July 2009 News

First Weekend Racing Action

The first weekend of July saw many Trentham Athletes in action once again as the sun continued to shine over Great Britain. First up was the Black Country Half Marathon on Saturday where Trentham Runner Mark Cope was taking part.
Sunday saw the Shifnal Half Marathon take place near Telford and Trentham took a good number of runners along to this challenging event which includes some good climbs along with dusty trails, fords, gates and styals. First finisher for Trentham was Adela Salt who also won the Ladies Race, closely followed by Ryan Procter who was 1st MV35(?). Kiri Johnson also had a good run to come 4th in the Ladies Race. Great fun in the sun but not a PB course.

Many of you have sent in your reports which make for great reading and help let other members know what we've all been up to so thank you and keep sending them in.

This from Mark Cope who ran two Halves in Two days
The Birmingham and Black Country Half Marathon
Start, Wolverhampton Canal Dock near The Canal Club
Finish, Brindley Place, Birmingham near the N.I.A
A time trial event, point to point.
The Birmingham and Black Country Half Marathon runs along the canal that links Wolverhampton and Birmingham. After finding The Canal Club and registering a time chip was strapped to my leg and i made my way to the start. After a race brief mostly informing runners that drinking the canal water was not recommended, we began.
The course is slightly downhill apart from a few bridges. The thing that makes this race unique is the 360 yard tunnel at Coseley, as you get further into the tunnel it is pitch black, don't look behind you!
Overall a good race that I would recommend and the support towards the end makes it a good finish.
Mark finished 69th in a time of1:40:01, well done Mark!

Shifnal Steeplchase Half Marathon
A race that runs between the churches of Shifnal, Ryton, Beckbury and Kemberton.
After meeting at base, The Trentham Army made their way to Shifnal. Registration was at Idsall School with a short walk to the start.
The course soon broke into the countryside which made this race very interesting. The Shifnal Half truly has everything including challenging hills, tracks, footpaths and a couple of fords that need to be avoided.
A very enjoyable run and a good Trentham turn out, well done everyone.

Thanks for that Mark, and this report comes from Kathryn Ambrose who took raced at Shifnal:

You know it's a tough race when...

1. Jill says it's not
2. Bryan Dale says on his website that it was!

This was my first attempt at this 'Steeplechase' Half Marathon, so named because the course takes you via four churches, connecting the parishes of Shifnal, Ryton, Beckbury and Kemberton. However, a large puddle or two along route could've fooled you into thinking that this was a real steeplechase! There were no hurdles, mind you, but my poor confuddled brain did struggle to figure out how to open the gate between 11 and 12 miles.

Having decided very late on to run this (persuaded by Jill - see above), I wasn't anticipating a particular time, I just wanted to enjoy doing something a little bit different. And it certainly was tricky! The upward climbs were long and quite drawn out, whereas the downhill sections presented their own challenges, as they were short and steep, so I didn't make up as much time as usual there. I tried not to look at my watch but to run more according to how I felt, but I have since discovered that I started a bit too fast and I slowed pretty badly after 6 miles. I had a feeling that was when it started to go wrong, but there's nothing quite like some cold, hard mile splits getting slower and slower to reaffirm that!

Anyway, I finished in 2.17, which is rather snail-like, but I'm just pleased that I got round in the end. And I got quite a few points in the TRC road champs :) The green vests of Trentham did themselves proud as usual, with some amazing performances from Del (1st lady), Kiri (4th lady) and Ryan (1st MV 35). Mark Cope also put in a brilliant run with a 1.39, despite having run another half marathon yesterday (also a 1.40!) - bonkers! Anyone who ran today should give themselves a huge pat on the back, for enduring both a tough course and some even tougher weather conditions (I have topped up my Trentham vest tan nicely today!).

Must also add a big thank you to Ken Pearson, who very kindly gave me his race number for today. Hope we see you back racing again soon, Ken! And also thanks to Walter and Mark for the lifts - I managed to break my phone just before the start, so couldn't call home! So along with the muscle soreness and post-race lethargy, I've just had to get a new phone...Silver linings, and all that!

