February News 2009

1st February - Fabulous Results for Trentham at Alsager 5

The first day of February brought some outstanding results for Trentham at the Alsager 5 mile road race on Sunday, with many of our runners coming away with PBs despite the cold temperatures and gusty winds.  Renowned as a fast course, it was excellent to see so many of our chaps getting under 30 minutes for the distance for the first time in many years and just goes to show that Trentham gents are starting to get a strong team together, which can only get better.

Ian Yates was the star of the day, finishing in a swift 27.19 and placing him 52nd overall which just goes to show the quality of the field. Paul Burslem, Rob Tabbanor and Ryan Proctor all ran PB's so bloody well done to each of you!! Andrew Northwood also had an excellent race, and missed out on a sub 30 mins by a mere 14 seconds and I'm pretty sure that next time, he'll do it. In the individual prizes, Gerry Calvert won 1st prize in the V70 category in a superb 40.13.

Not to be outdone by the gents, Trentham ladies also fought bravely and came away as first team in the senior ladies and 3rd lady vets team. Jayne Dickens was the first Trentham lady over the line, leading the team to win the senior ladies prize by a clear 20 points or so, whilst the lady vets team finished in 3rd following a fine run by new member Rosemary Wilson.

PBs tumbled for the ladies too, with Mel Dugan, Karen Marshallsay and Kaz Brandt all getting PBs, and I'm pretty sure that some of the others also came close. This has just come in from Kaz.....

I woke up this morning feeling tired and with a cold and really really
didn't want to run and poor Nels saw the grumpy side of me for the first
time..apparently it's sweet! Anyway we got to Alsager and were greeted by very cold conditions and the usual gusty wind which seems to be the
signature mark of Alsager 5. Although still feeling grumpy I was
determined to beat my 38:46 time from last year. We all set off and
instantly my grumpiness went, I felt good, the wind calmed down and the
sun came out (I paid good money for this!). I was trying to pace myself at
7:30 but after clocking just over 14 minutes at the 2 mile mark, I thought
sod it, let's see what these legs can do! Massively helped by knowing that
Nels was supporting me all the way and that Richard (aka Jackie) would
inevitably give me grief over looking at my watch (I only do it when I see
you Rich, the abuse makes me run faster!), I quickened my pace and then
belted the last mile crossing the finishing line at 36:15! I never thought
I would get that time and I am quite simply over the moon!!!

See ya there next year!

Kaz xx

Photo of some of the starts - Richard O'Keeffe, Jo Donnelly, Kaz Brandt, Ryan Procter, Mel Dugan and just hiding on the right hand side is Karen Marshallsay

All in all, a fantastic day for the club, with a whopping 29 runners coming from our club - WELL DONE TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!

Full results can be found here, whilst Trentham results are listed below (this table took bloomin ages to type up, so hope you all appreciate it!!)

52 Ian Yates M 27.19
107 Paul Burslem M40 29.36
111 Rob Tabbanor M45 29.42
119 Ryan Procter M 29.53
132 Andrew Northwood M 30.14
151 Jayne Dickens L40 30.43
157 Jon Williamson M 30.50
174 Phil Mainwaring M 31.11
176 Kris Carroll M 31.13
186 Guy Martin M 31.23
198 Sarah Johnson L 31.46
200 Dave Myatt M50 31.53
224 Jo Donnelly L 32.33
227 Deb Thomas L 32.35
261 Karen Marshallsay L 33.39
263 Lynne Callaghan L 33.42
289 Stephen Burrowes M45 34.18
328 Mel Dugan L 35.03
335 Alan Lewis M65 35.09
364 Ken Bloor M45 35.42
392 Kaz Brandt L 36.14
468 Anthony Lovatt M55 37.40
523 Mark Day M35 38.32
585 Rosemary Wilson L45 39.35
600 Gerry Calvert M70 39.48
604 Trevor Goodwin M70 39.53
624 Don Brookes M70 40.13
648 Malcolm Rushton M55 40.45
669 Louise Sadler L 41.16

Sunday 8th February - Knype Pool 5 Mile Charity Run

Lots of people were on about doing this one down the club on Thursday evening, so if you were one of them and you took part, why not send us YOUR report instead of us boring you with the usual rubbish stuff and trying to guess how the race went for you.......??

