried. Whilst I would agree that carrying the extra gear was sensible, given that there were almost hailstones falling at one stage, I do think that the full race distance could have been run safely.
I had a reasonable race finishing with a time of 1:39:12 having run through some fairly unpleasant weather. On a good day this is a great race and it was a shame that we couldn't have had the full distance especially since I was still feeling quite sprightly at the end with others beginning to flag.

Thanks for that great report Stephen!

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Racing Adventure Style!?!

After much deliberation two intrepid Trentham adventurers set off to deepest Derby on Sunday whilst others were doing the Westbridge 5 and it sounds like they had great fun whilst picking up some unexpected souvenirs!?!

Read this report from Lynne Callaghan!

This Sunday, Jayne Dickens and I went across to Derby to take part in the inaugural AAA Adventure Challenge. It was billed as an adventure race but strictly speaking, wasn't. Really it was a 10k race with an obstacle course so you adventure racers just pop your shoes back in the wardrobe!

As with most inaugural races, things didnít go to plan; British Military Fitness didnít turn up because it was raining (call yourself soldiers?!); the climbing wall and paintball range never materialised and as we later found out, the presentation was cancelled too.
But hey-ho, we were only there for a laugh so here goes!
It rained. And it rained hard and long with thunder and lightening adding to the ĎadventureĎ.
The start was in 5 waves with Jayne's wave setting off 15 mins before mine. Jayne (in the vet women's race) was racing with the vet men and she blew them out of the water as they set off around the field for the first time. As Jayne's wave were making short work of the 30m river crossing, my wave set off on the soggy field.

The run was mainly on paths with some grass sections so advise to wear cross-country/fell shoes was not strictly helpful, although they did give plenty of grip on the slippery downhill grass sections.
I was dreading the river crossing, worrying about how cold it would be. Iím used to open water swimming - but only tucked up in my lovely wet suit, not in shorts and t-shirt! I neednít have worried as it was surprising warm and great fun as the current swept us down stream.
Out of the river, off with the life vest and it was a short trot to the obstacle course. This consisted of a hay bale jump, walkway, scramble net, hurdles, tunnels and a horrid 8ft rope wall.

I was feeling brill, and starting leaping straight over the hurdles until I reached the 4th one. At this point, I decided for safety reasons I ought to just try and flop over them - I had completely lost any bounce I had in my legs. As for the wall - donít even go there. I think I still have a marshals elbow mark imprinted in my backside!
Then it was double or quit time. You could either stop at this 5k point or carry on around for a 2nd dose. Obviously, both Jayne and I had to carry on.

By the end of the race my knee caps had swollen up and were bruised and pointed at the front (!) and my arms were bruised beyond belief, but it was great fun. The showers were great and thawed me out in a jiff as I examined ever more apparent bruises in lots of odd places!
The results arenít out yet but I think Jayne won both the vets and overall ladies race and I came 2nd in my race but not sure overall.
Overall, it was a nice little race but expensive at £30, a price more inline with a proper adventure race. If youíve got a gap in your diary next year though and have a few spare quid, its definitely a fun one to do - just remember your first aid kit and ice pack!!

Thanks Lynne

Results will appear here at some point!

Here are a few pics from the event to give you some idea what they were up to!

(L-R) Jayne Approaching Hurdles,         Lynne emerging from swim,                Jayne under cargo nets,                   A soggy Looking Lynne

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Race for Life

Last night (10th June) saw the annual Race For life at Trentham Gardens which attracted an all female field of 5,300 runners/walkers. It is a charity event raising money for Cancer Research and one of our members, Kaz Brandt, took part.