........And another report this time fro Stephen Burrowes:

Congratulations to Adela (1st lady across the line) and Ryan for finishing in the top ten and all the other Trentham runners who took part in a challenging race on a hot day. The scenery around the course is lovely and it is good to have some variety in running surface although maybe the line could be drawn at uphill dirt tracks. The first half of the race went better than expected but I hadn't quite appreciated why I was finding the later stages of the race so tough until Ryan pointed out how much of it was a steady uphill drag and I finished in a time of 1:40:24. As Mark Cope powered past me in the closing stages, I thought, yet again, that I really will have to get serious about some hill reps on a weekly basis. If I'd tried to keep up, I'd have been on my knees by the finishing line (if I'd managed to get that far) and Mark had completed another half marathon the day before. An impressive run, Mark, well done.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the reports. Results for Shifnal can be seen below whilst full results can be found here and photos from the race can be seen on Bryan Dale's website.

Position Name Time cat
9 Del Salt 1:28:20 1st Female
10 Ryan Procter 1:28:45 1st MV35
49 Mark Cope 1:39:39 SM
54 Stephen Burrowes 1:40:24 MV45
60 Kiri Johnson 1:41:47 SF
77 Mark Hughes 1:45:03 MV50
89 Gareth Williams 1:47:18 MV45
103 Jill Phillips 1:50:34 FV45
113 Chris Mosiuk 1:53:54 SM
116 Walter Mosiuk 1:54:51 MV50
188 Kathryn Ambrose 2:17:40 SF

 Well done to all who raced this weekend :-)

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Del also sent in this report from Shifnal:

I don’t usually believe in clichés but on this occasion, “third time lucky” couldn’t have come at a better time. Having dropped out of the London Marathon back in April due to a long term foot problem, I’d had a break from running to give my foot chance to heal, and only started back again a couple of weeks ago. So, when turning up for the 3rd time at the Shifnal Steeplechase Half Marathon, my only real goal was to break 90 minutes (bit embarrassing considering my best is some 10 minutes quicker!)

I’ve been trying to keep a low profile recently due to the injury as although I’m always realistic about my goals, sometimes other people have different expectations and I don’t want that pressure at the moment. That’s why I decided to do Shifnal as it’s out of the area, has just 200 or so runners, and still has that small local feel that I love about races. I also know that it has several climbs, is multi-terrain, includes crossing the odd brook and clambering over styles, gives the opportunity of taking in the local flora and fauna of Shropshire, and in general – based on past experience – it’s always hot and sunny but there’s water aplenty so no worries about dehydrating!

The plan was simple – run my own race, run it as hard as possible, and stay focused.

The first 8 miles went by in a blur and before I knew it I was coming up to 9 miles when it suddenly dawned on me that I was actually leading the ladies race. That’s when the legs went wobbly and I though “Oh s**t!” The 2 other times I’ve done this race, I’d lost my lead at about 8 or 9 miles on the hill, so for the remainder of the race, I was convinced that the next lady was on my tail and would glide past me in a sprint finish when I already had absolutely nothing in the legs. I’ve always remembered what an old coach said to me in days gone by – never look behind in a race as it shows lack of confidence to competitors, and you lose time by turning. Whether it’s true or not, I just stayed focused looking ahead, and having passed a couple of chaps passing through the town of Shifnal, I moved into 9th place overall.

The lane leading up to the school and ultimately the finish went on forever – 400m seemed like one hell of a long way – but I could see the finish gantry and knew then that not only would I break 90 minutes, but I was also going to win my first race since Langdale Marathon in September last year. I’d forgotten what victory feels like, I’d forgotten what it feels like to know you’ve given your all in a race and couldn’t have done any better, I’d forgotten what it feels like to keep pushing hard when your body is crying out something different.