** Update bits and bobs ** Official Results now available here, whilst an excellent write up on the event from the Evening Sentinel can be found here - excellent publicity for the club!

And finally, a quick word from Dale Colclough who has recently rejoined Trentham - welcome back Dale!

 Thought I would just say well done to all who took part at knypersley yesterday.  Special well done to Ryan.  I will be talking to him next week about his self talk though.  

Given that this was an off road race in difficult conditions. I thought it was a good time to advertise the best race ever.  It was my 4th time out at the Longmynd Valleys fell race.  12 of the toughest miles you can ever run.  I was rubbish, finishing 67th following last years 25th.    Take a   look at the great pics on this link  http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/alastair.tye/LongMyndValleysRace?feat=directlink


** UPDATE **

News just in from Ryan and Deb, and yep, looks like some of you did run this one, so well done to all of you that took part - particularly Jo Donnelly for winning the ladies race, and to Ryan Procter for finishing 3rd in the gents race.  This is what Ryan and Deb had to say............

"I just wanted to get in before anyone else did about the Pools Race.

I had a good run today (probably the best I've had) but really I came 3rd because the field was so small. Loads missing!

I'll give you an account of what went on anyway, (from my perspective). 

After registration there was a short briefing to inform the participants that there was a change to the scheduled route due to the ice being so bad on one section of the course that they couldn't allow the race to go that way for safety reasons as it was close to the poolside.

There was only a small field probably due to the cold temperatures, forecast snow and icy conditions.

We set off over the bridge on the road and along the side of the reservoir before turning off the icy path and into the woods. There was a little group forming at the front made up of mostly moorlands runners but also with Paul Gibbings and Dan in there along with myself.

The front two started to pull away on the 2nd climb and I decided that I was feeling good and should try and go with them a bit. I pulled away from the two Moorlands runners I was with and eeked out a bit of a gap as we came to the steep descent. I really enjoyed the downhill bits and the new fell shoes were paying off as I leaped and bounded my way down to the style and jumped over it to save time.

At the turn at the head of the pool I looked behind and to my horror I couldn't see anyone behind (or in front for that matter by this point).

The next section was all uphill to the buildings by the top car park and I thought I was going to struggle, but I think the fact I knew I was 3rd at the time pushed me on beyond what I normally would have done I think. The last section was on the main road back down to the car park at the pools and half way down I checked behind but could see no-one. I don't know what I thought at this point. It just didn't seem right somehow. I turned into the car park to finish 3rd and picked up a 10 voucher. I have never been in that position before and it was a bit embarrassing really. I was over a minute behind second place (Briggsy) so I just hope the full strength field turns up next time to save me the embarrassment again! There was loads of the big guns missing today in the men's, but in the women's race I think Jo Donnelly and Sarah Johnson were 1st and 2nd so they did great!"


and this from Deb.....

"not sure if you know but I think Jo Donnelly won Knype 5 ladies today with Sarah 2nd and Ryan was 3rd man. Course was shortened due to bad ice on route. Others did really well too, lots in top 10! Tough course with big ups and downs, hard grass and trees."

thanks to Deb and Ryan for taking the time to send in the updates. If anybody else wants to contribute, feel free to do so by sending an email by clicking here.

Sunday 15th February - Weekend Action Update

Couple of events taking place over the weekend that peeps mentioned in passing. A few Trentham members headed up north to take part in the Anglezarke Amble - a 24.5 mile event organised by the Long Distance Walkers Association. A quick text from Deb Thomas said,

"News from AA. Jayne 1st lady back in 4.04 and then Deb, Pete Caci, Dale and Graham Moorhouse of Stone in 4.55. Only lost route twice...! Absolutely loved it and no injuries. Got cake on way, and now in pub!"