This report comes in from Kaz:

Last night I took part in Race for Life which I do every year in memory of
my nan and aunt who both died of cancer. Unlike previous years though, I
was very nervous as since my marathon drama I have not been able to race
as running has been a constant struggle and I've lost a fair bit of
confidence in my running. Because of this I nearly decided to walk the
Race for Life, but decided that although I knew I couldn't beat my
previous time, I am a runner after all and couldn't face the abuse I'd get
from Richard if I walked! :-) So I got myself to the start, shivering with
the other girls as it was so cold and pouring down with rain. As we all
set off, I tried not to be dismayed as a fair few girls over took me, I
just stuck to a decent pace, which then paid off as I started over taking
lots of girls who had set off too quickly. Soon I could see the first lady
ahead and realised I was currently 11th. With 2 km to go, I realised I was
catching the others up which gave me a boost to keep going and not slow
down despite the pain in my legs. That last stretch was fantastic-I flew
down that last hill with a mahoosive smile on my face, loads of people
cheering me on and whilst I didn't get a pb, I came in 6th lady! I think
my confidence in running is really coming back and although they would
call me a nutter if they were alive today, I know that my nan and aunt
would be well proud of me (RIP).


Congratulations on your come-back Kaz and well done.

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Tunstall Park

Tuesday evening saw the second round of the City Parks Grand Prix take place in the quiet surroundings of Tunstall Park. There were a large number of Trentham runners taking part and with no fewer than 18 members in a field of 97 runners it really was a case of "Trentham V's the rest" as one South Cheshire Harrier commented :-)

The results for Trentham Runners are below with some notable performances led by Paul Gibbings coming 7th overall and 1st Vet of any kind. Sarah Johnson led the Trentham ladies home in 6th place whilst Ruth Wilson, Dave Myatt, Alan Lewis & Don Brookes all finished 1st in their respective age groups. I know a few also got PB's on the night too, so well done to all of you who took part. Let's make sure we take over Fenton Park in a few weeks time!

7 Paul Gibbings M45 (1st) 16:49
15 Paul Burslem M40 17:54
16 Ryan Procter M 18:10
18 Jon Williamson M 18:20
22 Guy Martin M 18:33
31 Sarah Johnson F 19:05
32 Dave Myatt M50 (1st) 19:08
33 Jo Donnelly F 19:10
36 Dale Colclough M45 19:20
38 Ken Bloor M45 19:28
43 Brian Tonks M50 19:47
44 Lynne Callaghan F 19:51
68 Mark Hughes M50 21:34
69 Alan Lewis M65 (1st) 21:39
73 Rose Wilson F50 (1st) 22:06
77 Eva Berrill F 22:23
82 Don Brookes M70 (1st) 23:07
90 Trevor Goodwin M70 (2nd) 25:02

Full results for Tunstall Park can be found here.

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Pre-Potters Arf Race Roundup

The week before the Potters Arf marathon is normally a quiet affair both in training and in races as a good number of the club members are saving themselves for the big day, however there were a few members in race action in the run up to the City's feature event and most of them put in really good performances.

Summer Series - Tittersworth

First up was the very well supported Staffs Moorlands AC Summer Series, with the first race taking place at Tittersworth Reservoir near Leek. A few Trentham Runners turned out for the event and with the unfortunate absence of a certain Mr Yates (defending champion) due to injury the honour fell to Jon Williamson to lead the way for Trentham.

John had a fantastic run to finish in 21st place in 29:21, just ahead of off-road specialist Richard Ogden who came in 25th in a time of 29:54. Jo Donnelly also continued her recent good form to come 2nd Lady. Dave Myatt also came in 1st in the MV55 category. All of the Trentham results are below, whilst the full results can be found here.
21 Jon Williamson 29:21 SM
25 Richard Ogden 29:54 SM
28 Sam (David?!?) Newton 30:03 SM
36 Joanne Donnelly 30:38 F (2nd)
39 David Myatt 31:23 M55 (1st)


Newport Carnival 10k

Across the border in Shropshire on Saturday there was a multi-terrain 10k taking place in Newport as part of the local Summer Carnival and one of our members not racing in this year's Potters Arf went along to what has become an annual event for him. Guy Martin sends in this great report. Thanks for that Guy!

