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Action from Cornwall

It's definitely Summer Holiday season (you can tell by the weather) and a couple of our members have taken the opportunity of a Summer Holiday to do races they would not normally consider travelling for. Mark Day has been travelling around Cornwall and sent in this report from a race in St. Ives Bay where he clocked 45:16 for the 10K event:

Whilst on holiday in Cornwall I took part in the 1st ever RNLI Summer Sprint. There was a choice of 5K or 10K and I opted for the latter.
The race was held last Thursday (30th July) on Gwithian beach which is just up the coast from St Ives. The race was completely run on the sand as its a 3 mile long stretch of beach between Godrevy lighthouse and Hayle.
I was pleased with how firm the sand was when I warmed up, it seemed like the ideal surface to run on, with there just being a little give in it but I wasn't sinking into it at all. I think at that point I'd fooled myself that a fast time might be there for the taking.
I hadn't reckoned on several things that slowed me down though:
1 - The amount of cream tea's I'd consumed in the previous week
2 - The really strong head wind for the first 2.5 miles
3 - The fact that the sand got softer and rutted after a mile

To put it mildly I was knackered, but it was a good workout as I'd only done one other run while I'd been away. Boy did I sleep well that night!

Then today (Sunday 2nd Aug) before heading home from Cornwall, we diverted to the small village of Indian Queens where our very own Paul Burslem was running a half marathon.
We surprised him (and woke him up a bit) by turning up just before the 3 mile point to cheer him on and then met him at the finish.
He plans to submit a report when he gets back, but he had a good race on a hilly and mostly off road course, finishing in 1hr 23 mins.

Look forward to receiving the report Paul !!!!

And here is that report from Paul from the Indian Queens Half Marathon:

Just to brush the cobwebs off on my holiday, I do this race every year, have
done 1.32 and 1.25 in the past and fancied going under 1.25 this year.
Just to make it harder this year I managed to fall off surf board onto
submerged rocks the Monday before!!
The race was a sell out, it is part of the Cornish GP series [similar to
The race course started going down bank and I started at around 6 min miles
watching loads go past me, best to start steady when one has been out
drinking every night for previous week!! mmmmmmm Cornish rattler,
Going into 2nd mile I started going past people and by the time the 3rd mile
came I was feeling thirsty and ready for the 1st water, next thing I heard
was "come on Paul" and looked up to see Mark and Nicky!! [I must be getting
good to have club photographer coming all this way to take photo!!!]
After they had give me a lift it was off road on the course and I started
going past a few more,
At the 7 mile mark we started a rise and I don't know about the others but I
was getting hot, went round a corner and the hill kept going up!! but still I
was catching people,
We went back off road as i passed the leading lady and I was feeling pretty
much shagged out by the time I got to 10 miles and had 2 blokes in my sight
but I couldn't get onto them, the 3 of us managed to get past a couple more
runners, and with a mile to go the 2 blokes were around 8 seconds ahead.
The last mile was up-bank and I decided to just go for it and managed to
catch them at the top of the hill, problem was there was 200 yards down bank
at the end and they just pulled away from me, still managed 1.23.18 to give
me 26th,
Had a nice Chat about hols to Mark and Nicky after the race and burger and
Nice chill out after the race with family on the beach and a Mexican!

Meanwhile here are a couple of pics of them in action!


Dovedale Dipper

Del salt was out camping in the countryside this weekend and just happened to fit a race in with her busy drinking and barbequeing schedule! Here is a report she has kindly sent in:

Last weekend, Andy and I - along with our good friend Gaz from Staffs Moorlands - headed over to Berrisford Dale for a weekend of camping and boozing, with the added bonus that Gaz and I would be competing in the Dovedale Dipper Challenge. If the campsite was anything to go by, the run was going to be extremely wet and muddy, particularly as it was all off-road.