Meanwhile, I bumped in to Paul Burslem whilst I was out on on a 25 mile run today, and he mentioned that the last of the Birmingham League cross country races took place yesterday on Stafford Common. Apparently, the Trentham gents got the best score of the season with about 128 points, and Paul himself finished 26th and Ian Yates was 3rd overall - but the stingy organisers didn't even give him a prize!

This just in from Ryan - full results can be found here whilst Ryan has also sent in some photos - see below....well done to Ian Yates (7th), Paul Gibbings (14th), Ryan Procter (18th), Paul Burslem (26th), Dave Pearsall (28th), Dan Clowes (39th), Phil Mainwaring (44th), Jon Williamson (56th),and Malcolm Rushton (150th). All of these chaps helped the team to get their best score of the season but unfortunately, whilst finishing 3rd on the day, they finished 4th team overall and therefore just missed out on promotion. Well done guys anyway - the way you lot are going, you'll win Division 3 next year, so keep up the excellent work!!

Trentham gents team prepare for battle on Stafford Common

Two members of an excellent team - Malcolm Rushton and Paul Burslem

And finally, there were rumblings that some of our members were taking part in the Village Bakery Half Marathon in Wrexham today. If you were one of them, how did you get on?

Jill Phillips has told us that she took part in the Village Bakery half at the weekend and finished in 1.40.52 - a new PB and a new LV45 club record - and our other runner was Louise Clowes who finished in 1.50 - well done to both of you!

If anybody has any race reports or further updates/results for any of the above - or indeed any other races you may have been to over the weekend - why not email them through so we can let everybody else know how the team are doing by clicking here.

Anglezarke Ramble

You may recall that a week or so ago, Deb Thomas and a few others from the club headed up north to take part in the Anglezarke Amble. This is Deb's account of how things went, with a little input from Dale Colclough................

"The Anglezarke Amble is a Long Distance Walkers Association orienteering event but runners are welcome to take part, on the condition that they complete the longest distance of 24.5 miles and carry a small backpack with supplies in case of any adverse weather conditions that may occur. Taking part in the race was Dale Colclough, Jayne Dickens,  Pete Caci and Debbie Thomas; and there were also a number of Stone MM folk there. Along the way the run takes in the moors of Rivington, Anglezarke and Turton. Total ascent is 3500 ft.


In cold but dry conditions we all set off from Rivington village church hall at 8am and plodded along the road before tackling the first of many climbs up a rocky path to Rivington Pike. This was followed by a steep downhill and then a further steep ascent to the first check point on Winter Hill. By this time Jayne had tagged onto Steve Fenney of Stone MM and was making great progress through the crowds and Debbie, Dale and Pete had merged into a team along with Graham Moorhouse of Stone MM. With all his experience of fell running and trail running, Dale was defaulted into Leader of the Group and expertly  navigated the gang through vast moorlands, farms, bogs and up and down mini mountains! ("Expertly" translates to useless. I managed to take us of route on two occasions adding at least 2 miles and 20 mins. I must remember to take my map out of my bag next time.)  In one part of the race we'd been warned to stick to the path accurately as there were old mine shafts around so that was slightly alarming! But we made it through safely. We did make a couple of mistakes along the way but we were all enjoying the run so much that no one cared about going over the distance! At each check point (6 in total) we were offered yummy bite-size cakes and sweets and drinks of water, tea or coffee (you had to run with a mug, or no drink!) and it was fine to take extra cake to keep in your pockets for nibbles along the way....(Deb and Pete!) To cut a long race short, directions of the run can be found here...