Thought I would share my experience being the sole Trentham rep at the
Newport Carnival 10k this morning (starting at a 11.45am to be precise). I
used to work in Newport hence why I first got roped into doing this race
several years ago and have not missed one since. If you are ever thinking
about hosting a BBQ or garden party then I would suggest that you first of
all find out the date of this event because it never fails to coincide with
a glorious sunny day. Past years have been towards the 30 degree mark but
thankfully today it was probably nearer 20 degrees. Nevertheless, as the sun
beats down at the near-midday start you wonder why you aren't sitting in a
beer garden somewhere.

It is probably best described as a undulating multi-terrain race, the first
and last km round a grass sports field, 5-7km through fields (some of which
you are waist high in crops) with the rest along tarmac and farm tracks. The
highlight of the race is between 2 and 3 km which takes you through Newport
High Street with masses of people cheering you on as they wait for the
Carnival precession that follows directly behind the 10k race. The battle is
to not get carried away as the adrenalin starts to flow a bit when you see
the crowds! I managed to control my excitement and tucked in around 20th
place or so, keeping an eye on my watch as the km markers came and went. As
you leave the high street it is a much more lonely existence coupled with a
steady climb towards 5km, where the first of 2 water stations is a welcome
sight. I passed the 5k marker at around 19.20 and was blowing a bit. I was
aiming to beat last years time (and PB) of 39.57 so I was well on course at
5km but was well aware of what lay ahead.

A short flat section is followed by a steepening climb along a narrow path
through cropped fields (any overtaking at this point requires a scythe -
that's to cut down the crops and not your opponents you understand!) There is
one cheeky little steep ascent to negotiate but as you run under the
branches of the oak tree at the top you can see Newport below and you
realise that its all down hill from here. I took another well-needed swig of
water at around 7km to fend off the impending dehydration and got back onto
the tarmac and settled into a pretty good rhythm. I started to pass 1 or 2
and was shaking off the people I had been with since the start and was
feeling confident about beating my PB. Just before 9km I turned into the
sports field and the sudden transition from tarmac to soft grass seemed to
sap all of the energy out of my legs and with a gradual climb to the finish,
the sun beating down, I did consider whether getting a PB was really THAT
important! Anyway, I stuck at it and with the finish in sight I looked at my
watch and realised it was on so I put in one last effort and crossed the
line in 39.46, in 15th place. Well pleased and well-knackered!

Good luck to all those doing the 'Arf tomorrow!


Well done Guy, and don't forget if you have done a race we don't know about be sure to let us know by clicking on the race report link on the front page :-)


Hanley Economic


For many Trentham Running Club members this is the premier race event on their calendars and I know a lot of you have trained specifically for this race. There was a fabulous turn out from Trentham with a massive 34 of you donning your racing shoes and heading off to the City Centre. There was a great atmosphere in the town and Lionel was also there, not racing, but with his Museum Bus which also doubled up as a private TRC changing facility!

There were a number of fantastic Trentham Performances, especially considering the heat and the undulating nature of the course. Jayne Dickens was the most noteworthy coming in second Lady and 1st vet after a recent bout of injury. Looks like Rose Wilson may have picked up 1st LV50. Stan Winterton got 1st MV60 and Trevor Goodwin 1st MV70. Trentham Ladies also picked up the prize for Ladies Team with Jayne, Kiri and Kerry doing the club proud.

The Trentham results can be found below!