My time was 1.28.20 – not a brilliant time by my standards, but good enough for me on Sunday – and winning the ladies race was an added bonus. I needed to get that buzz again, I needed to feel competitive, and I needed it to hurt. Mission accomplished!

I should also say a HUGE well done to all the other Trentham folks out there on Sunday – particularly Kiri who finished 4th lady – WELL DONE EVERYBODY!

Thanks Del

Berryhill 10K

Many thanks to Jo Donnelly who has kindly sent in this report from Berryhill 10k on Tuesday evening. There was a pretty low turn out for the event partly due to the poor weather during the day, but it was actually dry and sunny for the race itself:

With grey clouds looming ominously I thought we were going to be in for a re run of last year when we all got absolutely soaked before the race even started. Thankfully however, the rain held off and we managed to get to the start line dry.

I only spotted one or two Trentham vest before the start – which is very unusual - and it was really strange setting off without the usual sea of green in front of me. In fact the field was quite small in general with a lot of the regulars missing. As normal the course was one small lap and two big ones, which meant three trips up the windy hill.

This race is not one of my favourites and I never seem to have a great run!!! True to form, I set out at a steady pace and gradually got steadier and steadier – in fact I’d be surprised if I wasn’t running backwards by the end.

Anyway, I finally finished a good four minutes off my PB and somehow got third female. Well done to the Trentham runners who did take part – Dave Myatt passed me early on and seemed to be going well.

Thanks for the report Jo and well done on getting 3rd lady!

Results for TRC can be found below whilst full results are available here.
position Name & Cat time
24 Dave Myatt (V55) 41:39
31 Jo Donnely (SL) 42:56
57 Alan Lewis (V65) 47:32
68 Ken Bloor (V45) 48:47
78 Rose Wilson (LV50) 49:29
85 Don Brookes (V70) 50:20
104 Malcolm Rushton (V55) 56:26

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aHappy Anniversary

Thursday 9th July saw the coming of the 20th anniversary of our fabulous club and was marked with a special anniversary programme of entertainment which included a 3 legged relay. The 3 x 2.6 mile event had 12 teams of three competing for the honours of winning the club relay in this special year. There was also a massive barbeque and buffet along with a prize raffle and quiz.

There were many members past and present in attendance with founder members Dave Filmer and Dave Clarke cutting the special anniversary cake. It really was a good night and a lot of fun was had by all who came. The run itself was very competitive with Rob Tabbenor, Debbie Thomas and Pete Caci claiming 1st Prize.

The quiz was won by a certain Mr Filmer's team and considering that the quiz related to the history of the running club over the last 20 years he really was favourite to win it.

There were many winners in the raffle and thanks goes to Jill for organising that and arranging the prizes. Thanks to Jill also for the magnificent cake that she made especially for the occasion from scratch. It really was a magnificent effort and capped off a superb evening.

Thanks must go for the most part to Dave Shepherd who organised the whole evening's entertainment and programme of events. Also help on the day came from Dave Clarke, Richard O'Keefe, Lionel Jones, Gareth Williams, Graham Birch and Ken Rushton. Well done Guys, and well done to all of you who turned out and helped make the evening a great success. here's to another 20 Years, hooray!

Richard on 1st Leg Of relay                                Jill on 2nd leg Of Relays


Dave applauds Del Home whilst.....                    Kathryn Finishes in a hail of splendour


Raffle time with Jill


Chairman's approval and.....                                 Chairmen past & Present


The two Daves cut the cake and.....                        Jill's cake in all it's glory! :-)

Dave Shepherd who was responsible for the planning and organising of the event has asked for this to be posted on the website:

As the organiser of last week's event, I think it is only appropriate that I post the 'official' thank you notice.

But first, I hope everyone had a great time last Thursday (09 July 2009) and roll on the Silver Jubilee (that's 25-years for those who don't know).  Hopefully by then we will have found someone good to organise the party and it will be far more professionally run.