We took in so many fantastic hill top views and moorland views that it was impossible not to stop and take it all in now and then. It's a race we'd all recommend and will hopefully do again. On returning to the village hall we were all sweaty, muddy, absolutely shattered and sore from running but feeling upbeat and happy/relieved. After drying off and changing (in the car park!) we headed back into the village hall for our food of beef stew with peas to meet up with Jayne, who informed us that she had been the first lady runner back in 4 hours and 3 minutes - which was fantastic!! There were no prizes for this unfortunately but we all toasted her later on in the pub!! Dale, Pete, Graham and Deb all clocked 4 hours 55 mins for their runs. Luckily there had been no injuries on the day despite nearly everyone slipping over/tripping up a few times on the way! Graham's fall was the cream of the crop as he slipped on a wooden slat and then rolled over!!

A nice touch to the end of the race was a free certificate for every participant, stating the distance covered and time"

Deb would also like to sincerely thank Dale and Den for the loan of a backpack and equipment on the day - thank you both very much! X"

Thanks for this Deb and Dale - fantastic stuff and great fun to read!

21st February - English National Cross Country Championships

On Saturday, the English National Cross Country Championships were held at Parliament Hill Fields in London. 11 Trentham members headed down to the capital for the event - 10 to compete, and the other claiming to be the lucky Trentham mascot but really just wanting a bit of a jolly (Sam!).

With being held in London, both the mens and ladies races had good quality fields this year due to the increase in southern clubs taking part. The course was surprisingly tough for central London with a couple of climbs on an otherwise undulating course, and with mud at least ankle deep the majority of the way round, it made things extremely hard even for those at the front end of the field. Things could have been far worse if it had been raining, but the event was blessed with spring like sunshine and quite mild temperatures albeit with a brisk wind.

The senior ladies event was 8km and had 545 finishers. The 3 Trentham ladies taking part did well in the race, with Adela Salt being the first Trentham lady to finish in 139th position (36.27), followed by Deb Thomas in 226th (38.54) and then Kiri Johnson in 270th (40.11).

The mens race was around 12km and had a huge field with almost 1500 finishers, and all our chaps finished within the hour. First home for the club was Ian Yates in 366th (47.55), followed by Paul Gibbings in 569th (50.49), Ryan Procter 711th (52.52), Phil Mainwaring 852nd (55.01), Dan Clowes 920th (56.08), Paul Thomas 1096th (59.07) and Adrian Pestell 1137th (59.55). With 6 runners, Trentham had a full men's team and their combined score placed them 70th out of 112 teams - well done lads!

From a personal point of view - and I think I speak for Deb in this respect too (if not, I'm sure she will tell me!) - we had a fantastic weekend and the gents looked after us both and were extremely supportive. A big thank you to all of you for making us laugh and treating us like "one of the lads" and making the weekend so enjoyable, but especially to Ian for sorting out the hotel, and to Dan and Ryan for getting us there and back in one piece.

 THANK YOU from Del and Deb xx

Photos of the event can be found on Mick Hall's website - take a look at that mud !! Full results can be found here.

Photos from the National Cross Country Champs 2009

Many thanks to Ryan Procter for sending these through - what a fab team! And a quick word from Ryan.....

Here's a couple of photos from London which I thought would be good for the website. From a personal point of view I thought it was a fantastic weekend and I feel everyone did the club proud, especially Dan who organised everything and made it so much easier for everyone else to enjoy! I have put a load of pics on Facebook too so feel free to use any of those if you wish!

The Dreamteam!

Fabulous Men's Team

Fabulous Ladies Team

Deb Thomas in action out on the tough, muddy as hell course

Paul Gibbings on the way to the finish

Phil Mainwaring showing us how it's done!

Meanwhile, this has come through from Anita Lanaghan ....

Hi just to inform you that that I ran on 21 Feb 09. The distance was 5K. The event I took part in was the BHF Shugborough. 50% of the event was cross country and the other 50% was running within the grounds. It was really good event that I would encourage anyone to run next year. Anyway I got my personal best running time of 29 Mins and 20 Seconds.  Anyway I am really proud of the time in particular as I have had months of running due to illness.

Thanks, Anita Lanaghan

Please keep the race reports coming - they save us a lot of time and make things far more interesting!!






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