Posn Name Gun Chip Cat
20 Paul Gibbings 1:22:27 1:22:26 M45
26 Paul Burslem 1:24:08 1:24:05 M40
31 Rob Tabbenor 1:25:57 1:25:54 M45
39 Ryan Procter 1:26:59 1:26:56 M
40 Jayne Dickens 1:26:59 1:26:57 L40
58 Jon Williamson 1:28:51 1:28:48 M
61 Stan Winterton 1:29:11 1:29:08 M60
76 Dale Colclough 1:31:47 1:31:42 M45
83 John Keeling 1:32:11 1:32:08 M60
99 Ken Bloor 1:33:20 1:33:17 M45
140 Peter Caci 1:36:01 1:35:57 M55
147 Andrew Northwood 1:36:17 1:36:14 M
200 Stephen Burrowes 1:39:33 1:39:26 M45
223 Mark Hughes 1:40:49 1:40:45 M50
248 Gareth Williams 1:42:10 1:41:54 M45
253 Kiri Johnson 1:42:20 1:42:07 L
287 Alan Lewis 1:43:35 1:43:27 M65
328 Mark Cope 1:45:01 1:43:52 M
337 Chris Mosiuk 1:45:45 1:44:23 M
356 John Dowie 1:46:39 1:45:20 M
404 Kerry Woddowson 1:48:37 1:47:58 L35
417 Jill Phillips 1:49:08 1:48:52 L45
433 Rose Wilson 1:49:53 1:49:48 L50
436 Ken Pearson 1:50:04 1:49:48 M55
446 Melanie Dugan 1:50:22 1:49:10 L
502 Walter Mosiuk 1:52:16 1:50:54 M50
560 Trevor Goodwin 1:53:59 1:53:37 M70
638 Paul Bryan 1:56:51 1:55:44 M
652 Mark Day 1:57:11 1:56:59 M
689 Bob Knott 1:58:26 1:56:54 M50
903 Paul Dixon 2:06:35 2:05:03 M
1078 Kathryn Ambrose 2:14:53 2:13:43 L
1190 Malcolm Rushton 2:20:20 2:19:15 M55
1446 Steven Harris 2:50:09 2:49:01 M

Well done to ALL who took part and did our fabulous club and yourselves proud!

Full Results                          Race Photos
here                        here

Jayne Dickens had a fantastic run to come second lady and won herself £200 in the process.

This report comes in from Jayne:

Well Gob smacked doesnít describe how thrilled and astonished I am.

The Odds were against me beating Ruth Watchorn ĖRice who is doing huge PBs at the mo and I go and beat her by 2 places and get a 3min+ PB in the heat after just recovering from another virus and zero training since London (1.26.59)!  In fact on Thurs I had decided not to do Potts with feeling so unfit but the rest has obviously done me good.  Are you reading this Richard (Coach)??

Another bonus was that Keri, Kerry and me got the Ladies Team prize too Ė yippee!!

The race started off very frantic with Rebecca Harrison setting a pace for us local ladies which was far too fast for very hot/humid conditions, Ruth also followed her and for a change I stayed way behind. Rebecca was chasing the Elite lady Charlotte Moore from Bournemouth down (now a different name as she is now married).  Apparently Emma has run in the Commonwealth games. Behind me was another out of area lady from Nottingham but she never overtook me thank goodness. By the time we got to Fenton I was side by side with Ruth and stuck with her for a mile, Rebecca had slowed down so much that we now overtook her and Julia Myatt 5 mins later (on her bike) informed us that she had dropped out and was real upset. Then came the Longton Hill that we all love so much (which I can never remember), I overtook Ruth knowing that I have to go ahead uphill has she always has an advantage downhill, I get to the flat bit and Ruth still hasnít overtaken me  - erhh, she will later I thought. We get to Bentilee and still no Ruth and by Milton I have a 200m gap.  Passed my old friend I used to work with at Biddulph Valley Sports Centre, a top Triathlete in his day Chris Meir, Ė rubbed it in that this would be the first time I beat him if he didnít hurry up and blow me down Ian Sparks is right by him too wearing a stupid long sleeved top under his vest?? another Iíve never conquered before  (no wonder him wearing that).  They donít bite, said Iím going too fast and will blow up later, so I carry on ahead. Now I hear that the Nottingham girl has overtaken Ruth and is gaining on me quick, I start climbing the road to Holden Bridge as quick as I can, only 2 mile to go now and Iíve overtaken 4 more men going up it everyone cheering me on.  Iíd forgotten how cruel and merciless the last hill is going up to Birches Head/Sneyd Green Ė how on earth I didnít walk it I just donít know and everyone must of thought I was a steam train coming through Ė not just the noise but the vapours coming off me! I looked behind and I was clear, she hadnít even started climbing the hill. Now I could enjoy the last mile, coming into the town Ryan pulled up alongside Ė wow, me being ahead of Ryan all this time!! He was running relaxed and we had a chat, ďgo aheadĒ I said to him ďor you can enjoy the cheers being with the 2nd ladyĒ? He said heíd stick with me (too knackered I reckon J) and we finished side by side and me being greedy I played drama queen and geed the crowds on to shout up more.