The Challenge itself is 26.5 miles and starts and finishes in Hartington. It follows public footpaths up valleys and down dales in the White Peak area of the Peak District, and with over 4,700 feet of climbing, it's not surprising that there are some pretty steep climbs and some sharp slippery decents. Detailed route instructions are provided, although the route is marked by coloured tape hanging off trees and fence posts, and the odd sporadic sign here and there. Thankfully I know the area pretty well anyway having lived and worked in Hartington several years ago, plus I'd done a reccy with Gaz leading up the event.

For the first half of the race, I stuck just behind some chaps, not only to make sure I was going the right way, but also to make sure I avoided the worst of the mud (if they lost shoes or went up to their waist, it was a no no!). However, before the steep climb up the notorious Ecton Hill, Andy was waiting with a handful of jelly babies and a Pot Noodle, which seemed to hit the right spot and I found that I was starting to leave the chaps behind and was running on my own. It was a tremendous sense of freedom, running across the open hillside with just sheep for company, and I found that I was running faster and stronger and thoroughly enjoying myself.

I won't bore you with the stories of how tricky it was going down the hill side into Mill Dale (limestone is lethal when wet!), nor how many stiles we had to clamber over, but what I will say is that I was extremely pleased to win the ladies race in 4.09 in what many thought was a new course record (we later found out that it was actually the second fastest time in the history of the race). It was a double celebration as Gaz also won the men's race, and he DID match the course record in a tremendous 3.33. Needless to say, along with Andy, we cracked open a few beers and some bottles of wine that night to round off a fantastic weekend.

The only downside was at the presentation, whilst collecting my lovely crystal trophy, I only went and dropped the thing and it broke into several little pieces. I tried to blame the red face on sunburn, but it had all been caught on camera and for some reason, nobody believed me.

More info and results can be found here

Thanks for the report Del and well done on yet another victory!

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eMeerbrook 15K

Well, what can you say about Meerbrook that already hasn't been said?
As Mick Hall's controversial T-shirt states "It's certainly NOT Mickey Mouse". There were a few adventurous Trentham Runners out yesterday for the one that everybody dreads on the road race Calendar. There are hardly any (if any) level sections of the route with 99% of the course being uphill or downhill, and not just undulations, we're talking some testing climbs and descents here. I think this is what gives the race it's attraction, the fact that you KNOW you've completed a real toughie when you're done!

Had 2 reports in so far from Stephen Burrowes and firstly from Sarah Johnson who had a great race to finish second lady:

Hi, I did Meerbrook 15k for the first time today and it hurt and I'm not sure i want to do it ever again. I was feeling rather nervous after reading about how hilly it was but i decided to give it a go and just get to the end without walking. I very nearly failed at this at 11k when a short steep hill nearly made me stop like the bloke in front of me. Anyway I'd stayed behind in 4th lady place after the first hill where I sped up it and was promptly overtaken on the steep downhill. I never even saw first lady as she was well ahead from the start and finished 5 minutes ahead! At 8k I felt a bit better then I had early on and moved through the field to reach second lady at the 10k mark. The last few km was awful as it was steep downhill and i was sure I was going to stumble or hurt my back or something and at 400m to go Ryan caught me up to tell me that I had to sprint or get caught up as Ruth was closing in as I gasped out repeatedly 'where's...the damn..finish!' . I would have been outran if Ryan hadn't ran that last bit with me so many thanks :) Even if you did sprint off the last 100m
I finished second lady by the skin of my teeth and got a very generous asics voucher which makes me wonder if it was worth it after all. Jane Dickens also won V40 ladies and I'm told Paul Burslem had a good run coming 20th in a tough field with the winner of the men's race holding the fastest marathon time for a man in the uk this year ( at least I think that's what Ken said) Hopefully I'll have forgotten the pain by next year!
Maybe I'll hav

Thanks for that Sarah, and from Stephen:

It was splendid weather for another scenic Staffordshire race and you canít really complain about the hills when you get such beautiful views from the top. I like the way Bryan Dale finds the best places to take photographs of straining and strained runners and also gives encouragement as we pass and today it was at the top of the 1.5 mile pull out of Meerbrook. Getting to the top was a relief and then I reminded myself that the same height had to be climbed again albeit over a longer distance. I also like the way Ryan managed to get a good position at the front of the crowd by arriving just as we were about to start and some wag commented that it was a long way to come from Trentham. Maybe it was just a cunning plan to position himself next to Andi Jones, the eventual winner in a time of 49:09. Now there's a man who really likes hills. It was good to see other Trentham runners doing well as usual and congratulations to Sarah who was the second lady. I finished in a time of 1:13:16 which was a bit slower than last year but I had spent the previous days heaving furniture around as we finally move out of our house in Cumbria.