My main reason in writing this announcement is to thank the following people:-

1)      Ryan & Emma for sorting out the food and running the veggie barbi
2)      Graham & Paul for standing in as master chefs in the absence of Alan Evans
3)      Graham, Alison, Gareth, Dave Clark & Adele for the gazebos (Adele only leant a
         single pole but without it Dave's gazebo would have collapsed)
4)      Alison & Gareth and the Rugby Club for the barbecues
5)      Ken Rushton for the relay prizes, marshal bibs and various other things to do
         with the race
6)      All the race marshals
7)      Jill for organising the raffle and baking the cake
8)      Rob Evans for providing the meat and rolls

I must also congratulate Rob, Debbie and Pete on winning the relay.  I must also distance myself from the handicapping!  Well done to everyone who took part and thanks for entering.

Finally I would like to thank Dave Filmer for his kind words on the night and congratulate him on winning the quiz.  However, as 19 of the 20 questions involved him in some way, the only way he wasn't going to win was if he had Alzheimer's disease!


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Cheadle 4

Sunday 12th July was the annual Cheadle 4 with 'That Hill' up to Freehay which everyone dreads, but at the same time looks forward to! There was a very good turnout from Trentham Running Club for this race especially considering the conditions the night before and the uncertainty surrounding the weather on the day. There was a strong headwind as the runners headed out of Cheadle for the first mile and then turned left for the awaited uphill struggle!

This report comes in from kathryn Ambrose:

Hello there!
When my alarm went off at 7.30 this morning, I must admit I felt seriously tempted to turn it off and go back to sleep! Without wishing to go into too much detail, a wedding yesterday - complete with far too much rich food - had meant that Imodium was on the menu for breakfast this morning! However, I really didn't want to miss this one, as I was dying to see if the hill was as fearsome as I'd been promised.
As it happened, I had a pretty good race. If you took the hill out (haha), my mile splits were mostly in the 8.40 range, which hasn't happened in a race since before the marathon. And it was a PB too, as the only other 4 mile race I've done was about 8 years ago when I ambled my way along in about 44 minutes. Crossed the line in 37.38, to the cheers of lots of my fabulous club-mates, my husband and my little boy, John-Paul, who is now officially Trentham RC's youngest member :) Will definitely be back next year for this one!

Looking forward to Fenton Park 5K on Tuesday and really really hoping for another PB!
Kathryn x

Thanks for that Kathryn. There were some great performances from Trentham especially from Paul Gibbings who came 5th as well as Paul Burslem and Rob Tabbanor. Guy martin also had a really good run and Jo Donnelly managed to pick up another 3rd place in the Ladies and Stan Winterton came 1st in the V60 cat!

Results and photo are below, whilst another report from Cheadle this time form the electronic pen of Mark Day:

I was looking forward to this one as its yet another first timer for me. I'd heard about the big hill and having been to the pub in Freehay a few times I kind of knew what was coming.
For the statistical/geeky/boring (delete as appropriate) amongst you the hill it rises 255 feet in 1.8 miles. Compare that to the hill up to Alsagers Bank in the Newcastle 7, which is a 290 foot climb in 1.5 miles and Anchor Road in Longton on the Potters Arf route which is a 100 foot rise in 0.75 miles.
So the point of that is that its a serious hill and a long one.
I was very happy with my pacing through the race, for once I did the first mile at the pace I wanted to rather than going off too quickly. I had plenty in the tank going up the hill and passed quite a few people that were already suffering. The downhill section back into Cheadle was great and I was gaining on the two Trentham runners in front of me (Rose and Don). With two other races this week I didn't go hell for leather for the finish, and was quite happy to finish a little under the time I thought I'd do.
Again it was fantastic to see so many Trentham team members out, all doing well in a strong field with plenty of people going for NSRRA points.

Thanks for that Mark and for the team photo below!