After the ceremony I treated myself to a Big Mac and a long cool Soda and lime and never enjoyed it so much.  I would of loved to of joined everyone with their beers celebrating success but I was being pulled from pillar to post by the kids, weíd lost one of our passengers and had to be in a fit state to do the kids baths, nails and baking (Iíd promised them), cooking, cleaning, washing etc. on return home.  Nick was going out to another race when we got back Ė Oh, and I had to do all this with an Ice pack on my head Ė Did anybody else get too much sun??!!!

Thanks for that Jayne, and once again CONGRATULATIONS!

Just had this report in from Kiri Johnson who also had a fantastic run at the Potters Arf and has just got back from celebrating her success and her birthday on holiday.

Here's a little late report on the potters 'Arf - I went on hols on Monday and left before I'd seen any results. Thanks to Jill for letting me know about the team prize-it made my birthday and my week!
Although not a PB (and not expected either due to hills and heat) I enjoyed the race, I ran every step of the way including both 'the hills' and in fact I found it definitely the 'easiest' half marathon I have ever run. Don't get me wrong guys, I'm not saying its easy, but this year I decided not to pile on the mental pressure. I ran to enjoy it and I ran steady to prove to myself that The Potters 'Arf marathon no longer has a hold on me. I was looking for around 1.45 but really just wanted a nice, steady, enjoyable run because I needed not to be cramped up in stomach pain and shivering all afternoon (as per usual after my half marathon efforts).
I had to be fit for my birthday pub crawl I had planned later on...anyway, as you can see from the results I did ok and ok is enough. Until I decide on a new obsessive challenge-any suggestions guys?
As always, thanks loads to those in the middle group who have put up with some rather erratic paces from me as late and once again, well done again Trentham Ladies and good on all of us for being such a supportive club, whether you were running or on the sidelines (particularly Del for your cheers and Andy J-lucazade man).
See you next week,

Thanks for that Kiri, Happy Birthday and well done!


Stone St.Michael's 10k

Once again a HUGE turnout from Trentham runners after the fantastic showing at the Potters Arf the week before. A total of 25 members representing the club in their bright green vests and all doing a great job as usual!

The weather was calm and mild after the recent unsettled spell with just a slight breeze to cool the uncovered bits whilst doing 2 laps of the course.
First home again for Trentham was Paul Gibbings. The one-time Portsmouth runner has really found a new level of running lately to be up at the sharp end of most races and it's wonderful to see. Paul Burslem bought his family along on father's day to cheer him on and didn't disappoint the expectant ladies!
Rob Tabbanor also had another great run and first Lady home for the Greens was Jayne (2nd in the Potts) Dickens, closely followed by Sarah Johnson who was 1st Junior Female home.
In the Vets Stan Winterton again scooped the prize for M60 and Don Brookes for M70 whilst Rose Wilson nabbed the prize for the F50 category!

you can see Trentham results below and full results here!
and don't forget, if you raced today, why not tell us all about it here!