Trentham Results below and full results from Meerbrook can be found here!
Position Name Time Cat
20 Paul Burslem 1:03:08 M40
37 Ryan Procter 1:06:18 M
39 Sarah Johnson 1:06:22 F
49 Jayne Dickens 1:07:55 F40
53 Ken Bloor 1:08:36 M45
90 Stephen Burrowes 1:13:16 M45
113 Chris Mosiuk 1:15:19 M
126 Alan Lewis 1:17:07 M65
167 Gerry Calvert 1:21:12 M70
185 Walter Mosiuk 1:22:45 M50
188 Kerry Widdowson 1:23:19 F35
219 Trevor Goodwin 1:27:28 M70
271 Malcolm Rushton 1:39:40 M55

Malcolm in Good Spirits                             Ryan & Jayne Tackle a hill

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sStaffs Knot 5

Report by Ryan

I have never done this race before and was a little nervous having had a nightmare at the Milford 21 over these same tracks and trails around Cannock Chase earlier this year.

The evening was perfect for running on arrival with overcast conditions and a vibrant atmosphere surrounding the small cluster of tents and gazebos that made up the registration/finish area. The junior races were well underway and the hands on knees bent over expressions on some of the youngsters at the finish suggested that it was not going to be the easiest of races to take part in.
Having arrived approximately 2/5ths of a second before the start at Meerbrook I was determined to allow plenty of time to settle before the gun (quite literally in this case as the smell of cordite filled the air) and was there at least 30 seconds before it went off.
A very large field (which surprised me) of around 450 runners set off down the wide path away from the visitor centre before turning right into the woods and some single-track trails which were muddy either side. It was a case of sit in and keep dry feet or overtake either side and get wet, as by this time the rain had started to fall, before returning back to the start finish area to start the much larger, and steeper, second lap!
Now the field had spread somewhat the single-track was not so much of an issue and it was easier to settle into a comfortable rhythm. Dropping downhill for quite a while was playing on the mind as it is clear that somewhere along the line the loss in elevation would have to be redressed by uphill climbs. When they came they happened to be relatively short but quite severe affairs, the latter coming just before the final long, long, long drag to the finish line where it would have been easy to relax and ease up, but knowing there would be a queue of fellow competitors ready to push you down the results sheet.
By the time I crossed the finishing line the rain had really set in and everyone was absolutely drenched, but it seemed almost welcome as most were standing around chatting whilst trying on their newly acquired woolly hats emblazoned with the Staffs Knot logo.
In summary I found it a most enjoyable race and the terrain is not so severe as to put anyone off taking part. There were some good results from Trentham competitors which can be seen below, with Jayne and Sarah taking home 2nd & 3rd and Rose Wilson coming 1st in LV50 category. Paul Burslem was again first green vest across the line.
Full results here!
Position Name Time Cat
25 Paul Burslem 30:48 MV40
29 Ryan Procter 31:13 SM
33 Sam Newton 31:42 SM
41 Jayne Dickens 32:13 LV40
49 Sarah Johnson 32:33 LU21
74 Ken Bloor 33:56 MV45
85 Stan Winterton 34:32 MV60
138 Mark Day 37:01 SM
141 Alan Lewis 37:08 MV65
151 Rosemary Wilson 37:19 LV50
226 Don Brookes 39:50 MV65
235 Ian Grocott 40:20 MV45
272 Gerry Calvert 42:00 MV65
299 Malcolm Rushton 43:03 MV55