Team Trentham after the finish of the Cheadle 4 Road race

Trentham results below, full results here!
Pos Name Time Cat
5 Paul Gibbings 22:54 MV45
13 Paul Burslem 23:49 MV40
14 Rob Tabbanor 23:53 MV45
17 Ryan Procter 24:55 M
21 Guy martin 25:14 M
27 Dave Myatt 25:52 M55
33 Jo Donnelly 26:16 L
42 Stan Winterton 26:52 MV60
61 Stephen Burrowes 28:03 MV45
66 Chris Mosiuk 28:08 M
77 Ken Bloor 28:44 MV45
81 Mark Hughes 28:55 MV50
84 Alan Lewis 29:09 MV65+
99 Rose Wilson 29:42 LV50
100 Don Foy 29:42 MV55
101 Mark Day 29:44 M
116 Walter Mosiuk 30:35 MV50
126 Don Brookes 31:23 MV65+
133 Eva Berril 31:41 L
136 Gerry Calvert 31:56 MV65+
155 Trevor Goodwin 33:11 MV65+
179 Malcolm Rushton 35:30 MV55
187 Kathryn Ambrose 37:38 L

My apologies to anyone I've missed, please email me if you're not in the results!

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Fenton Park 5k Grand Prix

Since taking over the website I have shied away from writing race reports as I don't want the website to become my own scrapbook, but as I enjoyed yesterday's race so much and the fact that none have arrived so far I will make an exception.

As people were arriving for the Senior Race the weather was okay and after some earlier light showers it was looking fine but not to warm as the junior races were already underway. The Lucazade stand was doing a great trade, not that surprising really as everything was free. The Gels and drinks sachets that normally cost around £1 each were being snaffled up left right and centre by eager folk, seemingly taking much more interest than usual in their pre-race fluid intake and post race recovery, where as other, less discreet folk were coming up and saying, "Got any freebies"! Well, at least they're honest!
As we rammed all of the bars and sachets into our race bags, which had become goodie bags, the skies started to turn darker and a shower looked inevitable just before the start. No-one however would have predicted that the shower would be so heavy, sustained and cold as it was, so with people huddled under umbrellas, registration tents, freebie vans and nearby trees the whistle was blown for the 5 minute reminder and everyone begrudgingly trudged across the sodden grass down to the start area. Whilst we were waiting for the race officials to arrive again, nearby trees provided shelter and when they did arrive and sounded the line-up whistle it was a comical sight as runners emerged from the surrounding forest, like parakeets descending on a pot of nectar, only much, much wetter!
Thankfully the starters didn't have too much of a sadistic streak and after a bit of jostling we were off for 3 and a bit laps of the hillside, twisty park paths of Fenton. the paths were very slippy in places, especially the first uphill section which leads to the start/finish area, and on reaching this area the normally thriving hive of activity for spectators was reduced to a few who had been thoughtful enough to bring umbrellas or raincoats as the rest were seemingly reduced to just legs underneath the nearby overhanging trees! The first lap, as always, was at a very fast tempo and I positioned myself into a small bunch as others streaked away into an early lead. On the second lap our little group was reduced to three runners which included our very own Paul Burslem as we started to reel in and then overtake the faster starters. The three of us seemed to be dragging each-other along and for two and a half of the three laps there was no more than a metre between us all the time.
The rain had now subsided and the cold was no longer felt as the steepest climb on the last lap finally separated us, and I was left trailing Paul Burslem and the other runner. On the last climb I managed to get within striking distance but could not bring my tired body any closer as I limped over the line to congratulate the other competitors who had already finished. I always enjoy heading back down the course a little way once I've got my breath back to encourage the other runners in their final efforts, and it usually works, shouting at Eva, who managed to out-sprint her rivals and Rose & Mark, who I managed to get to sprint for no good reason!
Another torturous event out of the way and back to the club for a much needed hot shower and some much needed Flapjack, provided by Nicky, and equally needed liquid recovery drink in the form of a couple of pints of Bombardier! Well done everyone that raced with another good turnout from Trentham!