Position Name Category Time Pace m/m.s
11 Paul Gibbings M45 34:57 05.37
19 Paul Burslem M40 36:06 05.49
23 Rob Tabbanor M45 36:45 05.55
32 Ryan Procter M 37:38 06.03
42 Jayne Dickens F40 38:41 06.14
50 Sarah Johnson FJ 39:21 06.20
55 Guy (killer) Martin M 39:53 06.25
59 Jo Donnelly F 40:03 06.27
62 Stan Winterton M60 40:11 06.28
82 Lynne Callaghan F 41:18 06.39
111 Ken Bloor M45 43:02 06.56
136 Mark Hughes M50 44:03 07.05
156 Melanie Dugan F 45:14 07.17
160 Rose Wilson F50 45:22 07.18
164 Ian Grocott M45 45:33 07.20
174 Walter Mosiuk M50 45:53 07.23
180 Eva Berrill F 46:04 07.25
198 Kiri Johnson F 46:54 07.33
204 Don Brookes M70 47:04 07.34
230 Jill Phillips F45 47:58 07.43
238 Gerry Calvert M70 48:22 07.47
254 Sharon Edwards F40 49:19 07.56
267 Trevor Goodwin M70 50:28 08.07
314 Helen Ogden F40 52:58 08.31
342 Ken Pearson M55 55:23 08.55

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Shugborough Relays

Last Wednesday saw that time of year again where the normally peaceful, tranquil grounds of Shugborough Hall are invaded by hundreds of marauding Runners for the Shugborough Relays. This year saw a bit of a poor showing for Trentham with only 11 members turning up for the event which meant we only managed to get three teams out on the night. Somewhat surprising after the numbers we have had turning up at the local races lately, and what's more, no silly team names either, but on a positive note the runners that did turn up did the club proud. The highlight was the Ladies team taking the Ladies Open prize for 1st place.

Sarah Johnson got the team off to a flying start crossing the line in first place after the 1st leg in a time of 12:38, before handing over to Lynne Callaghan who also set the fastest time on the second leg storming around in 13:10. Jo Donnelly either found a shortcut in the woods or had a couple of Red Bulls before the start and absolutely FLEW around in 12:03 before Jayne Dickens bought home the team home in another cracking time of 12:13.

The men's team also put in a good performance. Paul Gibbings ran the first of his two legs on the night in an impressive 11:21 before Guy martin took over to record an equally impressive 11:50. Dan Clowes, Men's Team Captain and organizer for the event, took over next and ran a fantastic 12:03 himself before Dale Colclough bought the team home in 12:28. The final position was 14th place in a very impressive field.

The only other team was the Men's Vets team made up of Ken Pearson 14:29, Dave Shepherd 12:46, Stephen Burrowes 13:18, and finally Paul Gibbings (running his second leg) 11:36.    This was enough to put the team in 12th place, again in a very competitive field of entrants.

Well done to all those that took part and I can only say that I would encourage more members to take part next year in what is a really fun event. It gives you a good introduction to team races with NO PRESSURE whatsoever, you just turn up have a laugh, and do your bit! I'm sure Dan and Richard would love to see you there next year.

Full results here as well as photos!

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Hawkshead 10k

Our Lakeland Member from Keswick, Stephen Burrowes, regularly heads back up to home ground for races in the Lake District and this Wednesday was another one of those occasions for him when he took part in the Hawkshead 10k road race.

This in from Steve
"Another fine day in the Lake District, this time running quite quickly around Esthwaite Water. This is the only road race organised by Kendal AAC and has the lure of a barbecue at the end, so two good reasons for driving up and taking part. It was a lovely evening and there was even a runner from City of Stoke AC (Anthony Faulkner) who happened to be on holiday in the area. Having started in the very pretty village of Hawkshead and run around Esthwaite Water, we were treated to views across to the Langdale Pikes and it is hard to imagine a more scenic 10K. It is hilly without being ridiculously so and there is a downhill finish. If you are up in the Lakes in the middle of June, this is a road race well worth entering.
This isn't a pb course and my finishing time of 43:55 was a little slower than last year. Danny Parkinson, another Kendal runner finished first in a time of 32:43 and I was in the top 30%. So I've still got to find a fast 10K, train harder, put in a really good effort and try for something nearer 40 minutes!"