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Great Warford 10

With the sound of Planes flying overhead and the deafening sound of shells exploding all around (well, not quite) 3 of Trentham's adventurers set of for Battle in the Great Warford 10 mile road race, near Alderley Edge and Mark Cope sent us this report:

Going to War at The Warford 10.
Well lets get some excuses in to start, 2 weeks doing nothing running wise, a week or so back into the game and there's a 10 miler jotted in the old note book cant back down from this one, so I think lets get it on. Woke up had three weetabix, from this alone you can tell it was serious. The start was located at The David Lewis Centre which is surrounded by countryside, nice. Got my number and stood outside, where people were standing about talking about old war stories and jogging up and down, you know trying to look like they know what they are doing. As I revealed the Trentham colours, an ere of silence swept over and the sense that I was a long way from home dawned on me, they just jealous of the green. On my way to the start line I did see two fellow Trentham comrades, Big Up Yourself. The course was good few undulations nothing too testing, quite a fast course I thought and the front pack were going for it, which made me think give them a chance today. Very home town, no one shouted support for me, even my mum thought twice about it, no he's not with me just felt sorry for him, thanks mum. Had a few battles of my own out on the road but managed to grit my teeth and prevail on top. Still love running and its part of me and my life as I know it is for many of you, i try to learn something new with every race. With this one, its all about heart, how much you willing to give, how much do you want it. Training is good but you need a little extra something that cant be taught, its inside. Keep on Trucking, one love.
PS thanks to Bryan Dale, kept me going in the final stages with great advice, just keep running haha.

The results for the three runners are 1:10:21 for Mark, and Ian Grocott and Mark Hughes must have had a social run as they finished in 1:20:04 and 1:20:05 respectively.

Sunday also saw a number of Trentham runners head off to Derbyshire for the Belper Rugby Rover, a 30 Kilometre off multi-terrain adventure. As soon as I can locate the results they will be posted here so watch this space!

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bBelper Rugby Rover

The name of the race doesn't really sound like it's going to be as tough as it is, but believe me this is a real testing event with plenty of climbs, steep descents and a mixture of terrain from road, fields, trails woodland and everything in between. If you have a fetish for stiles then this is definitely the race for you, there seemed like hundreds of 'em!

The results for the race can be found here with Trentham results below. As you can see Dale Colclough continued his superb resurgence in form to lead the way home for Trentham, and I'm sure he won't thank me for this, but as he turns 50 very shortly there may be more silverware ahead for one of our vets!
Position Name Time Cat
19 Dale Colclough 2:21:34 MV45
22 Richard Ogden 2:23:02 SM
30 Jason Thomas 2:25:34 SM
55 Ryan Procter 2:32:49 SM
114 Pete Caci 2:45:51 MV55
115 Deb Thomas 2:45:51 SF
117 Andrew Northwood 2:46:53 SM
148 Gareth Williams 2:55:20 MV45


Hanley Park Grand Prix

A large number of Trentham Runners took part in the final race in the 5k Parks Grand Prix series on Tuesday evening and there were some good results too with a few of us picking up prizes. The evening was very pleasant with little wind and made for good running conditions. Ian Yates seems to be back to form having an excellent run, as did Paul Gibbings. The full Trentham results can be seen below whilst the full results can be found here.
Position Name Time cat
3 Ian Yates 16:50 SM
5 Paul Gibbings 17:03 MV45
19 Paul Burslem 18:47 MV40
28 Jo Donnelly 19:49 SF
29 Lynne Callaghan 19:54 SF
35 Dave Shepherd 20:10 MV50
41 Brian Tonks 20:35 MV50
47 Ken Bloor 21:08 MV45
61 Eva Berrill 22:32 SF
63 Mark day 22:35 SM
67 Terry Parton 22:43 MV65
69 Mark Hughes 22:48 MV55
70 Rose Wilson 22:49 FV50
71 Alan Lewis 22:57 MV65
77 Don Brookes 23:42 MV70
90 Trevor Goodwin 23:50 MV70

I haven't received a race report in for a while so I'm hoping that those of you running Leek Half next weekend take your mental notebooks and pencils with you ;-)

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Birchwood 10K

Always on the lookout for something new intrepid explorer Del Salt set of for Warrington on Sunday for the Birchwood 10k. A very good race having done it myself a couple of years ago which is very popular with the Liverpool and Manchester clubs always attracting a large field on a mainly flat course!