Trentham results are available below, whilst full results can be found here!
Position Name Time Category
10 Paul Gibbings 17:54 M45
14 Paul Burslem 18:26 M40
16 Ryan Procter 18:31 M
25 Dave Myatt 19:28 M50
26 Jo Donnelly 19:30 F
27 Dave Shepherd 19:33 M50
35 Mark Cope 20:31 M
39 Brian Tonks 20:47 M50
44 Mark Day (Makro) 21:13 M
57 Eva Berrill 22:31 F
61 Mark Hughes 22:42 M50
62 Alan Lewis 22:45 M65
64 Rose Wilson 22:48 F50
65 Ken Bloor 23:04 M45
69 Don Brookes 23:55 M70
74 Trevor Goodwin 25:41 M70
81 Kathryn Ambrose 27:31 F

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Thursday saw a very wet and windy Rocester host the JCB 5 mile race around the roads near the local digger manufacturer's factory! A number of Trentham runners went along to take part, however I have heard that not all managed to register on the day and therefore either didn't run or, ran and pulled out before the finish. Looking at the results page it also appears that a few runners didn't pull out before the finish as there are some mystery runners who have times, but no name, number or club! Maybe it's the ghosts from the nearby Denstone Hall?

One runner who did manage to complete the course with a name and time is Mark Day who kindly sent in this report:

I've raced down Rocester way tonight in the JCB lakeside 5. The weather was glorious for water fowl and I'm sure there were more lakes when we left than when we arrived!
I was a JCB5 virgin and wanted another good run after a PB at Fenton on Tuesday. After the first lap I was going well and finding it pretty comfortable. I already knew that doing the same again would get me that PB which was a great feeling. The hill on the second lap didn't slow me too much and I managed to push it hard for the last half mile to knock 30 secs off my previous best. I really really enjoyed this race and its funny how you don't really notice the rain once you get going.
It was a low turnout by Trentham runners tonight though, maybe due to the weather? I know Paul B, Walter and Chris were all happy with their runs too, with both Mosiuk's also getting PB's.
So a good night for us as well as the local ducks!

Thanks for that Mark and the results for those that could get in from Trentham are below. Full results here!
Position Name & Cat Time
13 Paul Burslem       MV40 29:50
51 Chris Mosiuk   SM 34:13
88 Mark Day       SM 36:21
108 Walter Mosiuk   MV50 37:30
138 Don Brookes   1st  MV70 39:00

well done to all those who took part, even if not counted!

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With so many of you marshalling or helping out in some other capacity there was less Trentham runners racing than would usually turn out for such a local event, but those that did had very good runs indeed, well mostly!

Story of the day is SARAH JOHNSON'S excellent win in the Ladies race which went right to the wire. This win also helped Trentham ladies win the team prize along with Jo Donnelly and Kiri Johnson. There were also age group prizes for Rose Wilson, Gerry Calvert and Stan Winterton.

A number of you have sent in reports, firstly from ladies race winner Sarah;

Well, here's my version of today

I had a pretty good run today and although some may disagree, Trentham 10 is one of my favourite races as the uphill is steep whilst the downhill is long and easy to run down as generally i struggle with steep downhills ( it sounds daft but i hate the jolting) and usually lose places on them. This was the second time i have run the race and took the first 5 miles at what felt like quite a steady pace but at 32.36 was at least 30 seconds faster than intended and faster than last year. Mile 6 was the worst mile and the mile where i felt like i was running through treacle as the long downhill ended and the uphill began. I concentrated on the people in front and after a few minutes of adjusting to the new gradient i managed to speed up a bit and catch up with the first lady. On the very steep hill i pushed on to get into first position as i knew hills were my strong point and if i didn't get onto the straight bit in front then i wouldn't be able to catch up. The rest of the race was prenty un eventful untill 8 mile where i had been caught up but refused to give in and picked up the pace. At nine mile we were neck and neck and i think i started speaking out lound with mumbles of 'not giving up' and'noooo' as i was nearly overtaken. At 9.5 i think it was Mark Day who called out half a mile left - thankyou!- and i felt really sick going up the last hill only just in first place. At the brow of the hill my Dad had turned up to watch the finish and his 'helpful' advice of 'run faster she's catching up' seemed to give me the last boost to reach the finish where i promptly sat down on the grass and didn't move for a good ten minutes. This may be why when i did get up my quads hade 's turned into what felt like a sack of snakes that were cramping uncontrollably which is a first for me! All in all a good race and considering my recent injury ( fell off a bike) that has mean't no speedwork for a few weeks now and a couple of weeks rest this month i was pleased to get a similar time to last year and have already put my big red apron in the kitchen drawer :)