Thanks for the report Steve!

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Weekend Action

Well, what a busy month June has been for Trentham runners with loads of you taking part in the local races and races from further afield. The final weekend in June was no exception as a good Trentham RC turnout ensured prizes were claimed at the Newcastle Relays.

There was a Senior Men's Team, a Senior Ladies Team and three Mixed teams all doing great times and getting good results.

The Ladies Team won first prize in the Ladies Race for the second consecutive year, and also set the four fastest individual times for the ladies too, with Jayne winning the prize for fastest time of the day with a 5:38, although it was VERY close with all four lady's times within 10 seconds of each other. Jo, Jayne, Lynne and Sarah made up the winning team.

The other prize was won by the 'Mixed Bag' team made up of Paul B, Mel, Gail & Guy who came second in the mixed race and I believe won a chocolate orange for their efforts. Also a special mention to Richard 'Chairman' O'Keefe who was donning his threadbare Trentham Vest for the first time in years for the Relays and managed a storming 6:18.

Report from Mark Day:
"Personally it was great to be part of the team and see so many 'greens' there. I'm thrilled to bits with my own time. Having not done a timed mile before I guessed I'd do around 6:30, so to clock 5:52 was a shock. It did confirm what I've thought for the last few months though in that I'm more competitive the shorter the race.
Well done again to all the Trentham runners who took part. It was nice to see Ian back after his injury and Jo deserves a mention too for running with what I heard her say was a lousy hangover."

Full results available here

More weekend action !

Mark (Makro) Day took a drive out to Shropshire On Sunday for the 'Gate Gallop' 10k race near Telford and sends us this report:

"I've been down to Telford for the 10k 'Gate Gallop'. It's a different course this year and in previous years its been run over 7 miles. It's now completely off road the majority being tracks around edges of fields. The scenery is lovely out in the country and the profile could be said to be 'undulating'. I'd say it was 'tough' but not quite 'hard' :)
It's energy sapping as some of the time you're running through long grass in what was today quite hot and humid conditions
Oh and did I mention that the course takes you over 7 stiles too! It's a bit like one of Lionel's Sunday morning runs but thankfully without the nettles :)
So it's a course that you're not gonna get a PB on but it's a really fun event. I'd recommend it to anyone who fancies something a bit different. Next year I'll see if I can get a few more people out I think. There's plenty of stuff going on at the venue to keep kids entertained and a great cake stall. Mmmm cake.
Maybe one for a future championship race Jill?
Anyway I'm again pleased with my run. I did 49:39 and will definitely be back next year."

Thanks for that Marko, and remember if you've done a race that we don't know about send us your report so we can read all about it here. We'd love to know :-)

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Club Time Trial

This Tuesday saw the re-introduction of the Club Time-trial which will now be held on the last Tuesday of every month with the first one taking place this Tuesday.

I have had no reports or anything, just a set of results sent in, so here they are. If you took part in the time-trial please send in some details so we can write a better report!

Mark Day sent in this piece which will give you some idea how it works:

We trotted out to the Wedgwood area along the canal, and Richard kindly showed up where we would be finishing (just a little bit up the road from the Wedgwood cricket pitch). He'd carefully measured a 3KM route for the time trial (using a foot long piece of string I believe), with the start being directly outside Barlaston Hall.
The route takes you along the drive through the trees from the hall, turning left at the funny shaped detached house on the corner. The road rises slightly and you follow it out to the country lane and then taking another left where its signposted for the Wedgwood Visitor Centre. The last third of the mile or so is all down hill, which comes as a blessing if you've pushed it up to that point.
So there you have it.
I had the added pleasure of knowing that about 400 yards away from me as I ran down that last hill was my wife and the rest of her family eating a roast dinner :(

Also worthy of note is that if you are planning on taking part in next month's TT then everyone times themselves over the course so you will need to bring your watch, clock, metronome or other timing device with you!



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