Del came back with this report:

Having done the Birchwood 10k a couple of years ago, I was looking forward to doing it again this year and was hoping to run close to 38 mins. It's a good PB course with just 3 little hills over the motorway between 8 and 10k which do take their toll, but aren't really that bad if you just grit your teeth and keep it going. I was on course to run close to my target time, but the second half meant running into quite a strong headwind that stopped me in my tracks if nobody else, and I have to say that I hated it as my pace dropped by about 20 seconds per mile - booo!!!! Overall though, I really did enjoy the race, although the best part was the last 400m where I got into a sprint finish with a chap. He desperately wanted to finish ahead, but would I let him past me? Not a chance! I finished 12th lady in 39.21 - disappointing considering I'd felt strong all the way round - but then looking at the ladies field I can't complain with the likes of Gemma Miles, Michelle Ross-Cope, Jenny Blizzard, Hatti Dean and Sue Partridge all finishing ahead of me. I also came away with £40 for finishing 3rd in my age category - being a veteran does have it's advantages!

Full results here.

Thanks for that Del!

Club Time Trial

This month's Club Time Trial took place in the usual place starting near Barlaston Village and ending adjacent to Wedgwood Cricket Club. There were a number of improvers this time around and the latest results can be seen here!

Next one will be 29th September!


Leek Half Marathon

This bank holiday weekend saw the last racing action of the month of August and up in the Moorlands Market Town of Leek the Half Marathon was taking place under sultry skies after the recent bout of heavy rain. It seemed like perfect running conditions apart from a gentle breeze. There were quite a few Trentham Runners taking part, although not as many as maybe expected, and one of them was Walter Mosiuk who is preparing for his upcoming Great North Run along with son Chris and they kindly sent in this report:

People keep telling you how bad and how tough it is, and you know itís going to be hard, but youíre still never prepared for whatís in front of you unless youíve done it before, and of course Chris and I have never done it before.
Itís a downhill start for the first quarter mile and then undulating hills for about the next three miles with drinks at the Lazy Trout (just water), at this point Iím running along with Rose Wilson, and Kiri Johnsonís about 100 yards ahead with no more Trentham vests in sight, and all the time youíre trying to get a measure of the course because you know youíll be hitting this stretch on your return. Then itís past Tittesworth reservoir with a long gentle climb up to the Three Horse Shoes and the main road where a Scottish piper was playing bagpipes (it felt like we were in the Highlands). At this point Ken Bloor passes Chris and having already seen Paul Burslem and Stan Winterton ease away in the distance, becomes a lonely Trentham runner for the rest of the race.
Once you hit the main road, itís almost single file to the Upper Hulme turn off, and you can see the Roaches and the climb that youíre about to take, and then itís an initial steep climb which eases off a bit, but itís up, up and up for about the next 2 miles and Rose is matching Kiriís pace and theyíre both pulling away from me, but still in sight at this point. Once on the top of the Roaches just after 7 miles thereís a sharp left hander and a steep downhill. At this point my legs donít remember what a long stride feels like and Iím very cautious before opening up the pace.
Itís a long downhill stretch and but instead of getting the advantage, Iíve relaxed on the breathing and am now starting to get stitch. Andyís waiting at 9 miles with a welcomed sip of Lucozade, and then its on to the Lazy Trout again for another drink. This time I stop and walk to make sure I get plenty on board, and yes itís water again (not Banksís). Now I know thereís just some undulating lanes and the finish is getting ever closer, but Iím just plodding at this point.
Finally I turn the last corner and then thereís the last quarter mile uphill that everyone has said keep a bit in reserve (what Ė my reserves ran out at the top of the Roaches) and just as Iím thinking about walking a few strides, Chris comes towards me to urge me to the finish, and then I can see the park gates, a welcomed sight and 100 metres to the finish, with shouts of encouragement from Jill and Ryan and then it was all over. (Unofficially average at 1.55.26)
A much better performance from Chris. (Unofficially 1.41.16) and a big improvement from Shifnal. Trenthamís turn out was low on this Bank Holiday weekend where the conditions were dry and cool with a slight breeze and the course was well marked and marshalled, but I could have murdered a banana at the finish.