Thanks for that Sarah, and from a Marshals perspective this from Mark day:

Today was my first ever Trentham 10. The weather made the prospects somewhat daunting, although I've got used to getting wet this week!
It didn't turn out all that bad though, and the cup of tea and the cake at the end were well worth the days exertions. Oh yes, did I mention I was just a marshal :)

Anyway, back in the race a field of around 300 runners took on the challenging hills of the Trentham 10.
Considering we had so many people helping out it was great to see we still got a good number of our runners out there too.
As I remember it from my post at the bottom of the dip in Winghouse lane, Paul G was the first Trentham runner home closely followed by Paul B and Rob.
In the ladies race it was good to see that Sarah had gained places in the second lap to lead the womens race as she passed us for the final time with about half a mile to go. With the second place lady right on her shoulder as she headed for the last hill I hoped she'd hang on, and was pleased to find out that she did. Well done.
Another good effort from the 3 Trentham ladies who took the team prize and all the other Trentham runners who took part today including the others who got prizes in their categories.
It was great to see everything go so smoothly with the race organisation. Everyone involved did the club proud, and there are already plenty of complements on the race ratings section of the Runners World website. Well done all!

Thanks Mark, and results for Trentham Runners can be found below.

Position Name Category Time
12 Paul Gibbings MV45 1:01:16
15 Paul Burslem MV40 1:02:34
16 Rob Tabbanor MV50 1:02:46
31 Sarah Johnson L 1:05:43
36 Ryan Procter M 1:06:53
56 Stan Winterton MV60 1:09:02
66 Jo Donnelly L 1:10:32
80 Stephen Burrowes MV45 1:11:42
83 Ken Bloor MV45 1:12:00
98 Chris Mosiuk M 1:13:48
110 Kiri Johnson L 1:14:39
114 Mark Hughes MV50 1:15:19
122 Alan Lewis MV65 1:15:57
143 Rose Wilson LV50 1:18:57
168 Gerry Calvert MV70 1:22:41
169 Eva Berrill L 1:22:43
188 Trevor Goodwin MV70 1:25:38

Chasewater 10k

And whilst everyone's attention was fixed on the Trentham 10 Del Salt managed to sneak off to Chasewater to compete in the Chasewater 10k.
By the sounds of things Del had a really good race and enjoyed it and here's what she had to say about it:

Just to let you know that I took part in the Chasewater 10k today - a lovely little 2 lap race around Chasewater near Cannock. It's a pity it always clashes with the Trentham 10 as it has some lovely scenery and is mostly off-road on trails and tracks around the lake. There are a couple of little humps, but nothing too serious. Today it was somewhat damp underfoot and a little breezy, but I'm pleased to say that I won the ladies race in 39.29 - my second race win in as many weeks - so I'm really chuffed! Hope all went well at the Trentham 10. See you all soon, Del x (Is that better Gaz??!!)

Well done Adela on your win and results for the race can be found here!

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Club Time Trial

Last Month Training coach Richard O'Keefe re-introduced the club time trial as a speed session where members could see if they were improving from month to month. The latest time trial took place in very wet conditions last night round Wedgwood, with almost everyone going quicker than they did last time.

As this is a monthly event the results will be on a spreadsheet so you can compare your times on each occasion. Last night's results, where Men's captain Dan Clowes was Mr Speedy Gonzales, can be found here along with the previous results.




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