Now just waiting for the official times, and to see what Bryan and Ryan saw through their lenses !!

Walt and Chris

p.s. Next stop GREAT NORTH RUN, September 20th. If you havenít already, please donít forget to support us and Bowel Cancer UK at  Thank You.

Thanks for that Excellent report Walter and well done on completing what is a very tough half marathon (my favourite) and good luck in your fundraising.
results for Trentham Runners can be seen below whereas the full results can be found here!
Position Name Time Cat
17 Paul Burslem 1:26:06 MV40
25 Dale Colclough 1:28:53 MV50
59 Stan Winterton 1:34:40 MV60
66 Ken Bloor 1:36:21 MV45
94 Chris Mosiuk 1:40:27 SM
109 Kiri Johnson 1:43:32 SF
128 Alan Lewis 1:47:55 MV65
129 Rose Wilson 1:48:10 FV50
176 Walter Mosiuk 1:55:28 MV50
197 Trevor Goodwin 1:58:53 MV70
250 Malcolm Rushton 2:13:39 MV55

That's it for the month of August so after a spectacular Summer we head into the Autumn months praying for a break from the relentless heat (is that right? ed) and more races and race reports to come!

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Belvedere 10k

Ian Yates continued his comeback with a very impressive run at the Belvedere 10K on Sunday whilst some of you were tackling the climbs around Leek! He appears to be showing no ill effects from the injury that has kept him from competing lately and I'm sure he'll be looking forward to the upcoming cross country races!
Ian sent us this report via e-mail, and don't forget if you duck under the radar and do a race somewhere that we haven't picked up on please let us know, we love to let all the members know of your great achievements!

For those less masochistic minded, Sunday 31st August also saw the Belvedere 10K, near Burton and organised by Hatton Darts Running Club.
I almost didnít do it after a VERY late night and more than a few beers, but Iíd told too many people I was doing it to cry off now, and Iíve missed too many races this year already.
I last did this in 2007, and won, but I knew I wouldnít be in the same shape to repeat that performance.
There werenít many North Staffs runners there, so it was odd looking round at the start without knowing roughly who Iíd be competing against, and where I might finish.
The race starts off with a fast flat 300 metres, before a quite severe climb through a residential area up to about 1ĹK. After that, youíre into the countryside. For the next 6K, thereís still a steady incline up to and beyond the village of Anslow (one of the pubs there looks very smart Ė maybe head there for lunch one day!)
At 7K, the descent comes, and the countryside finishes. Itís not a steep downhill, but itís very welcome. I was isolated at this point in 2nd place, wondering if I was running at a decent enough pace (I felt relaxed, but I didnít think I could run any quicker). The last kilometre takes you off the main road, and into a park for the finish.
Amazingly, I finished 2nd, a minute behind the winner, but a minute in front of 3rd place (he had done 22 miles the previous day in marathon training though!), and I was only 23 seconds slower than a couple of years ago. Obviously my pace management wasnít too bad then! As an indicator of the incline to the first half of the course, I did the first 5K in 17.40, and the last 5K in 17.07! I would have quickly accepted 34.47 as a finish time before the race.
The race is excellently marshalled, and theyíre all very friendly with lots of words of encouragement. Definitely one to do again.
Results at

Lichfield 10K next weekend nowÖ.....

Well done Ian, and congratulations on coming second. Good luck for Sunday and be sure to let us know how you get on.......





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